Chapter 3.30: The Protest, Part 2

Previously…I hadn’t had time to tell her what he was doing here. We’d destroyed his reputation, and so he would do anything to get it back. He was here for one of two reasons. One, he wanted to make Lexie mad, make her seem the crap person here, or two, he was going to give a crappy, fake speech. And of course, there was three. There was a chance that he was here for both reasons. And Lexie was playing directly into part one.

“You can’t do anything, Lexie!”She scoffed, annoyed, yanking her arm out of my grip. “Why the hell not?”

“He’s playing you!” I sighed. Why else would he be here except for that reason? He wasn’t the kind of person to actually be sorry! “Come on. Just be calm.”

She just seemed to get angrier. “He’s playing me?! Watcher, of course he is!”

“Lexie, shush!” Did she not get this? He wanted her to do exactly what she was doing, freak out! I was starting to get very damn nervous!

“I’ve worked so hard for this! You’ve worked so hard for this! How dare he just come in here and-” I cut her off. Yes, I was quite mad he just had to come here, but things are never going to work out perfectly! Everything will turn out bad if you expect perfection. This was in no way a good situation, but she was going to make it worse. If we just all act like grown ups and deal with him as mature adults, then this could blow away easily, and perhaps even help us. This could go two ways: either he gets embarrassed, or we do.”Listen to me! I know people like him, and he’s just trying to get you to do what you’re doing now- making a scene!”

“Stop always trying to act better than me! I know plenty of things too!”

What? I wasn’t acting better (ok, well right now I was acting plenty more mature, but…) I was just trying to stop her from falling into a trap. A trap she’d see if she would take a step back and think for a second! I saw him step up on the balcony of Club Calico where I’d done my speech. Part two, making a fake speech, was definitely happening. We did not need this right now! Lexie was about to kill him as-is! And she wasn’t listening to me right now either. Damn it. I looked back over…and she was gone. Watcher. This was not going to end well. How the hell can she not understand what people will think when this is all over?! I was frantically walking all over, looking for her. The crowd was huge. I got to an area that was partly less filled with people.

“Addie?” I turned my head over to see Dani.

“I can’t find Lexie.” I was trying to stay calm, but it was getting harder by the second. This day wasn’t all about her, it was about me too! People connected my name with this cause, and my sister having a big fit wouldn’t help things in the public eye!

“Hey, breathe.” Dani put her hands on my shoulders. Her emerald-green eyes were looking straight into mine. I stopped for a second, just thinking about this. My sister might be about to ruin this whole thing, and yet Dani was making everything better. Her touch was radiating throughout my whole body. I reached up and put my hand on top of hers, and there was one moment of peace. Then…I remembered what was happening.

“Lexie. Have you seen her?” I asked, anxiously.

Dani looked around. “No, why?” I sighed, moving my head in every direction as fast as I could. She took my hand. I gasped softly, and closed my hand around hers. “Adelaide, what’s happening?” 505:07-02-18“I think she’s going to do something that is very news-worthy. And I have to stop her before he – ” I pointed up at her boss, who had yet to speak. “gets exactly what he wants.”

“And what is that?”

I sighed, looking back at her. “For Lexie to make a fool out of herself. To ruin our cause…”

“We are going to find her.” She took my other hand. “We are.” I could only hope that was true. There was so much that could go wrong. When I finally saw her, I let out a breath I hadn’t even realized I was holding. Thank Watcher. Now if only she will actually listen to me…”Lexie, please…whatever you’re thinking of doing, don’t do it! It won’t turn out good.” Gosh, please understand! I can’t control what she does, and sometimes I don’t think she can either.

She rolled her eyes. “Fine. What’s his big plan?”

I told her exactly what I thought was about to happen, and what he wanted. Her face changed expressions plenty of times as I was whispering as fast as possible. I could only hope it would be enough to convince her not to do anything crazy. She stood there for the longest time gaping.

“What?” She finally said, the word so quiet I could barely hear it. She shook her hear in disbelief. “He’d really do something like that?”


Lexie looked positively confused. “I don’t really think he’s like that…”I could not let this go in any longer, he was going to start any second now. “Oh, he’s like that. Anyone who has a thing against women at least has the potential to do something like this. Trust me, he’s one of those people.”

“Look, I won’t do anything. Promise.” I saw by the look in her eyes that she meant it. She didn’t want to play into his plan.

Dani slid in next to me and smiled, squeezing my hand. Maybe everything would turn out ok after all. It was then, that he had to start talking.

“Hello, everyone. I’m sure that I’m not your most popular person right now…” He went on, but I actually was hearing some boos. I know hearing them made Lexie happier about what was happening now. I was surprised that people were so into this they were booing! Dani seemed surprised too.

“Are they actually booing?” She whispered.

I nodded, slowly. “Yeah.”

We turned our attention back to him. Ugh.”…but she isn’t some miracle worker like everything makes her out to be! She’s just a fat meh worker…” I heard collective gasps, one of them mine. He was doing something I never thought he would dare to do – explain himself by putting her down more! That almost never ever works, but I guess he isn’t some politician, he doesn’t know how these things work! He’s a cook, who happened to be a jerk to the wrong person, who happened to have a politician for a sister. I guess he gets what’ll come to him. This won’t help him, and Lexie promised to not do anything- wait… where is she? Dani tugged on my arm and I looked over at her.

“Adelaide, your sister just went somewhere else…”Oh my Watcher! What the hell was she actually doing?! I got my answer faster than I wanted to when I saw her, in disbelief, walking up ‘on-stage’ to where he was. Are you kidding me right now? Should I yell at her? What would look worse? Split second decisions are never the best, but I knew whatever would come from her walking up and walking away couldn’t be worse than whatever else might happen.

“Lexie!” I screamed. “Don’t do it, please!”

She just stared at me. “I don’t care what everyone thinks, all I know is he’s a piece of crap!” And that said ‘he’ was standing right next to her. The whole place was silent.

“What the actual hell?!” Lexie was no longer yelling at me, but at him. “Why are you telling lies, huh, why?! I’m a great worker! I am!” She looks out into the crowd and I cannot believe what is going on right now. I don’t know what my sister is doing. Dani pulls me closer, and we both stand there in shock as she keeps talking. “And, yea I’m freaking fat but who cares but you?! So why are you lying?!”

I can’t watch this anymore. I run as fast as I can up to the stage. All the people just make room for me as I try to get to my sister, who is full on freaking out. Before I can get to her, she’s screaming even louder than before, pointing at him.

“He’s lying! Why are you making these things up?!” I watch in horror as she punches him. Yes. My sister just punched a man. I grab her and try to pull her off of him. She’s flailing her arms around wildly, trying to get another hit in. I see Dani coming through the crowd while others help my sister’s boss away. 506:07-02-18Lexie suddenly seems to snap out of it and stares up at me with an empty, frightened look on her face. It was like she couldn’t believe what just happened, but neither could I. As she looked around, she asked, looking back to me, “What did I just do?”

A/N: I’m not making Lexie do this for no reason, she has the insane (oh, wait, erratic) trait and it’s shining through in this chapter…

13 thoughts on “Chapter 3.30: The Protest, Part 2

  1. Ah! This is so well written and awesome ! I’m no where near caught up (just discovered you and your story yesterday ) and no I’m so excited to get caught up !

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    1. Loaded with auto correct typos above . … should be *now* not *no*!

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    2. Thank you so much! My writing in gen 3 is so much better than it was when I started, though! 😉 I’m glad you’re here and that you’re enjoying it!


  2. Wow! What’s going on with Lexie, poor girl?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Well, she has the erratic trait, so I couldn’t make her completely normal…

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      1. Sadly, that makes sense.

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  3. Oh no… I’m already anxious about the fall out to come ><

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  4. Oh no, Lexie… But honestly, who could blame her? This guy sucks!

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  5. -Ali is a creepo July 3, 2018 — 10:32 pm


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  6. I love how you portray Lexie. You never know what she’s going to do! Such a character. But she really messed up big time, didn’t she?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yeah, she never knows what she’s going to do either. She definitely should’ve thought more about what she was going to do, though.

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