Chapter 2.11: Niece or Nephew

I was so glad that all the attention was on my brother for once. The baby was going to be born any day now. I wanted to do just about anything to get my mind off of that plumhead, so I almost jumped at the chance to help Yumiko decorate the nursery. I think she might have even gotten a little suspicious at how into it I was, as I’m sure it was the most excited I’d even gotten about the new baby. Nobody was even thinking about me and the plumhead (he might as well be renamed plumhead) and that meant no questions. Yumiko, I learned, had sat the stove on fire, and while they quickly replaced the stove, the stove head was farther down on the list… way farther… it wasn’t exactly essential. At least she got her mac n cheese at the end.


She was in her third trimester now, and she could go into labor at any moment. She was often lying around somewhere, resting. After all, she was going to have a baby! 


“So, the nursery looks great!”

“Yeah, it turned out nice.” I replied.

“Are you sure nothing’s up?”

“Yes! I’m just really excited for my new niece or nephew, it feels real now. You know?”

She placed her hand on her baby bump, smiling. “Oh yeah, I know.”


We got the nursery done just in time. Yumiko went into labor that night. She tried to walk around as long as she could, but the contractions got too painful.


Jonathan insisted that she sit down. I had too help him convince her before she actually gave birth right there! 


Finally they went into the nursery. Jonathan freaked out. I sat outside in the living room, waiting awkwardly. It was their moment…their son or daughter.


I couldn’t help but think about if I’d ever have kids now. I know I ‘had’ too, because I was the heir of the legacy and had to continue our family, but I wasn’t sure if I’d ever love romantically again. My thoughts, which were going downward every single second, were stopped my brother opening the door a little. Thank Watcher.

“It’s a girl,” he whispered. I could see the happiness on his face, “you have a niece.”

“I have a niece.” I whispered to myself. A girl. A baby girl. Jonathan suddenly rushed back into the room and I heard his wife screaming. Was she ok? Was the baby ok? What if something happened to them?

“Thank The Watcher!” I heard my brother say, then quieter, “it’s ok.”

“Jonathan.” I said, once he peeked out again.

“You also have a nephew.” Twins! A girl and a boy! She had twins!

“Oh my…” I whispered.


A/N: I could not believe they had twins! I didn’t do anything that could have made them have twins (like watch the kids network) so this was a huge surprise! 

11 thoughts on “Chapter 2.11: Niece or Nephew

  1. My sims have been having twins and triplets non stop it gets a little crazy.


  2. There are the twins! How exciting for them! 🙂

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  3. Congrats to Jonathan and Yumiko!!!!
    The twins are SUPER ADORABLE! I can’t wait to know their names!🤫🦒❤️🎉👨‍👩‍👧‍👦

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  4. Twins!!! Oh they are in trouble!

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  5. Did NOT see that coming. TWINS. After all my issues getting them, I’m totally envious! 😀

    Well, technically she could adopt one – but breaking your strict matriarchial legacy in gen 2 might not be the best idea. I’m sure she’ll find someone once she dusts herself off and tries again.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I know right! I didn’t do anything to try to get twins either! Yeah, the strict matriarchy is followed pretty closely by everyone, in fact, in gen 3, there’s a whole storyline over the heiress getting her biological kids (you’ll see why when you get there 🙂)

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  6. Ah, twins! What a surprise! Well, congratulations to Yumiko and Jonathan!

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