Chapter 2.20: What does This Mean?

I stared at my phone. One text notification. Nobody ever texted me. What stupid spammer was trying to sell me something now?  When I saw who texted me, my eyes opened wide. It wasn’t a spammer. Derek, Jonathan’s friend from yesterday, had texted me: ‘want to go out?’ Watcher, what did that mean? On a date? Going out usually meant a date, right?

I hardly knew him and…my last relationship was still lingering behind. Then my phone pinged again, ‘like just to chat, sorry for any confusion’ Oh…ok. Thank Watcher that was all I had to think about. I sighed in relief, texting back ‘yeah’. He was a nice guy, so why not? After all it didn’t mean anything.

“So, hi there.”

I smiled, looking around. This place seemed nice. “Hi.” 

“Well, have you ever been to this cafe?”

“No, actually. My family doesn’t eat out, uh, we don’t have a ton of money or anything.”

“It’s ok, I haven’t been here either.”

“So, you said you had a sister yesterday. How is she?”

“Her name is Lacie. She’s older than me. She was the ‘wild child’, always partying, drinking, dancing, if you know what I mean.”

“That was my brother in high school! He was such a party person. To this day, I have no idea how he was able to keep it a secret from our parents!”



“In ways you cannot imagine!”

“Well I bet you can’t imagine what Lacie wore! If our mom found her wearing that I don’t know what would’ve happened!”

“Honestly though! I was always the ‘good kid’ you know?”

“I was the ‘smart one’ that was like the person to go to if you wanted the answers…”

“That was Thea Anderson in my grade. The super smart geeky sort.”

“She got all A’s, and never went to parties?”

“Oh yeah, even I went to more parties then her.”

“Uh, ‘even you’?”

“Yeah, parties just aren’t my thing. I just wanted to be an author… I still do. I also workout.”

“Yeah, parties aren’t my thing. Neither is working out though. It always amazed me how Lacie could stay up to unbelieveable hours every night, and still manage to not completely bomb the big test we had the next day.”

“Yeah, that’s amazing. My brother would bomb that test…”

We laughed and talked, about our siblings, about ourselves. We eventually ended up laying down on the cold stones to cloudgaze. I stared up at the big fluffy clouds, the sun having gone down far enough so it wouldn’t blind me to do so. It was surprising how easy Derek was to talk to. I could see him becoming a good friend.

“What do you see?” I asked.

“I see a beautiful girl.” He replied mindlessly, looking at me.


I laughed. “You’re wandering out of the friend zone.”

“And what if I want to be in that other zone?”


As we ventured inside the nightclub I got the feeling that we were too old for this. There were teenagers – teenagers, and 20-somethings, not late 30 somethings…like me. At least there was an old woman still dancing away. Dancing and going out had never been my thing. My friend, Annalise went out every night. My mom always told me that she was going to get pregnant….like too many of the girls at school. I felt she didn’t like our life here sometimes. I had a good time with Derek. But was he a friend…or something more?



6 thoughts on “Chapter 2.20: What does This Mean?

    1. LOL! Nice ship name though 🙂


  1. Ooooh, she looks like she’s losing that weight she was trying to get off! She looks great! And clearly Derek thinks so, too 😀

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