Chapter 3.23: Realizing

I could not believe what I’d just heard. I thought about it the whole drive home. I went into this job so I could make this world better, but I’ve been learning, not everybody is trying to do something good. By the time I actually got home, I was immersed in my thoughts.

“Hey, Addie?” I heard Lexie’s voice and looked up.

“Yeah? What?”

“You’ve been acting weird.” Oh, Watcher, was she actually going to get on this? I had been home for the amount of like 15 minutes! But, of course, she kept going. “And, so I have to ask…is it about Lucinda?”

What? It was plenty long ago and we were friends now! She seemed more hung up on my ex-girlfriend then I was! “No! It’s 110% not about her!”


“Then what is it about?”

I stared at her, and told her…everything.

20 minutes later…

I had been sitting here for a while (ok, probably 5 minutes) while Lexie processed what I’d just told her.

“Wow.” She finally said. Yes, wow said everything. “I actually don’t know what to say.”

“Yeah.” I whispered. It was really really messed up. The last thing I was thinking about was Lucinda. It was 2 years ago, and I had gotten over it. We had agreed to end it, after all!

“So, I’ll let you think. And, I like what you did with the kitchen.” Lexie got up and walked over to the kitchen, probably to cook. I heard her getting out a ton of cooking stuff. I’m not some huge cook like she is, Lexie’s always loved cooking. A lot of this stuff is hers that she brought over. I just had the basics.

I had been looking over the documents Miss Saile had sent me, and what I had figured out was that they were in bigger trouble than I thought. And, also, someone up there was stupid! They could be saving so much money if they did this, or that… and then I heard my phone ping. I half-thought of ignoring it, but I didn’t. I looked at the screen twice just to make sure I got the right person. Lucinda was texting me. And when I saw what she texted me, I smirked. It was ‘our’ song.


She texted it to me when we first broke up, when she moved away. I did the same thing, texted her the song, then went back to the documents. How had anyone approved these?

The next morning…

I was proud of my work. I managed to get them back more money per month than they would have with the tax plan (shocking, right?) and was able to actually get the citizens lower taxes. I sent it back to Miss Saile with only one request. When they put it in affect, I want them to mention I helped, which is probably a long shot. Lexie cooked breakfast, again, even though I keep telling her she doesn’t need to, I can cook! I heard the doorbell ring and figured I’d get it, but Lexie got up.

“I have to go to work anyway.”

I nodded. It was probably the mailman after all, even though it wasn’t Monday, but who else would be here? Someone for Lexie?

“Adelaide, it’s for you!” For me? Wait, who was it?

I walked over, and noticed the girl waiting for me. Dani.

“Hey, I was thinking we could hang out, or something.” She smiled. “Is it a bad time?”

“No, it’s a good time.” Today was my day off. “What were you thinking of doing?”

“Uh, you’ve lived here longer! Is there somewhere…that, you know, you think we should go?”

There were so many places I wanted to show her. I wanted to show her everything. “There’s a new nightclub they just opened… if you’re interested.”

“You’ve never been?”

“It opened practically yesterday!” I smiled, waiting for her reaction.


“Well, let’s check it out!”



We waited until nighttime to go, after all, it was a nightclub! We spent the day walking around the neighborhood, we even slipped our toes into the ocean.

This place is just as crowded as I figured it would be. It was very different than many places. Part of it was outside. The place was so decorated, and I couldn’t believe how many people were still coming. Well, I did believe it. I just couldn’t believe it was really happening. We’d been hearing about this place forever! They’d been building it for the better part of a year and had really been getting the hype up during that time. I’m talking ads, billboards. I’m not even joking at all. People would talk about coming here all the time, especially as the time got closer. In fact, I’d heard that they had to stop letting people in on opening day yesterday.

“I’ve never seen an outside nightclub before!” Dani exclaimed.

I looked around. We weren’t even in the outside part yet, but the huge glass windows felt like we were. “Neither have I.”


“So…do you want to go dance?”

I looked out, staring at the many people that were already dancing. I came to have fun, right? “Why not?”

The minute we walked out I felt the energy of the place. Someone actually yelled, “This place is lit!”

Someone else yelled back at them, “The word lit is out!”

“Nu-uh, its only out when I say it’s out, and it’s in! This place is SO lit!” I heard.

I looked back at Dani. “So apparently, this place is lit…”

“It’s definitely lit up.” She added, gesturing around. I saw what she was talking about, it was hard not to notice. This place had so many lights. It really was lovely.

“I’m glad we waited to come.” I said. If we’d come earlier, we would have missed out on all the lights!

“So am I!”

She took my hand and I gasped silently. I smiled as she pulled me over to the dance floor and started dancing. “Care to join me?” She asked.

I stared dancing (I’m not sure if you would call it dancing, but I tried). We had so much fun, and yet I realized I wanted more with her. Instead of dancing next to her, I wanted my hands on her shoulders, dancing with her. I wanted my lips on hers. I realized…I had fallen in love.


A/N: Earlier in the story, the song Adelaide and Lucinda sent each other was this song. 🙂  Also, it took a little longer to get this chapter up because I had to build the nightclub! We will probably see more of the nightclub in the future (because it’s the only one in Brindleton Bay right now 😉) Special thanks to my sister for helping out with the nightclub!

7 thoughts on “Chapter 3.23: Realizing

  1. Yay! I hope ~Dani💕~ loves her too!! 😍👩‍❤️‍💋‍👩

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  2. Ooh, the nightclub is gorgeous! Hopefully Adelaide gets credit for her work!

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  3. Love the Nightclub, and I love Addie and Dani! She fell in love with her pretty fast, but I think I probably would have, too xD

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    1. Yes, she did fall in love fast! 😄

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  4. Yes!! I love the nightclub!

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  5. Well, that was quick. Now, let’s just hope that Dani is at least bi!

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