Welcome to the 26th century...

and to the lives of the Clemonte women, figuring out their own way through life.

Hello & Welcome!

Unfortunately, this story is currently on hiatus, and has been since 2019.

Thank you all for an amazing 16 months with this story, all your comments, and over 60,000 views.

I don't know if anyone's still waiting for more chapters, but I do hope to finish Vali's story someday.

We are currently on Generation Four and following Valentina’s ongoing story.

Welcome to the Clemonte Legacy, I’m so glad you’re here! I hope you enjoy the story! I love hearing from my readers, so don’t be afraid to leave some feedback so I can hear what you think!

This legacy is a 99% plot-driven story. Warning: When I started this story, I’d only had the game for about a month so the screenshots in generations one and two are not the best, and neither is the writing of those original chapters. The chapters used to be about 200 words without any real plot and now they’re typically 1400-2000+ with much a much better storyline and all, so those original chapters do not in any way reflect the way the story is now, but I do plan to eventually redo them. My writing has improved a lot! 🙂

You can start reading from the first chapter here – and check out the final chapter of Generation Three here for a good idea of what my writing is like now.

The rules listed below are the only ones I’m playing with – this story is more about the story itself than points and stuff. 🙂


  • Strict Matriarchy – Only daughters of the previous heiress are possible heiresses.

  • Strict Traditional – Only children born/biologically related to the heiress may be heiress, since the bloodline must trace back to our founder, Nadia.

  • Firstborn – Only the firstborn is eligible to be heiress. In the event of something happening to the heiress, or the heiress deciding she does not want to be heiress, her next oldest sister will become heiress.

  • The next generation starts a few chapters after the heiress has become a teen, so you get to see the next heiress from the previous heiress’s point of view.

  • The current heiress and her spouse’s traits into a trait generator for every child of the heiress. Those traits are used unless they specifically go against my ideas for the children and I can’t weave them in somewhere.

  • Starting from Generation Four, I follow these aging rules I created so they age a bit more naturally. Most adults these days live to see their grandchildren be born!

  • Also, I do not use any mods, so whatever you see in my screenshots was from the game! I do have almost all the packs.

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