Chapter 2.16: Happy Birthday to You

It’s Jonathan’s birthday today. He’s really taken Mom’s death hard. I guess I have just the same, but it’s almost like I can’t feel pain anymore.

I was sad and angry since I caught that dumb plumhead, but I tried not to be…it didn’t really work. So when Mom died there was just more sadness piled on top of everything else and I was sad, really sad. But I’ve gotten good at putting it away, all the feelings. He doesn’t, he just lets it all out… I talk to a lot of people. I’m happy to meet and talk to just about anyone, and they usually talk to me. But feelings… I don’t like to show people those. I had those away in the farthest parts of me until I’m alone. Yumiko understands him. She tries to make him feel better, and he appreciates it, I know he does.


For his birthday, she wanted to bake him a cake, and I played with the twins so she could. There was always such a mess around. Playing with the twins… well…was certainly different, but I loved it. 


It makes me wonder when I’ll have kids. They’re amazing. It’s amazing to play with toddlers. They’re so carefree. I wonder what it’s like to play with your own kids. Also… children… I wonder if that will ever actually happen to me. I can’t believe I might ruin the legacy before it’s even started! I know I was living my life through theirs, though and that wasn’t right. At least Jonathan had a good birthday. Even if the kitchen was a mess after… 

Yes, the kitchen really looked like this 🤣 Practially everyday life with toddlers.

Sometimes I think Mom’s death was too much for him, at that moment. It was like getting a candy bar, and then having it taken from you. We thought she was going to live… He even pushed Yumiko away when she tried to kiss him while we we eating cake. But he apologised like a bazillion times. I think we were all surprised. Then he told us why he was so sad. He and Mom had been planning the twins a huge birthday party bash and she was going to tell him something she found but… she died before she could tell him. He said she was really excited about it too. Since the twins’ birthday was tomorrow, we couldn’t go ahead with the party, but we all decided to plan something big for their teenage birthday.


I know everything was alright… because, let’s just say I heard them that night…

7 thoughts on “Chapter 2.16: Happy Birthday to You

  1. WHAT WAS SHE GOING TO TELL HIM??????????????????

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  2. More twins, please. 😀 Lol – that kitchen is such an apt representation of the chaos of children! You can totally feel for them.

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    1. I know, right! I had never played a household where I didn’t use cheats to get their needs up so this was crazy! 🙂

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      1. And not yet rich enough for a nanny or a cleaner! :/ You’re doing great at keeping them poor – which makes for more fun, imo.

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      2. I really didn’t care about their money then lol, I was just playing 😂 they literally had only 1,000 or something after I made their house bigger in 2.21-ish, they’ve only started to actually have a lot of money third gen 😂


  3. I wonder what she was going to tell him…
    She heard them, though, lol.

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