Chapter 1.16: Legacies

Life has been so crazy. First, there’s Jonathan. I’d waited for him to be a toddler since he was a baby. He’s starting to talk, and walk. He is a joy to us. And yet there is so much we did not know, and have yet to learn, about raising a toddler. Then, there is the fact that we are both still working. I go 9-5 and he goes 5-11. It kinda works out because we never have to leave our son at daycare. It’s hard that we almost never get to spend too much time together, we don’t even have the same days off, but we make it work. Days he has off I get to see him when I’m not working and vice versa. Jonathan is not so happy about the idea of a little baby in the house. He very much wants a brother.


We have to tell him that he might have a sister. I honestly want a daughter, but I will love this baby no matter what.

“Hey, do you know those families that have been around forever?” I asked.

“Yeah, I guess. I don’t know any.”

“Maybe we could be one. Umm…like a legacy family, where the heir of the family stays in the house and continues the legacy. We could start one.”

“Wow! That’s big!”

“Why not? It would be something, right, if like 10 generations from now our descendants still live here?”

“Well yeah. Who would be the ‘heir’ to continue the legacy?”

“I was thinking the firstborn daughter to every heir.”

“So our daughter, if we had one?”


“Well, ok!”

I looked over at our son. “What do you think about that? You’re going to be part of a legacy!” He just stared back at me, confused. I smiled, looking back to Mitch. Everything was going to work out.



10 thoughts on “Chapter 1.16: Legacies

  1. And so it begins! 😉

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    1. -Ali is a STALKER June 28, 2018 — 12:43 pm

      And so it ends! 😉


  2. Mitch is just so chill with everything Nadia wants! ❤ Yay legacies!!

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  3. Aw that schedule is hard, but gotta make the simoleans it’s a legacy now!

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  4. Well, a legacy sounds good! Glad that Mitch agreed. It so happens in my generation that there’s trouble with the surnames, always. One of my heirs didn’t even have the Rosenthal surname, then I switched back to it. 😛

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    1. Lol, really? That’s pretty interesting! 🙂

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      1. Yeah, I somehow found a way to do it. But that’s pretty complicated. My story is soo complicated, lmao.

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