Generation 1

Chapter 1.01: ‘Real’ Life

Hi! I’m Nadia. I grew up in foster care, and the moment I turned 18, I couldn’t wait to leave the place I called home and really start living.


But nobody ever told me that it would be so hard, and by it, I mean everything. I slept on park benches and on sofas in bars and nightclubs. The best place to sleep was the third floor of Discotheque Pan Europa because nobody goes up there, and they have some decent sofas. But I had a plan, I always did. I knew what I wanted. I was going to get a job, make a living. I would find the perfect guy and have a son and daughter, the typical family. I know it’s not sky high, but I’ve learned to be practical, and it was what I always wanted, a perfect little family. First, though, would be the job.




I grabbed chips from bars, thank goodness something is free around here. I also used the library computer to get a job. After much searching, I got a job as a tech support agent because, let’s be honest here, it paid the most money. I wasn’t going to start a family with minimum wage.  There were so many opportunities. I couldn’t wait to ‘climb up the ladder’ and find my place in the company.


I immediately started learning how to program, and I could hardly believe how much stuff was out there. More than that, I was often the only one there. Why did they even have a library of nobody was going to use it was beyond me, but I was grateful, simple as that. I wasn’t going to be promoted if I didn’t even know anything. By Monday, when I went to work, I assume I knew enough, because my boss was surprised that I did know anything. He said, and I quote, “You’re the first one to come in with any knowledge!” I guess that I’m just that ambitious…


I never thought there would be something worse than my foster home, but being homeless sucked. Like, a lot. I found this huge empty lot for sale on the Windenburg island, At first I wasn’t sure, it was way bigger than I needed.  It was huge but it was the only thing I could afford. They let me have it, but I had no money left. I had big plans for the future!


I went around meeting people, because what else could I do? I now had a ‘home’ but it was empty, and I had no money until my first paycheck came in. I had one goal in my life: to become a mother and be a great mom to my children because I wanted to give them something I never had, a family. Oh, and I also wanted a roof over my head, but let’s not get ahead of ourselves here.

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30 thoughts on “Chapter 1.01: ‘Real’ Life”

  1. Hey there! Nadia sounds like a very ambitious woman on a mission! Good luck, Nadia. 🙂
    I just thought I’d stop by and say hello…and welcome you to the Simlit family! May you always be inspired to tell a great story. 😀

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  2. I respect that you don’t use mods, like a lot! Unfortunately there are some mods I don’t think I can play without now, and with the challenges/stories I do having CC to fit the theme is essential 😦 There’s something really classic and fresh about a legacy without it, though! I’ve never done just a normal legacy challenge, but maybe one day 😀

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    1. Yeah, I’m way too scared to use mods in case they’d mess up my game… Your stories definitely need them to keep it realistic for that time period (for one story) and the ethereal-ness for the other! 😄 Also, the storyline gets better as you keep reading 😉


  3. Look! So many of my favorite writers have “liked” your story! I’m glad to be joining the club! 🙂

    This is a fun start–I really like the part about Nadia having to use all the free stuff and sleep in public places at the beginning. Just love the beginning of legacies! 🙂

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      1. It’s very fun! I’m really enjoying your rotation, though, and if you’re more into rotational play, you could possibly do a legacy story where you start with three families (not too many) and they slowly intertwine? 🙂 As for your current story, just see where it takes you! After this generation is over, you might be more interested in some of their kids’ stories more than others, or you could add whole new households to the mix! 😄

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      2. I’m so glad you are enjoying it. The stories are so new and without too much aide from me even there is a lot of drama forming you might not see it all yet but it’s gonna get real! I have been using mostly random generated and well I almost filled up a whole other world of potential “new families” to be introduced but it takes a while to do a whole rotation 3 family start thing could be a fun way to try.

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      3. Of course! I’m glad you’re enjoying mine, too, and you haven’t even got to the actual plot-based part 😂 Playing through a whole neighborhood must get crazy, and really cool, since when you’re playing you can pick out sims and know who they are and their story! 😃

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  4. Ah, the very beginning of a legacy – my favorite time. Everything is so painfully fresh and difficult. The kids always have it easier. 🙂

    I wish Nadia all the luck in the world and look forward to seeing the life she builds for herself!

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  5. What a great opening! I’m starting to read this legacy, and by this chapter, I can tell that it’s going to be great. I love how down to earth Nadia is. I’m intrigued to find out how her generation plays out.

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