Chapter 1.17: Baby #2

With this pregnancy, it feels like my emotions are all over the place. And I mean everywhere. I cried today because my cereal didn’t have any blue Froot Loops in it. I went outside to water the plants and calm myself down. Like come on! Blue froot loops aren’t that important!


Being outside, however, got me energized. I had been excited to work out again after I gave birth to Jonathan… I guess that’ll have to wait. I decided to just run a few laps around the yard, but I felt uncomfortable after just a few minutes. Didn’t I learn last time not to workout while pregnant?

“Nadia, baby, you okay?” Mitch asked me when I got in. Was it that obvious I wanted to throw up?

“I tried to run a little around the yard.” I admitted, “It didn’t work out… I feel nauseous.”

“Go take a nap, Nadia. We have our own room for a reason.”


After, I don’t know how long, I woke up from my nap. I went over to the living room and saw Mitch playing with Johnny.

“Hey.” I said.

“Hey back. Feeling better?”



I couldn’t ask for anything more, honestly. I have an amazing, loving husband, a little boy, and baby #2 on the way. I would have never imagined I’d end up here when I first came here with no money, nothing but the clothes on my back. Yet, here I am.

“Here.” Mitch said. “Try these flashcards with Johnny. I think he gets them a little.”

“Ok.” I smiled, looking through the cards. “Johnny, what’s this one?”



Toddlers are so cute. “What color?”


I looked back up at Mitch. “You said he got them.”

“Kinda. It is a color.”


I went into labor at around 4 pm. Mitch was playing with Johnny to distract him from the fact that his mother was giving birth to his baby sibling. He finally managed to get him to bed.

“You ok?”

“Oh yeah. I’m just giving birth to a baby here!”

“You’re gonna be fine. I love you.”

This time seemed like it was taking so much longer than when I went into labor with Jonathan. This baby did not want to come out yet. At all. I kept breathing, in, out, in. I was in so much pain.

“Baby! Nadia!” I heard Mitch scream. I was okay, right? And then I felt nothing.

6 thoughts on “Chapter 1.17: Baby #2

  1. 😦 Poor Nadia!

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  2. Oh, I hope nothing bad happens to her!

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