Chapter 1.22: Learning the Legacy

I have begun to teach Selena her role in this family, and how it is different from Jonathan’s. She knows that she is the heir, and will carry on the family line and legacy. She knows her daughter will be the next heir, and that she cannot move out of the house. Selena understands and I have decided to teach her how to care for the plants also. She is a natural!


“Do you like gardening, Selena?” I asked.

“I guess. It’s peaceful and nice, and it is rewarding to watch our plants survive and flourish.”

Wow. I didn’t know that…well…how much she’s grown! She really understands what she is doing, and, just, wow. “Wow,” I uttered, “Selena. That is really nice.”

“It’s important to you, and so it’s important to me too, and I will teach my daughter to love it too.”

Selena really has grown so much. Just the other day I saw her fixing our broken clothesline, without anyone telling her to! She also does the laundry, and cleans the dishes. She will be just fine.


However, I’m not so sure about Jonathan. I found him talking to this girl in his room! He may just be trouble. Selena has hardly talked about any boys, while Jonathan is always talking about girls he met at the park, girls he met at school, girls he met at the nightclub… I have to talk to him about that one…….


But he is older than his sister, and I can’t look out for him forever. His young adult birthday is coming up….and I’m not sure what I think about that. Selena acts older than him!

5 thoughts on “Chapter 1.22: Learning the Legacy

  1. -Ali is a STALKER June 28, 2018 — 12:51 pm

    *tells you the legacy is the most important thing in the world*

    *then tells you NO PRESSURE*

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    1. Haha, yeah. There is definitely pressure…


  2. Wow, Jonathan is such a player!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Haha, I know! Those YA’s, am I right? 😂

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  3. it is normal girls mature faster

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