Hello! Thanks for checking out my story!

I’m doing a strict matriarchy/strict traditional/firstborn legacy,  that’s the only thing I’m following, I’m not playing for points or anything 🙂 So here are the rules in more detail:

Strict Matriarchy: Only girls are eligible to be heir

Strict Traditional: Only children born/biologically related to the previous generation heir can be heir, the bloodline must trace back to the founder.

Firstborn: Only the firstborn is eligible to be heir

So the firstborn daughter to the heiress will be the next generation heir, to sum it up! 

Also, I don’t use any CC or mods (cause I’m way too scared it would mess up my game honestly) so anything you see is from the base game or a expansion/game/stuff pack I bought 🙂

Now that you know that, you can go read my story! Thanks for reading! -blossomsims


21 thoughts on “About”

    1. Yeah, I know! It also just feels more like the game I play and love without cc, and some cc could end up ruining the game! It’s not like the game is bad at all without it, anyway, so I just don’t use it! In fact, ts4 is a huge upgrade from what I used to play (sims freeplay) 😄 Thanks for commenting! If you’re starting at the first generation, just an fyi, the story gets much better late gen 2/and especially in gen 3 😃

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      1. I love the game! I see CC and can appreciate it too but I mean the game and expansions are huge as it is I really can’t “afford” to put a bunch of junk on here! I look at different things people create but never use it. I can’t remember where I initially started following you but I went and just kept scrolling lol. So I’ll be trolling you here haha! It’s a totally different style of play compared to rotational playing that I’ve always played.

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      2. I totally agree! Have you seen the trailer for the newest expansion pack, ‘Get Famous’? It seems pretty interesting to me and the cas items are really nice! Heheh, I’ll definitely welcome your ‘trolling’ LOL! I love getting comments from readers! You’ve got a lot of reading to do, oh and by the way, I do post every Wednesday and Saturday for when you do get caught up! Legacy play is very different than rotational, but I can appreciate both, especially through writing! 🙂

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  1. I can’t live without CC, honestly. It’s admirable you are able to play it. I hate TS4 and especially CC-free TS4 because I don’t like the plastic aesthetics. So I stick to my CC-heavy TS3.

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    1. I personally like how TS4 looks 🙂 but yeah, we all have our own opinions so I totally respect that you don’t like TS4’s aesthetics! Hopefully you can still enjoy the story even if you don’t like the game’s style very much! 🙂

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