Chapter 2.06: My Turn Please

Jonathan has come a long way since his and Rieko’s failed relationship… his first-but not last-try at love. She was a pretty girl, but he learned to actually get to know the person first after he broke up with her.


Now, he’s married to his best friend, and now wife, Yumiko. I wanted a chance at what he had.


I wondered what I was doing wrong, when I remembered something my Mom told me: “If you want something, you have to go for it! Nobody knows what you want but you.”

So I went to the gym, and decided if I saw someone I thought could be nice, I’d talk to them. After all, Jonathan first talked to Yumiko at the pool in high school.


I saw this nice looking guy running on the treadmill.

“Selena,” I whispered to myself, “you can do this! Just say hi.”

“Hi.” He said to me.

“Umm, hi there.”

“So, tell me about you.”

“My name’s Selena…” I started.

“Selena’s a pretty name.”


“My name’s Ramon.”


I walked out of there feeling on top of the world. This guy was amazing. He was even family-oriented like me! I liked him a lot. A whole lot. I was so so so so so happy when he asked me out, only an hour after he got my number. Ramon and I were totally on the same page.

“Hey, Selena.”


“Selfie for the moment?”


“Pictures last way longer anyway.”

“Look at that!” I grinned.

“Send it to me!”


“Have you ever dated someone before, Selena?”

“No. What about you? Have you dated someone?”

“I wouldn’t call it dating…anyway, I think you’re amazing.”

“Me?” I asked, laughing.



“No prob.”

He pulled me into a hug, and I smiled the whole time, I wanted to remember this moment.


“Hey, Selena, could you get off now?”

“Oh, yeah yeah.” I blushed. This guy was so hot. Those eyes, that body.

“Hey, girl, don’t get me wrong or anything, you are hot. I just think we should, you know, save it for later, if you know what I mean.”

I knew what he meant. I was thrilled, there was gonna be a later. “Yeah. Of course.”

“See ya later, girl.”


I invited him over all the time, like all the time. Jonathan and Yumiko were always talking about us. All good things, I’m sure.


I know that our relationship was going fast, but he was just perfect! It really is my turn…for everything: for love; I felt Ramon was the one, for family; Once we were married, I couldn’t wait to have kids…for everything I’ve ever wanted. 

A/N: I’d really like your feedback on Selena. I want her to be different from her mom! 😉

23 thoughts on “Chapter 2.06: My Turn Please

  1. I think you’re doing a great job writing Selena! I think sometimes creating distinctive voices can be difficult, but you just gotta follow your instinct. Maybe reading other legacies has hardened by heart, but I dont’ know if I trust Ramon??? Interested to see more.

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    1. Thanks! It is so hard to create different voices but I’m trying 🙂 We’ll see about Ramon… 😉

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  2. I like Selena…she reminds me of Nadia, sure, with the ambition for a family, but she definitely sounds like her own unique character.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I’m glad you think she’s her own character 🙂 I was really worried they’d all be too much alike 😉


  3. I think Ramon and Selena won’t end up together in the end. Also, thinks between them are going REALLY fast. They should slow down. I think that all of your characters have their own distinct personality. But, Selena and her mom being alike isn’t necessarily a bad thing since they are absolutely different in their own ways. 🤫🦒🔪

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    1. Yes, they are going fast. (Too fast, but Selena is just really happy to be in a relationship) I’m glad you think Selena and Nadia are different 😄 ❤️


  4. Dang Selena! I love how she was just standing by Ramon’s treadmill staring at him like, “Okay, you can talk to him…” and then was surprised when he said something to her 😅 Like giiirl, what did you expect staring at him like that?

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  5. I feel like I know Selena way better than I knew Nadia. Selena is more reserved or more restrained almost where as Nadia had street smarts she had to, to survive she ran on instinct! Selena looks upon her parents love with longing and lacks a bit confidence in herself. Though who wouldn’t feel intimidated by the perfect lovers beginning to a legacy!

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    1. Thank you! This is definitely very good descriptions of these two heiresses, and I’m glad my writing was able to show you that about them! 🙂 I can’t wait to see what you think of our gen 3 heiress as well!

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      1. I can also see your writing improving as well. I am pretty sure it was gen 3 I’m trying to remember where i first started following you, I cant right now. Either way it gives me an understanding of how it all started i’m getting there though!

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      2. Thank you! The writing has gotten better, and less game/sim based as time went on, and more plot based! 🙂


      3. It’s an interesting way of writing. I’ve never wrote in this way either until now. Writing character narratives can be tricky. Right now I’m playing catch up I haven’t even played yet since I’ve been back to my simverse I am still writing the stories from Windenberg but my rotation is in San Myshuno. Because I took the pictures a few months ago I have to try and remember and put together what may have happened.

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      4. Yes, I’d get so caught up on playing, just taking semi-random screenshots, and then stringing them together in a storyline! It worked out ok, but now the story goes much smoother, though I miss just simply playing the family (I have an idea for that I’ll implement later this week, I’m pretty excited about it 🙂)

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      5. I probably take too many but that’s okay I only need a few. The blog helps me stay on track when I play you, know it’s been awhile since I played that family what were they doing when I left? I’m about half way through 2nd rotation and there are so many ways I can take things. I have been doing some building… EEEp I’m excited for your idea! What’s going to happen!?

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      6. Ok, well, going through all these old chapters, I realized I felt more connected to these pictures then the ones I’m taking now, because those are staged for the plot and these were just taken in the moment, so I might be starting up a ‘spin off’ of sorts where I play them, take some pictures, and then make a little chapter off that! Those wouldn’t be connected fully to the ~actual~ chapters, more like a better peek into gameplay with more sim-related talk, like how I used to incorporate their moodlet at the time in the story sometimes 🙂 Is that confusing? What do you think?

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      7. I have definitely interacted with a sim negatively or other to get them to take a moodlet for a scene. You have to be careful with that because it could get lost in translation but it may bring more depth. I’m also trying to stay trueish to the maxis preloaded stories or sim traits. Other than that my sims just do whatever they please with a little encouragement from me to progress their unique storylines. You are playing towards a goal here a legacy so it’s a bit different in that aspect. If you feel an inspiration I say run with it!

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  6. Hmmm, yeah – I’m with everyone else, I don’t trust him. And then I feel bad for it. Maybe it’s his “save it for later if you know what I mean.” It seems disingenuine …

    (In response to the above convo – I’m totally pro taking pictures and then stringing a story together. I’ve done/do both – but yeah, the disconnect between the sim and the story occurs. Maybe the story is better, but I happen to like the casual quirkiness of sims just as much as a great story)

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    1. Well, I now actually have started a spin-off of the plot based story called Just Playing, where I play them and see what happens, and then make a mini chapter off of it 😃

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      1. I saw that! It was an adorable chapter!

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  7. She’s taking it quick! Good luck, Selena, just don’t move too fast with the kids and all. You barely know him!

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  8. My second did not fall far from the tree .. play her the way you feel

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