Chapter 2.23: Time for a Change

We hired people to fix up the house. We made expanded the house and added more space. They weren’t very happy when we weren’t able to finish….and now we’re broke.


My phone rang for the seventh time that day. I smiled. It was Derek, finally someone I wanted to talk to, instead of some angry contractor yelling about how we couldn’t pay for the rest of the project.

“Hey.” I said.

“Hi. I was thinking… do you want to go out, on a date? Maybe a trip, leave Windenburg?”

“Really? That would be a big first date.” A date. Was I considering this? And a trip? But Watcher, a date?

“Well, yeah. A weekend trip. Brindleton Bay, Oasis Springs?”

“Wow. That’s big. Far away from here. About 8 hours driving, right?” I’d never heard of Brindleton Bay, but I knew of Oasis Springs. 

“Yeah. Is that a yes?”

I paused. “Yes.”

The first thing we did was sleep, and then almost after I woke up, we were going somewhere, a quaint lounge.

“Wow, somewhere where we can talk, and actually hear each other!” I commented.

“Yeah. The music’s actually at a reasonable level.”


“Brindleton Bay is nice.” This was a quaint little beach town, probably hardly on a map. I tried to ignore the obvious fact that we were going to talk about the fact we were on a date. On what seemed like the other side of the world…

“So, you decided to go out with me, Selena.”

“Yeah.” I shifted around nervously. What if we ruined our friendship over this?


My eyes opened wide in surprise. “Why?! You’re amazing. Nice, smart, hopefully loving. I thought you were flirting with me…but why would you want to date me?”

“You noticed that? I was trying to get your attention. Watcher, Selena. You’re gorgeous. You’re real, you don’t fake it with me. You have hopes and dreams. I like you, a lot.” He slowly smiled. “I have for a while. The first time I texted you was supposed to be date, but I chickened out.”

I remembered that.


A few drinks later, we were driving to Oasis Springs. Well, he was, he hadn’t drank any juice so that we’d get there by nightfall. I looked at the picture Yumiko sent of the twins.


“Whatcha smiling at?”

I looked up. “My brother’s children. He and his wife have twins.”

“That’s nice. So…what do people do on a second date?”

“Kiss.” I replied absentmindedly. “Wait.. what? No… I didn’t mean that…”

“Well, would you like that?”

“Maybe…” I admitted. As much as I was scared to kiss him…to fall in love…I did like him.

“Well, I gotta tell you, I don’t exactly know how to. Kiss. I have before, but…I want to give you the best.”

“Are you saying you want me to kiss you first?”



I laughed. This was seriously funny, but also sweet.

“Ok, I got it. Watch and learn.” I whispered.


“Wow, Selena. Wow.” He held my hand. “I think I’ve figured it out.”


I thought so too.


The minute I got home, everyone was waiting for me.

“So, how was it?” Yumiko asked.

I grinned just thinking about it. “Amazing. What about you?”

She turned to my brother, smiling. “Actually, we have news to share. I’m pregnant!”

My eyes turned to saucers. This was amazing.


“Watcher, guys! That’s amazing.”


“Hey, is your tank top new?”

“Yeah. I wanted one that showed off my baby bump this time. It was so hard to get here, and I just wanted to enjoy it.”

“It’s very nice.” At 5 months they learned she was carrying twins-again. I was slowly wondering once more about if I’d have kids. There was that someone in my life now.



Kiara and Emmett’s had their teenage birthday, making me realized just how much time had gone by. At 16, I wondered how interested they’d be in their younger siblings.


A/N: Hopefully the little timeskip didn’t confuse you 🙂 

7 thoughts on “Chapter 2.23: Time for a Change

  1. Yes I’m so happy for Selena! Derek is ACTUALLY seeming like a really wonderful guy for Selena! She deserves this! Yumiko and Jonathan must be so happy! I can’t believe their having twins again!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yeah, she finally found ‘the one’! I couldn’t believe they were having twins either! 🙂


  2. Sweet! Guess you had the twin bug as well? Twins everywhere!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. More twins?? Aaaahh! Geez, i feel for them! lol, but omg Kiara and Emmett look great! Kiara especially is beautiful! Her skin and hair color are so striking 😍 Shame she can’t be heiress!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes, I loved Kiara’s look when she aged up! I was like, ‘Damn, girl, you’re beautiful!’ I could not believe they were having twins ~again~ 😛

      Liked by 1 person

  4. I’m rooting for Derek and Selena! Also, I thought that was Yumiko and Jonathan on the last pic. Then I realized Yumiko’s skin would be darker and Jonathan’s lighter! They look so much like their parents!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Lol, yeah, Kiara and Emmett do look a lot like their parents!

      Liked by 1 person

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