Chapter 2.36: Again and Again

How had I missed all the signs? All of them. The frequent bathroom breaks, the nausea. It was easy to pass off the exhaustion, I got no sleep, but…  I just… it was easy to… I wasn’t paying attention to myself. And now… oh Watcher. What was I going to do? I was pregnant for the fourth time practically in a row since my marriage. Derek hardly knew me as anything but pregnant. Now, I was pregnant, with two toddlers, on my own. I stared at my reflection and growing baby bump. How had I missed it?


My daughters, they don’t understand it. Addie hardly mentions her dad, and Lexie, she never does. It’s likely she doesn’t remember him at all. They go on with their days as nothing’s even changed. But how are they supposed to understand that I’m pregnant, that I can’t do as much? By my third trimester, I don’t know what I’d do. I just held it together for them. I went on for them. I went on with my day too. What I’d give to be a careless toddler right now.


I felt a dizzy spell coming on while I was clearing their plates. Thank Watcher I hadn’t actually  collected the plates yet. There was so much to be done, and I couldn’t do it sometimes.


12 thoughts on “Chapter 2.36: Again and Again

  1. This poor woman! She needs a nanny or a nurse or something. I’m so worried she’ll have complications again and no one to help her.

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    1. Hopefully everything goes ok 🙂


  2. Poor Selena. I think she needs to reach out…but she was never very good at that in her young life either, was she?

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    1. Definitely not something she’s very good at!

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  3. Maybe Selena could talk to Annalise for help. Not that Annalise is always helpful…

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  4. Poor girl somebody help her!!

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  5. The toddlers there. Guh – one stinky the other crying and pregnant to boot! That there is sim life when your Watcher is particularly cruel :D. Loving it. And I do hope she manages to reach out – Maybe a niece or nephew wants to move out of their home? Free babysitting?

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    1. I’m glad you’re enjoying it! 😃 You’re binging one generation at a time 🤣 I woke up with 80 WordPress notifications lol.

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      1. I am a terrible binger. 80! ouch! Sorry abou that?

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      2. No, it’s good! I’m so happy you’ve been enjoying it enough to read so much! 😃


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