Chapter 1.21: Where Did the Time Go?

Selena has grown into a fine young woman. She and Jonathan are still good friends, even as teenagers. I’ll be honest, I didn’t know if their friendship when they were kids would last, but it has. My little Johnny has asked that I call him Jonathan now, so I will. They still go to the park, but I no longer go with them. They are in high school, and I’m sure they don’t want their mom with them at the park. Selena tells me that Jonathan is always talking to girls. Girls! Gosh he is that old now huh? I’m sure that he could certainly be ‘just friends’ with a girl, but gosh, really, that pretty much never works out. Here is my two babies almost all grown up!



Selena sure is beautiful, isn’t she? She takes after her father quite a bit. If Jonathan is going after girls, how long will it be before my little girl is falling in love? Goodness. Selena and Annalise are still the best of friends. They always go out together or go to each other’s houses.


Selena asked to take a picture with me to put in her room. I was surprised…but of course! She is my little girl, but not so little anymore….


She did get my wavy hair, though! I was surprised that she went for a jog in the morning. I might have to say something about that shirt though……


Selena redecorated her room, and I have to say, I really like it, especially the teal desk she picked out. She’s in her room a lot, which I guess is ok.


Mitch becomes an elder today. I almost cried the whole time while I was baking his cake. He has been so amazing I am so not ready for him to die. He reminded me that elder is a life stage for a reason and he is certainly not going to die yet, he intends to see our children to young adulthood. We celebrated his birthday with much fanfare, singing, confetti throwing, after all, it will be the last one he has.


The kids are old enough to watch us kiss without yelling at us to stop, like they did when they were little.

18 thoughts on “Chapter 1.21: Where Did the Time Go?

  1. Selena is beautiful! I’m excited to read her generation.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Her generation is much more interesting 😄


    2. -Ali is a STALKER June 28, 2018 — 12:48 pm

      someone should get murdered


      1. -Ali is a STALKER June 28, 2018 — 12:48 pm

        ok maybe attempted murder


      2. -Ali is a STALKER June 28, 2018 — 12:49 pm

        not joking FOR DRAMA DUH

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  2. Selena is so pretty! I actually think she looks so much like her mom in that selfie, hair colour aside!

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  3. Wow, I love Selena!! She’s beautiful and I love her body type! You can really see Nadia in her, but at the same time she looks very different; I’m excited to see her perspective and future heir!

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    1. Yes, I was happy with how she turned out too! My main thing I was worried about was making each heiress’ perspective different enough 🙂 Her story is more realistic and I start to get better at writing LOL!

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      1. That’s always a struggle! I’m there now, in a way, though it’s a little different; worrying that the way things are going in Rose Garden is too predictable or perfect like the prior gen(s). I have plans to shake it up a bit down the road, though (; I look forward to seeing Selena’s perspective! Even if she is similar to Nadia, that’s okay! I mean, she IS her daughter after-all!

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      2. Yes, I know the feeling! I’m always thinking about where the story should go next 😄

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  4. You were right, she really does look like Mitch! Nice to have a variety in genetics to play with.

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  5. Wow, TS4 Sims gain weight so fast. It must be hard to get a hold of!

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    1. Yeah, they actually do, but Selena aged up that way 😉

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