Chapter 1.20: More Growing Up

The kids love the park. We seem to always be there. Selena has become very good friends with Annalise. They like playing on the spaceship, maybe even more than Jonathan! Selena always plays with everyone that is at the park. She is really such an outgoing person!


Annalise is the girl in in the green dress, and Selena is at the top with the telescope. Johnny likes to play on the monkey bars more than the spaceship. He isn’t as outgoing as Selena, and most of the kids are on the spaceship. After Annalise left to go home, Selena decided to play with her brother on the monkey bars.


After all his practice on the monkey bars, Jonathan was very good at them and he played on them easily. Selena usually stuck to the spaceship, so she didn’t have much practice on the monkey bars. In fact, she almost fell off! Johnny decided to teach Selena how to do it. I think he enjoyed having his sister to himself, because when we go to the park, Selena always goes to play with Annalise instead. I really liked having time to work on my programming skills. I finally got that promotion. Mitch and I have really gone back to working on our job performance with both Jonathan and Selena more able to care for themselves.


I had no idea how much I missed programming. Jonathan had his teenage birthday today. Mitch baked him a hamburger-looking cake. Selena seemed sad about it though.

“What’s wrong?”

“He’s gonna be older than me! He won’t be able to play with me anymore.”

“Annalise can play with you.”

“Yeah, I know. But what if he doesn’t like me?”

“Selena, he’s still gonna be the same person! Just…older.”

She thought about it. “Ok. We better go celebrate!”

 After he blew out the candles, they both still had school projects to do. I helped Selena build her volcano, outside, because it was a volcano! Mitch helped Johnny with his bridge project.



Hasn’t Jonathan grown into a handsome young man? Mitch and I decided to build him a separate room. Teenagers really need their space, especially once Selena grows up! Can you imagine them sharing a room?! So we gave Johnny the new room, Selena went into the room we were in, and Mitch and I got to get our old room back!

A/N: I seriously didn’t take enough pictures of their childhood…but we are getting closer to generation 2! I’m excited to start Selena’s perspective but also sad because I’ve had a lot of fun writing Nadia’s!  🙂

21 thoughts on “Chapter 1.20: More Growing Up

  1. This moves way too fast lol! Teenager already! Johnny is a handsome lad there! I love how he got his dad’s body type 😀

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    1. -Ali is a STALKER June 28, 2018 — 12:47 pm



      1. -Ali is a STALKER June 28, 2018 — 12:47 pm

        I live it proud


  2. I really like that Johnny got his dad’s body type too! And they are growing up fast, but I think that’s okay! Sometimes I feel like Rose Garden drags out waaaaay too long each gen lol

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    1. I didn’t take that many pictures during their childhood so…heheh. Yeah, Johnny did get his dad’s body type! I really like seeing how the kids end up ~because~ I don’t know 😄 Your story is fine! You have a lot of people to catch up on!

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      1. I do, and sometimes I think that was a mistake xD I have to pause aging a LOT just so I can catch up on the families 😬 I’ve lost some gravestones because Sims have died before i could play their lot again!

        I love seeing how the kids end up, too! I’m a baddie and once my Sims are toddlers I like to put them in CAS and see how they’ll look when they get older 😛 I don’t change their genetics any, I just gotta know xD

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      2. Yeah, I’ve read legacy stories where they follow like the ~whole~ family and I knew I wasn’t going to do that! Yes, there’s other people, but it ~is~ a story about the heiress, so that’s who I focus on! 😉 Yes, I’ve started to pause aging when I take pictures because they take forever (I have no poses…) You’re going to have a lot of families eventually!

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      3. Oh gosh, I know I am. At some point I will try to narrow it down to focus on only one or two, but who knows if I’ll manage that. Gotta push through gen 3 and wrap them up before their kids are grown first x__x I just had another kid grow up, get married, and start popping out a baby!
        Maybe I’ll do a vote thing and see which characters people are more interested in to help me narrow it down xD

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      4. Oh, yeah, voting would be cool! You must go into your save and only see the family LOL! I’m on generation 3 right now too 🙂 I am going to have a ton of chapters this gen… Heheh, gen 2 was almost double how many I had for gen 1 (25 vs 49) and I don’t think I’ll have 100 chapters for gen 3 (heh, hopefully…) but definitely more than 50! We’re already on chapter 29 and she doesn’t even have any kids yet 😛

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      5. 😱 Rose Garden has technically started gen 4, I just haven’t switched the focus to them fully yet. I never ever expected this challenge and story to take me so long to write, honestly. And there’s still so much to go! In-game I’m almost to the 60’s, but I’m ahead of where the story itself is. I’ve considered skipping over a decade or two buuut I dunno 😂 I wish I’d started a normal legacy like the Clemonte’s!

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      6. Heheh, yeah, it’s easier set in real time! It must take you a while to find clothes for that era, ect… How long have you been doing it?

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      7. It does take a while to find the right clothes/decade specific items. But I’m starting to get to the point where I can improvise pretty easily with what I already have!
        My first Rose Garden post on WordPress was on October 22nd of last year, so about 8 months. Granted, when I started I was actually posting on Tumblr before deciding I hate Tumblr xD so I probably started closer to late September, early October.

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      8. Oh, 8 months! Wow! I’ve never used tumblr, I just decided on WordPress because all the other sim stories I read are on here 😄

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      9. WordPress is by far my favorite place to post! Tumblr’s formatting is better suited for just pictures IMO. And… I’ve seen a lot of toxic people on Tumblr 😬 I wanted to stay away from that, lol!
        and yeah, 8 months, man… I actually have a Build Newcrest Legacy I began and started posting about in… July 2017! It was the first Sim challenge story I ever posted about and it was veeeery different from Rose Garden and Entangled! I never shared it, though

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      10. Wow, July 2017! That was a year ago! Wow! I’m sure your build Newcrest challenge was good, though! I guess I chose a great place to post, then 😛 And I started out not knowing that much stuff because I’d just gotten the game a month before starting the challenge LOL! Like, I figured out tab key in some point in gen 2! But I used to play sims freeplay since elementary school… Sims 4 is way better!

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      11. When I started the Newcrest challenge there was a LOT I didn’t know, too! And I wasn’t using mods in the beginning of it! Even though I started it a year ago, I’ve taken several lengthy breaks from it, so right now it’s still just in Gen 3. I play the save every once in a while and am slowly trying to post about it again! Unfortunately my second gen kind of got jipped 😦 I didn’t have or save enough screenshots to fill with posts.

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      12. You’ve got so many different sites! You should have a page on all of them listing your other sites 😄

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      13. I do! Actually, I revamped an old private blog recently for the sole purpose of using it to host more than one story (and linking to my other stories, lol!) It’s where my build newcrest legacy was originally posted, and if I ever start the Amazon challenge it will get posted there too!

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  3. It’s always seeing who the kids take after when they grow up.

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