Chapter 2.12: Life Goes On

Life has been crazy. Taking care of one baby is hard, I’m sure. But two is a whole different thing. It seemed like once we got one of them to fall asleep, the other one would wake up and start crying, waking up the other one. Mom has been overjoyed that she got to meet her grandchildren. She’s always cooing at them and holding them.


When I look at my newborn niece and nephew I see pure innocence along with happiness, joy, and hope. I wished I could be just as innocent as them, but at the same time I don’t. I used to be so innocent and thought everyone was good, I’d grown up with nice people, and who would want to think of people as bad? With everything that’s happened I have had hardly any time to think about the plumhead… and nobody has thought to talk about him either. I suppose that eventually I’ll have time to think but right now I’m ok with not thinking.

Anyway, meet my niece, Kiara.


And my nephew, Emmett!


Still, we can’t believe she had twins! We all wonder how they’re going to be when they’re older. Will they be friends, or will there be a sibling rivalry? Being a twin is different from being an older or younger sibling, after all they’ll be in the same grade and everything. They’re going to be toddlers soon and that is going to be much harder to deal with than two babies.


We all decided to release dad’s spirit after a lot of talking on the subject. Mom didn’t want to…but we finally convinced her.

“No, we aren’t. We aren’t talking about it anymore.”

“Mom! You always say that! Why don’t you want to? Until we release it he can’t fully move on…he’s stuck here as a ghost!”

“He’ll really be gone…”

“We’ll never forget him, Mom! It’s not like he disappears from our lives. Don’t you think it’s time? I have kids now…it’s a new generation. He can be at peace.” Jonathan added.

Mom’s eyes filled with tears. “Make sure I join him when I’m gone.”

“We promise.”

So we let Dad go and be at peace, finally. Mom cried the whole time but I think she knew it was best.


4 thoughts on “Chapter 2.12: Life Goes On

  1. I’m always interested to see how people handle ghosts in their games. I feel like we get so attached to a sim it’s hard to let them move on.


    1. Yeah, after a few days in-game I ‘release them to the netherworld’ because eventually them coming out in the middle of the night gets annoying and imagine the lag if I kept everyone…. but I might do more with ghosts eventually 😉

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  2. I love the twins names and everything. I’m so happy that their mom was able to meet them! It is probably best to let their dad move on even if it was hard. 🤫🦒❤️👏🏼

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  3. It was time to say goodbye. You have to let people go…

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