Chapter 2.00: New Love, Old Love: Part 2

Hi. I’m Selena! I decided since I’ll be writing these things for a while, might as well try, after all, even Jonathan did some… Anyway, yeah, Mom and Dad renewed their vows. I can’t wait until I have someone that loves me as much as Dad loves Mom. In no way am I going to do what Jonathan did, though. I will get to know the person before I even flirt with them, gosh. Sometimes I think my brother has no brains. That girl, Rieko, doesn’t know how to bug off. He told me that he ran into her at the park – OK, started talking to her, as friends – still OK, and she goes and kisses him on the cheek – very very much NOT OK. She did it again here and I was very happy to see him finally stand up for himself…something I wasn’t very good at. 


“Listen, Rieko, we are not together anymore!” he yelled, “Ok? We are just friends, and friends don’t kiss each other!”


“No! I am ready to move on! I did not have any idea what I was doing when I asked you out, and certainly no idea when I kissed you! I was just so happy to not be a teen anymore, and you were the hottest girl in the yearbook, ok. You might be pretty on the outside, but not on the inside! For goodness sakes, you’re mean!”

“I’m sorry!”

Rieko ran off, and I think rightly so! No woman is going to bat around my brother, nope!

“Bro, you must be really annoyed at her.” I said, because I have never heard him yell at anybody like that, not even me when we were in a fight.

“Well, yeah. She needs to learn that we aren’t together means we aren’t together! It’s been like 6 months!”

“And….” I asked. There was no way that was it, right?

“And, I think that I like someone else.”

There we go. That is the brother I know. “And you actually know them, right?”

“Yes! I am never ever making that mistake again!”

“Who is it?”

“Nosey nosey nosey, are you, Selena?”

“Come on!” My brother was the only person I felt comfortable really talking to. I talked to plenty of people…but not ‘real’ talking about things I care about.


“Your friend?”

“Yeah. I think she was flirting with me a little these past few months too.” He laughed.“I guess there really isn’t a girl I’m ‘just friends’ with.”

“That’s really great.”

Love is really really in the air. Mom and Dad are still going strong, even in their old age, and Jonathan, he was actually right about something! Now, what about me? Will I ever find a love like theirs?



A/N: I’m not sure if I’m making Selena different enough from Nadia, so if they seem the same, tell me, I don’t want them to seem the same. Thanks 🙂 

10 thoughts on “Chapter 2.00: New Love, Old Love: Part 2

  1. Hi I never commented on this so I just did 😋

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    1. Wow 😛 Great comment btw 😆


  2. -Ali is a STALKER June 28, 2018 — 12:58 pm

    Reiko is a BAD PERSONA

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  3. Annd the drama starts! Don’t we all just want a love like theirs!

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    1. Yep, exactly! 😄 Selena’s life is going to be more drama-filled than Nadia’s, for sure!

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      1. And don’t even get me started on generation three! 😂

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  4. Starting with a bang! But oh, weird, I was thinking I’d be reading the last chapter of gen 1…

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    1. Well, I kinda wrote it weird, this was like a pre-chapter in her POV, since I just finished this scene from her perspective 🙂

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