Chapter 3.21: Setbacks

Once Lexie moved in, things were different, but also, at the same time, it felt like nothing had changed. Like I was in a time warp of sorts. I’d gotten used to waking up, getting breakfast, and possibly watching the news before getting off to work. When I’d come home, I might do the gardening, or work on something for my job. Maybe, I’d call one of my friends, or Lexie, and chat. But now, she was right there, all the time, except when she was at work. We would talk about the silliest things, just like when we were teenagers. Technically, Lexie still is a teenager, at nineteen. It was different having her back, but in a good way.

I got home from work and immediately noticed I had one missed call. That better not be something super important! I pressed redial, anxiously.

“Hello?” I heard them say, and I felt relief pour through my body. He was one of our top supporters since the protest. He’d reached out after getting notice of the protest and had now been all in. In fact, he and his partner, Bay, were supposed to have put up fliers about our next protest.

“Yeah, Evan. So, did you get the fliers done?”


“We did, but… Someone at the top got wind of it, and now the city is saying we can’t do the protest.”

Are you fricking kidding me right now? This was obviously them trying to take away from the fact that their new tax plan was wrong! “Well, tell them that’s not happening, and we are doing the protest! Or, you know what? I will!”

“You’ll what?…”

“I’m going to San Myshuno’s city council right now! They can’t do this!”

“Ms. Clemonte…good luck.”

Watcher! I had been feeling the stress lately to get this next protest up and moving, but so much has been happening…and on top of that, I know Lexie’s joking around when she says I don’t…you know, have anyone. Romantically. But it’s true, and I have to have a biological daughter, which is going to be hard enough as it damn is! And maybe all these feelings have been bubbling up because today is the day Lucinda moved away three years ago. The day we broke up, and the last day I really saw having a family within my reach. I know it was crazy to feel pressure about starting a family, and hell, nobody even is! Lexie sure wasn’t! My mama used to tell me about just how much she wanted kids, how she wanted a family, really, really wanted one, which made her just want to get married and on to the baby-making. I know it sounds so stupid, you know? I don’t feel the same way she did, this huge desire to want to be a mother. Yes, I do want to be a mom, but…ugh! If I didn’t ‘have’ to have a daughter myself, I wouldn’t even be feeling this way! I don’t want a family so bad, that I’ll push myself to fall in love. But I know it will be different for me to have that biological daughter than my mom, or even my grandmother I never met. Fertility treatments aren’t going to be easy. Why am I even thinking about all of this and I’m not even in a relationship, even a not-serious one. I just haven’t fallen in love with a woman for a long time. Like, real love. I’ve had crushes, sure, but everyone does at some point.

“Adelaide!” I jerked my head up, to Lexie’s worried face. I swear, if she tells me she’s fired, or anything like that…

I pushed my hair strands out of my face. “What?”


“Is everything all right?”

“Yes! Now, did you have something to say?”

She grinned. “Oh, yes! I got a promotion!”

“Oh, wow! I’m so proud of you!” I smiled, actually happily surprised. Lexie hadn’t always been the best student. I thought she was doing better in her last years of school, but all she’d gotten better at was hiding her horrible grades from me! Yes, I was the ‘that’ kid who got all the A’s (ok, sometimes an A-, I’m not perfect) but I can’t help it that I’m a genius! I would have been fine if she got B’s, or even C’s, or damn, any freaking passing grade, but no, she has to get a D. Yeah, a D! She sometimes even got a F, like she didn’t care, so yes, I’m surprised she’s doing good at her job, but can you blame me? I still wish she would have told me, I would have helped her out! I’m glad she’s working so hard to hold onto this job, because of her bad grades, it took her forever to find a job that wasn’t at the local SimDonalds!

I stood in front of the San Myshuno City Council’s door. Well, Elle Saile’s door in the building. She was the most known and recognized member of the council, probably because she’s a former model. I noticed the girl in the hallway, Miss Saile’s assistant, probably.

“Can I help you?” She asked.

“I’m here to see your boss.” I waited for thirty seconds, then elaborated. “Miss Saile. Your boss.”

“Right. Yes.” She led me upstairs, through this very nice apartment.

I sat down in the sofa put there, probably for this exact purpose. Gosh, this one very nice chair seemingly would cost more than my computer!


“Miss Saile will see you now.”

I took a deep breath, and walked through her door. My whole protest rode on this one thing. “It’s about the protest your city council banned, Miss Saile.” I decided just to get to the point.

“And what about it? Also, it’s not my city council, ma’am. We all work together.” Her super fake, calm, collected voice was so damn annoying.


“Right, yes. But why would you stop it at all? I mean legally, we have rights.”

“You’re the Clemonte girl, aren’t you? Adelaide?”


“Well, let me tell you something about your protest…it just can’t happen. You can’t be spreading visibility about this.”

I really really wanted to keep my cool here. “Why not?”


“Let me tell you something…and you can’t tell anyone else, ok? I really shouldn’t be telling you this…”

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8 thoughts on “Chapter 3.21: Setbacks

  1. AHHHHHHH! What is Saile going to tell her!!!

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    1. Yep! 😛 I love cliffhangers LOL!


  4. Adelaide is about to blow the fucking roof off this thing.

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  5. I wonder what’s the big secret Addie’s going to hear!

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