Chapter 2.33: Big Sister

This baby was going to come any day now, in fact, it was exactly 2 weeks after my due date tomorrow. Having a toddler was both a joy and a curse.  My daughter was perfect in every way. But sometimes she really got on my nerves, and I was already tense. I didn’t need another reason besides my pregnancy to have to lay down and take a breather. I was feeling particularly irritable today, I’d been cramping up and I felt a headache coming on. I knew I’d have to have a bath soon to relax my overworked muscles.

“Just eat it, Addie!” I was at the edge of my rope. She continued to play with her cereal and I let my arms lay at my sides in defeat.


“Hey, Selena, I’ve got it.” Derek took my hand. “Go lay down or something.”

I didn’t have enough energy left in my body to say no. I trudged to the bathtub and watched it fill up with hot water. As I settled in the tub, feeling somewhat relaxed. It felt so good, when I felt the familiar pain of a contraction. Oh. I’m in labor…I got out and dried myself off quickly. Suddenly it was like everything was in full force. My contractions were barely a minute apart and I was gripping the sink to stop from falling down. The pain was unbearable, and I was gasping for breath. I somehow made my way to the nursery.


I laid back on the couch, feeling nauseous and sweaty.

“Plum!” I gasped through the next contraction. This baby wanted out before I could even get Derek. 

I was holding my second daughter in my arms. We named her Lexie, after my mom. Her middle name had been Lexi.


9 thoughts on “Chapter 2.33: Big Sister

  1. The amount of times I’ve watched a starving toddler toss throw away their food is so frustrating. But a baby! Very exciting.

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  2. ❤️Lexie&Addie❤️

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  3. Two girls!! Ahh, I was sitting here thinking “Oh no, she’ll have to pick between them for heiress!” and then i remembered it’s first born. That makes it so easy xD

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    1. LOL, yes! I wanted to be able to know who would be heiress, also so I could have a plan, somewhat for her future! 🙂

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      1. That’s smart! I should really do that with my build newcrest family. I have 2 daughters right now and Idk who to pick, but with that challenge the heirs each have to have a specific aspiration. So it’d be better to plan ahead 😦

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      2. Yeah…true! I also hate choosing, so, yep!

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  4. I love that she used her mother’s name so she gets to carry a little legacy of her own!

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  5. Congratulations on another baby!

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