9 thoughts on “Chapter 2.24: No Words

  1. Good job!
    I liked their small wedding and Selena looked beautiful!

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  2. Awwwww…so sweet. I love Selena and Derek together.

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  3. The wedding was 😍 so beautiful! Even if it took awhile, Selena has found someone who loves her as much as she loves them ❤️ 💕 💗.

    You should do more picture chapters!

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  4. She got her wedding, finally! I love picture chapters, it’s so fun to tell the story without words 😀 And this tells me that Selena is in for a (hopefully) very happy marriage!
    that’s my wishful thinking, lol

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    1. Hopefully! She definitely deserves her happy ending 😄

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  5. Lol wordless chapters – somehow they always seem to say so much more than worded ones. But plum are they not easy! You did great showing the emotions of Selena and their hope/love for the future.

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  6. Things moving quickly! I’m glad Selena seems to have finally found happiness for herself!

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