Chapter 1.23: Last Birthday

Well, you noticed that Jonathan ‘needed’ to update you on his young adult life, I’m sure. Anyway, I had my elder birthday today. I can’t believe how fast everything has gone, and how we successfully raised two kids! Mitch and I still got it going on, don’t you think? Sure, we never got new appliances, or a dishwasher…can you imagine not washing dishes by hand? But everything sure worked out for us after all.


I may be an ‘old lady’ now, but I am for sure staying active. I didn’t get to do it enough when I was younger.


I’ve still got it! And nobody is gonna go watering my plants for me either, I can do it myself! I can do plenty of things myself! I can do everything I used to do!



Selena has been working on writing a lot more, and I am very proud of her. She is working quickly toward her aspiration, to be a bestselling author. Jonathan, on the other hand, gosh. I really don’t know what to say about him right now. He is a piece of work. I have no idea what to do about him, and I really don’t want to invade his love life, but seriously?! Selena better do better than he is.

“Mitch, I’m worried about our little boy.”

“Have you noticed, Nadia?” Mitch asked, “He isn’t a ‘little boy’ anymore. He’s a grown young man.”

“I know. But… he is making some not so good choices.”

“He needs to make mistakes, and learn from them. You will never learn anything if you’re perfect all the time.”

“That is true. I guess he’ll learn to actually get to know girls before he takes them on a date.”


“You always know what to say.”

“It’s a gift.”

I laughed. He is still the most amazing man I have ever met. I really got lucky. He is my best friend, and he still makes me feel like the most important person in the world.


We had a family dinner tonight. We have no idea when Mitch is… well… going to…die. I am so not ready. Well, not all of us were actually eating at the time, but we were all sitting down and talking, so I’m gonna count it.


7 thoughts on “Chapter 1.23: Last Birthday

  1. Man, it’s going to be a bummer when Mitch dies, he’s been such a great sim!

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    1. -Ali is a STALKER June 28, 2018 — 12:54 pm

      we all die eventually

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  2. Oh yes, it is hard to get everyone to sit down and have dinner together what the heck!

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  3. She really is lucky to have found such a nice husband!

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