Generation 2 Feedback

Hello, guys! We’ve reached the end of Selena’s long journey, and if you want, I’d love your feedback of Generation 2, and anything else you might like to see in the story!  🙂 This is a new thing, I didn’t do one for Gen 1 because I felt it was really straightforward and simple, I was still getting used to the legacy!

Question 1: Anything really stick out to you in her story?

Question 2: Something(s) that you liked about the writing/plot.

Question 3: Something(s) that you didn’t like about the writing/plot.

Question 4: Is there anything I could improve on?

Question 5: Is there something that you’d like to see in the story?

Question 6: Did you feel like the story was interesting and you wanted to keep reading? Any specific chapter(s) or storylines?

Question 7: Is there anything else you’d like to add?

A/N: Thank you guys for all your feedback so far, and I can’t wait to know what you thought! You can just answer in the comments 🙂 Chapter 1 of Generation 3 is up now!

13 thoughts on “Generation 2 Feedback

  1. I definitely enjoy your “writing what’s happening” style (at least I assume). I’m sure the more you play the more plot lines you’ll start to develop, and it becomes a balance of orchestrated over happenstance. Your writing will definitely improve the more you do it. Probably the strongest bit you did in Selena’s arc was the miscarriage. Sometimes it’s hard to hit the emotional highs and lows but you did a great job.

    I feel like everyone’s gen 1 has a fairly simple start (especially those of us who are writing simlit for the first time) and it gets better and better with each generation. It sounds like you found your footing near the end of Selena’s arc, and I’m excited to see what gen 3 has to offer!

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    1. Yeah, I try really hard to get into their emotions 🙂 I’m glad you’re enjoying it, and I’m really excited for Gen 3 too!

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  2. 1/2. I really liked how you wrote the miscarriage, it happens to so many women it would be improbable for it not to happen at some point in any legacy! I don’t trust myself to properly illustrate it though, so I guess the Lovelace women will have to be extremely lucky when it comes to that ;p
    3. Nothing in particular!
    4. I guess the chapters could be a bit longer and there could be a regular schedule, but that’s totally up to you and what you want to do. If you force yourself to get a certain length in, you might get demotivated, so definitely don’t push yourself to write things you don’t want to!
    5. I’d just like to see where you take it, that’s what makes each legacy different!
    6. No specific characters, I like them all, but I did feel that I wanted to keep reading. I read maybe 2~ chapters at first, then came back to your story a few days later and binge-read up to present over the next two days, so it’s definitely captivating!
    Keep it up, I’m loving the story! 😀


    1. I’m happy that you like it! When I started writing I just wanted it to be interesting 😄 When I write chapters, I just write and stop it at what I feel like is a good point 🙂 but yes, I’m going to try to have a schedule at some point soon, probably when I’m actually writing new stuff (I think I’ve said that I got partway through Gen 3 written already LOL) I’m super excited to be caught up myself, I’m thinking twice a week or maybe three because in just one week I’m on summer break!! 😃 Also I tried really hard to portray her miscarriage realistically so I’m glad you thought it was good! 🙂

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  3. I’m not a great writer myself or anything, and I feel like I’m not qualified to give much criticism. I’m also bad at pointing out specific things and stuff. But in general, I really enjoyed reading your legacy! I actually really like how short your updates are cause I usually read my simlit on my phone (and I like short scrolling). And it was easy get invested in your Sims. 🙂

    You’re doing great!

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    1. Thank you! You’re a pretty good writer 🙂 (But honestly I don’t think I’m super good either, probably cause I’m writing it though) I’m glad you’re enjoying it, I’m really excited for Gen 3! 😄


  4. I suck at writing so I’m probably not qualified to answer this, but…

    1&2: The miscarriage definitely stuck out to me. The way you write it was amazing and definitely not something I could do.

    3: nothing really

    4: I believe that you should make a schedule for when the chapter comes out (every Saturday maybe)

    5: You’ve put in about everything I could think of. But I would like to see one of the sims get sick or have cancer since many people do. I believe that after reading the miscarriage that you would do an amazing job.
    6: Yes I believe the story was interesting. In the beginning it wasn’t nearly as good as it was now. I feel like as you keep writing the better it will get. I love all of the characters for many different reasons❤️

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    1. Wow! I’m thrilled that you’re enjoying my story! 😄 I’m glad you think that I would be able to write such deep topics like a sim having cancer, that makes me feel good about my writing abilities honestly ❤️ And it’s great you thought I wrote her miscarriage realistically because it’s such a common thing.


  5. I think I’m going to wait to answer any questions like this until I get caught up in Gen 3 (: I’m sure a lot has changed from gen 1 to where you are now, so I’m going to enjoy seeing that growth and development of the characters before throwing out any opinions!

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  6. 1) What stuck out to me in her story is how she genuinely loved her family and was so dedicated in caring for them, and so strong. I admired Selena for that.
    2) I really liked how Selena didn’t start a family right away like it usually happens in legacies. It was much more realistic than just meeting a dude and boom – marriage, kids and all that. She took her time.
    3) Maybe how you rushed it with the letter. It stayed a bit quizzical and you didn’t really explain it fully.
    4) Well, there’s always room for improvement, but in my opinion, you could develop relationships more. They felt a bit rushed to me without getting to really know one another first.
    5) Male heir 😛 Ha ha, just kidding! Hm, I can’t think of anything I’d like to see in particular, this is your story, do what feels right!
    6) I felt that it was interesting and especially further on, when you made it more plot-driven. Also, how you portrayed the miscarriage and struggles.
    7) Just that I really enjoyed reading!

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    1. Thank you so much for all this feedback! Okay, so, I’m going to reply to some of these…
      1) Yes! She was very devoted to her family! 😃
      3) Yeah, I just wanted to get them to the new lot lol.
      4) Yeah, by the time Selena met him, she was already an adult and I felt like I needed to move it 😂 But I definitely did this in gen 3 lol.

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