Chapter 2.17: This Stage of Life

Every little thing was going wrong in the twins’ last days of toddlerhood. You name it, and it happened. It seemed like everything in the house that could break, did. I guess they’d been long overdue to break.

I got off the toilet – bam – broken. Got out of the shower… bam – also broken. I didn’t even know that refrigerators could break! On top of all that, nobody could get any sleep, because – toddlers. All our time was spent caring for the twins, fixing all our broken appliances… and then explaining to a toddler why they couldn’t take a bath, because the bath was broken… and also trying to sleep at all.  Since we had no time for things like washing our clothes, our laundry got really dirty, and when I finally went outside to wash our clothes, I just could not handle it. No kidding. Obviously we’d have to deal with our clothes for a little while longer.


Jonathan and Yumiko cleaned up the kitchen, once everything was fixed. I swear I went up a whole handiness level! They were getting ready for the twins’ birthday.


I was very very happy to be standing in the kitchen, singing happy birthday for my niece and nephew. I couldn’t wait for them to grow up into kids. To not deal with dirty diapers, high chairs… once they got in them, they wanted out, and if they weren’t in them… they wanted in! Kiara and Emmett have grown up into nice young kids!


A/N: Finally, I can actually breathe! Toddlers are hard work, no joke. I promise things will speed up now 😉 hopefully you think so too 🙂

10 thoughts on “Chapter 2.17: This Stage of Life

  1. Toddlers REALLY are a lot of work in this game O.O I’m just glad they seem to have worked out some of the bugs… When they first came out, my sims would pick them up and set them back down for hours, all the while I’m getting notifications that they are starving and will be taken away if the issue isn’t resolved, and I’m frantically trying to get my sims to FEED them XD but apparently the weird dance of picking them up, setting them down, picking them up, etc was more important haha!

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    1. Yea I know, at one point I figured out if you make a meal, then control the toddler, they can get themselves ‘a serving’ and THEY EAT!!!! At least the high chair seems to be working for now cause I don’t have time to cook LOL! 😄


      1. Yup, they sure can! If you keep food out, they’ll even grab a plate autonomously if they’re starving (whether or not free will is on)

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  2. Must be nice that they’re grown up now…

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  3. Isn’t is so nice that u don’t have to deal with TODDLERS😅😇🤫🦒❤️🎉

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  4. Toddlers are really hard! I’m freaking out with the Pancakes, they have three right now!

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    1. Yes, I know! I bet it’s like real life, though 😂

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  5. Having kids in The Sims is a mess, but not half as much as in real! Waiting for things to speed up as promised! 😀

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