Chapter 3.04: Change

I went for an early morning run to clear my head.  If everything went well, the house was getting torn down today, and I needed all my thoughts to be on the new house plan. It didn’t help that I’m sure I heard Lexie crying in the closet. She’d probably tell me if she wanted to… 


“Lexie, you’re ok with the house getting torn down, right?”


“Yeah. As long as you put another one back up!”

“I can promise you that. I just want the place we live in to feel like an accomplishment.”

“I get that. This place didn’t feel like home, it was so different from our other house.”

“Exactly. Our grandmother was probably making a house to fit Brindleton Bay, but it doesn’t need to be like those.”


“Lexie, it’s only for a night, ok?”

“Yeah, it’s fine. I kinda like it. It’s peaceful.”

I fell asleep to the sound of the waves crashing against the shoreline. Things could really start now. I was looking forward to building the house, well, parts of it. Thinking about that was the only thing keeping my mind off of my ex-girlfriend.

“Addie, can I talk to you?”

I slowly opened my eyes. What was Lexie doing up so early? It was practically sunrise! “Sure, what’s up?”


“Let’s talk somewhere else.” She dragged the fold-out sofa past the plants.

“Lexie, what happened?”

“There’s a boy I like. But he doesn’t like me.”

“How are you sure?”

“He’s one of the boys that makes fun of the way I dress.” She just wore simple t-shirts and jeans, and I saw nothing wrong with that! Sure, I wouldn’t wear it, but still!


“Then he’s not a nice person, Lexie. If he doesn’t like you for you…” She looked at me like I had two heads. I know it’s what mama always told us, that we should just ‘be ourselves’ and yes, it’s corny, but it’s true…


She rolled her eyes. “You don’t know what you’re talking about, Addie. Watcher, I don’t even know why I asked you. It’s not like you’ve ever talked about boys. You don’t get it.”


Watcher, I get it. I get it so so much. When was I going to tell someone? Lexie was right there, and I couldn’t tell her.



12 thoughts on “Chapter 3.04: Change

  1. Hi! This is probably stupid, but I was wondering-do you have a wife lined up for Adelaide in the future? I have a sim I’m sending off to ~not exist~ or to another story pretty soon, and I feel like they’d be a good match. If you don’t, I can tell you more about her. If you do, no worries! I’m looking forward to seeing where the story goes next! 😀

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    1. Well I had an idea for someone, but it’s definitely not set in stone, so I’d love to hear about your sim (and their background) 😄 I’ve never had someone else’s sim in my story before so I’d be a little nervous to write them correctly! Look at us, playing matchmaker LOL ❤️🙂

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  2. Ooh, fun! Alright, I’ll tell you about her.
    Her name is Danica Lovelace. She’s a young adult, and my fifth generation heiress’ sister. She has fairly light skin, orange hair, and green eyes. Her traits are Good, Romantic, and Loves Outdoors, though I like to think she’s a bit of a genius having completed the Nerd Brain aspiration 😉 Spoilers for my story coming up: She’s leaving my story because she’s a secret agent who is in danger and has been moved by the CIA. She’s maxed logic skill and is pretty good with handiness, gardening, gaming, and rocket science. She also has level 2+3 in a bunch of skills. Her additional traits are Responsible, Happy Toddler, Mentally Gifted, Great Storyteller, Good Kisser, Beguiling, and Savant. She’s really sweet with everyone except for those who disrespect her or her family.
    She sounds great, doesn’t she? And because she’s undercover, you could change her name and backstory to be pretty much whatever you’d like! If you’re sticking to my story, however, there is one small thing that isn’t too good (spoiler alert!!!):
    She’s killed someone. For the good of her family, though! And she feels really bad about it! It was just to protect her family! Even though that person wasn’t directly involved! I mean, it’s interesting, right? :p
    Um, back to the fun stuff?
    She’s pansexual but leans towards girls, and had a few short-term girlfriends in high school but not a single boyfriend/anything-else-friend. She’s happy about getting a chance to restart, because hello, she killed someone! Yikes…
    Her current aspiration is rennaisance sim, which she’ll be able to complete at least the third level of which she’s on right now.
    Anyway, that’s probably everything. I know the whole ~murderer~ thing is a little weird, but she’s a good sim. Literally. And you could just pretend that never happened because she can make up a new backstory and have it be canonically correct because she’s part of the WPA. So, in conclusion, the two have similar and I feel like they’d get along great. She’s adaptable too, and has an interesting backstory that you could choose whether or not you want to mention. So…yeah! Let me know? :p

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    1. Wow, I did not write that well haha! She’ll be able to complete at least the third level of it because she’s done one out of the two careers to level five she needs already, and she’ll need a new job because she won’t be a secret agent anymore.
      The two have similar *interests* is what I meant to say.
      She’s really knowledgeable about the outdoors and loves camping. She’s also really good at storytelling and will talk to anyone who will listen about the visual differences between a Fireleaf and a Poison Fireleaf! Great person to have around in an emergency…and any other time! I feel like I’m trying to sell you a product! 😀 That’s probably it…thanks for reading my rambling!

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      1. Yeah, they definitely have similar interests 🙂 It’s good she likes camping because I have outdoor retreat 😉 LOL you’re trying to ‘sell me’ your sim and it worked! Just wondering for the future if Danica’s the kind of person that would like to carry their baby (aka get pregnant) because with two girls you can ‘choose’. Adelaide would have to at least get pregnant once because she needs a biological daughter but if Danica would like to experience pregnancy also, she could carry their second child. If not, that’s totally ok too! I think I’ll have to read your gen 5 early just to learn more about my future legacy spouse LOL! 🙂


    2. Oooh she sounds interesting and sweet! 🙂 I think she and Adelaide would be a good match too! I’m sure Danica had a good reason to kill someone, after all she sounds like a great person. The small town of Brindleton Bay seems like a great place for a new start. 🙂 😄 Anyway, yeah, I’d love for Danica to be Adelaide’s wife ❤️ I already have some plans!

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      1. Yay! How exciting! I’ve never had any of my sims cross over into anyone else’s story, I’m excited to see what you do with her!! She’d be happy with carrying a child if Adelaide suggested it, but she’d love adopting one too. Oh, and I somehow forgot to mention: most people she knows currently call her by her nickname Danny (except for my current heiress who says it’s a “boys name” and refuses). I’ll upload her to the gallery under #dannyforaddy (haha I don’t know) so that she’s there for whenever you’re ready for her! 😀

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      2. This is exciting! I’ve never had anyone else’s sim come into my story before 😄 Danny is a cool nickname and can definitely be a girls name too!

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  3. I can’t wait to see the new house!

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  4. Oh wow, Lexie looks so much like her mother! Poor girl, dealing with people who don’t like us back is tough, but she’ll be okay! She just needs to realize how true her mother and sister’s words really are 😀 Addie is already turning out to be a great heiress, i adore her *_*

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    1. Addie is a wonderful heiress! Lexie does look a lot like Selena, and she should listen to her mom and sister! 🙂

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  5. Oh no, Lexie also has some issues to deal with. If only Addie could tell her what’s troubling her…

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