Chapter 3.29: The Protest, Part 1

I was thrilled about the amount of people who said they’d show up to the protest. Lexie was still a little hesitant about it, but I convinced her it was the right thing to do. Besides, it’s not all about her! It’s also about all the other women who may have been cheated out of advancement opportunities. When all this is done, I’m just going to relax, probably for a day or two. I chose a very hands-on career! I don’t know how people can be happy sitting in the same office all day. That type of career was not for me! Because my sister is involved, and practically the reason this protest is happening, I’m more worried about getting it right. Making sure everything is going correctly.

The days leading up to the protest were, simply put, boring. All I could think about was the actual protest. And once all the work for it was done, there wasn’t much to do outside of work. The upside is, our garden is looking better than ever! With no distractions, I’ve gotten so much better at gardening. Lexie helps out sometimes too. Mama told me it was the heiress’s thing, the garden. Every generation before me, the heiress has been the one taking care of it. But, I figure, even if my uncle, my mom’s brother, never helped out, that doesn’t mean my sister can’t help! She isn’t as into it as I am, and I don’t care as much as our mom did either. I understand what this garden means to our family (besides making the $$). It does, however, really help me focus. It’s just peaceful, especially when there aren’t any bugs around! Someday, I’ll have a daughter to pass it onto. A daughter. The idea seems so far away, and the thought makes me happy…but getting to that point won’t be easy. Anyway, one of the reporters at SimNews got wind of the protest happening, and they want Lexie and I to do a special report! It will help the cause greatly! Lexie’s not sure if she wants to go on air, and I won’t force her. Being on tv is a big thing, and it’s not for everyone. I figured that at some point in my career, it would happen.

7 days later…

It’s really happening. Very soon, I will be out there, leading the protest. Just a few days ago I traveled to San Myshuno to give a speech to a group of people. Not my first-place choice, but the political scene is really out there right now, believe me, I know. There weren’t tons of people showing up, but I was kinda surprised anyone did. I didn’t want to be there in the first place! Not good memories, specifically, the attempted murder! But they gave me a good opportunity. There weren’t many like this in Brindleton Bay, it was just a small coastal town. Nobody really talked politics. I’ve seen more people fishing, then I’ve heard talking about anything political, and that says something.


And while Lexie’s employer may be in Brindleton Bay, the issue concerns a lot of people. Really, any young woman. My friends even came all the way out to hear me speak. Dani showed up too. I know at some point, I’ll say my friends, and Dani will be in there too, but for now, when she smiled at me any time throughout the speech, my breath caught in my mouth. It was a miracle I got through the speech perfectly.

Also, Lexie and I did the special feature on SimNews. Yeah, Lexie decided to go for it. She said this is something that really means a lot, so yes, she’s fighting for it. Just as I’d thought, it really boosted support for the cause. More and more phone calls or emails were coming in all the time about how to join, that I set up a small site that said when and where the protest would be. And that just so happens to be right now.

“Lexie, you ready?” I asked. We had 10 minutes until we would (ok, I would) address the crowd. Lexie would be sitting beside me.

She laughed at that. “You’re the one speaking, Miss future President!”

I never even considered becoming president. It was just too much. I don’t think I would be able to do as much from there than I was here, and of course there was the disconnect from the people. When you’re there, and the people are here, it’s hard to know how to help everyone. I don’t have that kind of responsibility right now, and I like it that way.

“True,” I replied, finally. “but remember, you’re the second most know face of the cause.”


She walked out, grinning. “At least I’m not the first! Sucks to be you!”

I knew not everyone enjoyed thing like this like I did. I felt exactly the opposite of ‘sucks to be you’. In this moment I was extremely grateful for all I had, and for all I could do. I was actually very happy to be in this position, to make a change for the better. This was why I loved my job. For days like this. For reasons like this. And I suddenly became aware of the fact that this was my first high-scale protest. My other one…was word of mouth, and now people had heard about it from tv! It really was crazy. No, I’m not saying celebrities are coming, that’s really high-scale. But just the fact I don’t know some of these people at all, not friends of friends, not friends of acquaintances, but full-out strangers in just unreal, in a good way. I connected with these people, and I’ve never met them, but I do know that right now, we’re fighting for the same cause. It’s not mine and Lexie’s anymore. It’s all of theirs too, and we’re in this together, which sounds super cheesy, but it’s true, and hey, sometimes life just so happens to be super cheesy.

“You did great!” Dani said. I tried not to blush. If anyone else had said this to me, there would be no problem. Hell, Lexie said almost the same thing a few minutes ago. I’d just finished speaking, and people were starting to get out their signs. Things were going exactly how they were supposed to. There were even a few people who’d just been at this place and decided to join in. It was unreal that I’d helped start something this big. I was just in one area, where my friends were right now, but I planned to go around and talk to everyone else.


Then we heard the murmurs, and whispering.

“Hey, what’s going on?” I asked Lexie, who had been standing right next to me.

She looked as confused as I did. “I have no idea. Maybe someone famous arrived?”

I scoffed. What famous person would actually come over here? I mean they could, but I seriously doubted it. I saw Lyric running over, as quick as she could.

“Lyric, what happened?” I asked. The look on her face was a mix between horror and just plain confusion.

“Adelaide, I think he’s here.”


“Your sister’s boss.” What? Why would he come here? This was a group of people who certainly hated him. There was nothing for him here, except- I gasped. “Lyric, I need to find Lexie! Right now!”

“Um, she was just here…” I caught a glimpse of her hair, tied in her typical braid. I couldn’t let her find him!

“Lexie!” I exclaimed once I got close enough, pulling her back.

“Why the hell is he here?” She was fuming. “He shouldn’t be here!”

I barely had time to say anything before she literally started raging. “Calm down!” I yelled as quietly as possible.

I hadn’t had time to tell her what he was doing here. We’d destroyed his reputation, and so he would do anything to get it back. He was here for one of two reasons. One, he wanted to make Lexie mad, make her seem the crap person here, or two, he was going to give a crappy, fake speech. And of course, there was three. There was a chance that he was here for both reasons. And Lexie was playing directly into part one.

A/N: Sorry I posted so late, but a lot of things were happening today! And it took forever to get pictures of the protest where it looked like people were there! 🙂

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    PEACE, CALM, TRANQUILITY. Shoot him down with words!

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    1. Yeah, I hope so! I considered making this chapter longer, but I was like, it’s long enough and ~cliffhanger~ LOL! You’ll find out what happens tomorrow, I think 🙂 Well, it’s 1 am, so later today heheh…

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  2. Uh oh…I’ll be waiting for the next chapter! I do love some ~drama~! 😉

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  4. Drama, drama! Lexie with her difficulty to control emotions will have it hard. I hope the protest won’t be a disaster!

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