Chapter 3.35: Families

“Hey, are we available today?” Lexie asked from the kitchen.

I looked up from the show on the tv, that I wasn’t really interested in but was watching anyway for some reason. Lexie had put it on this channel. I had today and tomorrow off and somehow actually had no work to do. “Yeah, why?”

“Kiara’s asking if we can come over.”

We hadn’t seen much of our cousin since she moved out with her baby daughter all those years ago. That little girl was what, 9 or 10 now? I remember that Lexie and I called Kiara our aunt then, because she was so much older! It doesn’t seem as big of an age gap now that we’re all adults. But it is big enough to make a difference, that she’s married and has a family now. She’s 39 years old now, so that’s pretty normal, to have a family… but it also means we have different experiences. With a 15 year age gap, though, that’s to be expected. Mama had gone to visit her once in her new place, I think. We had never been, but she sent us pictures. She’d asked us a few times before but it was never a good time. “Kiara?” I asked.

“Yeah. Our older cousin who lives in Willow Creek…” Lexie looked at me, confused.

I laughed, putting my hand on the back of the sofa. “I know who she is. We can go see her today, actually. Unless you have something to do.”

“No, I don’t.” Lexie smirked. “How is it possible that we’re both available?”

“I don’t know.” I had wanted to see Kiara and her family for a little while, but we were never available, plus I forgot sometimes. She was our only family around. We’d left her brothers and sister back in Windenburg. It’s weird to think we had three other cousins that we had never met, and probably never would. I wonder if Kiara talks to them, they are her siblings, and one is her twin!

I was driving through Kiara’s neighborhood as Lexie looked out for her house number. These houses were way smaller than what we saw around in Brindleton. I don’t know how four people can fit in one of these, but apparently they can, Kiara’s family does it.

“Is it 2983?”

I sighed. “Lexie, I’m driving… but that sounds right.”

I heard her rummage around in her bag. “Yep, it is! It’s that pale yellow one with the green accents.”

Willow Creek has its own style, different from Brindleton Bay’s coastal feel. Even the trees looked somewhat different. Kiara’s house wasn’t as small as some of these. It looked like a few things had been added on over time. Lexie knocked as soon as we got to the door.

“Oh my Watcher! Lexie and Adelaide! You’re grown up now.” Kiara smiled, and past her head I could see two kids playing together in the beige colored hallway. “Come in.”

She opened the soft green edged door and closed it behind us. Kiara looked over at her children, still playing around. Chloe and her brother, Leo hardly looked like they were related besides their matching black hair. Chloe had very dark skin and brown eyes while Leo’s skin was light colored, but he had the same eye color his sister had. I wonder if people think they’re siblings. I don’t know if I would, just seeing them around.

“They do look quite different, don’t they?” I looked over at Kiara. She had obviously seen me looking at them.

“Yeah. Do a lot of people notice?”

She sighed. “Oh yeah. It’s kinda obvious that they don’t have the same father, you know? Both of them look a lot like their father, especially the skin tone, which is the most noticeable…”

“Has Chloe ever met -”

Kiara shook her head. “No. She’s never met him. She only knows Nathan as her dad, but as she’s gotten older she’s noticed how she doesn’t really look a lot like him, or me a lot either. Even I’m lighter than she is.”


“Does she know, though? How old is she now?”

“Chloe’s 10, and her brother is 7. She doesn’t know. I think she’s figured it out, though. At least that Nathan isn’t exactly her biological dad. I should tell her, even Nathan says I should soon. I was the single mom until I met him, until we got married. It just seems weird to talk about that Chloe’s not his child and all with him. I was your age, Adelaide, when I had Chloe.”

She was a mom at 20? I knew she was young, but… wow. I can’t imagine having a baby to care for right now. It’s not like I can just get pregnant, you know, as a lesbian. That’s great and all now, but it’s going to make my life so much harder when I actually need to get pregnant, and have a heiress. “I’m sure your husband loves Chloe as his own daughter.”

“I know.”

Lexie came over from playing with Chloe and Leo. “Hey.”

Kiara smiled. “Hey, Lexie. How’s everything going?”

“Uh, good. What about you?”

“I’ve got a stable job now, as a teacher. I stayed at home for 3 years after I had Leo, but I wanted to go back to work.”

“That’s great.” I said. “I’m trying to get onto the neighborhood committee and make a change around there.”

“Wow! That’s big. Lexie, what about you?” Kiara brought us over to the sofa. It was gently used and an olive-green color.

Lexie cringed slightly. I doubt Kiara noticed, but I did. She looked back to Kiara. “I got a job at a catering place.”

“You guys are both doing really well! I didn’t have a job until I was 21. So, as you’ve probably noticed, I’m married.” Kiara smiled, looking back over to her husband and kids. “What about you two? Anybody special in your life?”

I couldn’t help but smile. Dani was amazing. “Yes. I have an amazing woman in my life.” I eyed her. Did Kiara even know I was gay?

“A woman? Are you bisexual or lesbian?”

“I’m a lesbian.”

Kiara nodded. “So…being the legacy heiress and all, how is that gonna work?” She looked sheepish as she finished talking. “Or is that personal, like you don’t have to say…”

I had thought about the fact I needed a biological daughter from time to time. “Fertility treatments. It’s the 26th century, after all.”

“Right. Lexie, what about you, do you have a special someone?”

“Nope.” Lexie added quickly.

We spent the rest of the day there. It was nice to see the innocence of young kids. Chloe and Leo were playing around in the living room for a while with no cares at all. I was happy that Kiara’s life had ended up great. She was in a happy 8-year marriage and had two amazing kids who got along nicely.


One word for what was happening right now was loud. Very freaking loud. Lexie wanted to go to this random party and insisted on dragging me along. I’d asked Dani to meet me here. I had no idea where Lexie was anymore, she’d went off somewhere once we got here. It was the same nightclub Dani and I had went to all that time ago when it was new. Now it was the prime party spot. “Want to go in?” I asked.

Dani nodded. “Gosh, yes. I don’t know how they let everyone make so much noise outside.”

“I didn’t even think about that!” As we went in, it really wasn’t that much quieter. The bar was in here, so… Dani pointed to the staircase against the wall. We went upstairs and I could finally hear myself think. There was nobody up here. “Lexie better be having a lot of fun.”

Dani smirked, and whispered in a sultry voice, “We can be having fun too, you know.”

I raised my eyebrows, surprised. “Dani!”

“What?” She smiled. “Or we could get a drink…”

“I’m actually not 21 yet.”

“Oh! I’m 22. But I’m sure a lot of people down there drinking aren’t 21 or over. You can get something non-alcoholic, I bet they have something.”

“I bet they do.” I smiled. “But I just want you tonight.”

Throughout the night, plenty of people came up, mainly to use the bathroom. After our extremely hot make-out session, we got back to talking. No, we didn’t make out all freaking night, and we didn’t go all the way either. Who would want their first time with somebody to be at a nightclub? Ok, I’m sure some people would… but not me, or Dani, for that matter. We agreed pretty early on we wanted our first time together to be special.

“So, how many kids would you like?” She asked.

Oooh. The kids question. Whenever the kids question came up it meant things were getting serious. “Probably about 3 or 4. I’ve always liked the idea of a big family.”


I really would rather have four kids than three, but I’d be ok with three kids. A lot of people are like ‘four kids, why would you want that?!’

“I had 2 sisters.” Dani said.

“I had 2 siblings too. Lexie, my sister, and my brother.”

“I’ve never met your brother. Do you guys not have a great relationship?”

“He didn’t support me being a lesbian. Lexie and I don’t really talk to him much. He moved away after his 18th birthday and high school graduation.”

“Oh. I’m sorry. I’ve had my own experience with that. One of my sisters was quite conservative for some reason.”

“Yeah. So what about you…how many kids?”

“I like the idea of a big family too.”


“Yeah. 4 kids sounds perfect.”

A lot of people I’d met said four kids was pushing it… that it was way too many children. And yet I’ve always wanted that kind of big family. It just seems nice. Everyone would always have someone to play with. The older kids could help out with the younger ones. It just feels right, and having four kids always seemed perfect ever since I started think about having kids. I know I’ll have to be pregnant at least once, to have a heiress. However, I’m not against adoption to expand our family after. It’s not like we’re actually having kids now, though. We don’t even call each other our girlfriend yet… and I’m thinking about having a family with her.

3 hours later…

“Where the hell is she?” Dani and I had been looking for Lexie for 30 minutes now.

“Found her…” I rushed over to where Dani was standing. My sister was passed out on the grass behind the log looking chairs around a fire pit.

“Oh Watcher.” We pulled her up and finally was able to get her in the car.

“I’ll see you soon.” Dani said.

“Can’t wait, babe…” I said, smiling.

“Oh, so I’m babe now?” She asked seductively, leaning in closer.

“Well, do you like it?” I took ahold of her hands.


“I do, babe.” She pulled me ever so much closer, until our lips were almost touching. I leaned my forehead against hers, and she brushed her lips against mine until she finally kissed me, fully and passionately. I wrapped my hands around the back of her neck as to steady myself. When our lips parted, I stayed leaning up against her, the warmth and tingly feeling still left behind. I could not imagine my life without this woman. She means everything to me.

Edit– When I was taking pictures, I realized Leo’s eyes are light brown, not blue! 

9 thoughts on “Chapter 3.35: Families

  1. Ooh, lots of baby talk in this chapter… 😉 And I was wondering what Kiara has been up to! It’s a shame there aren’t any photos of her kids, maybe when you get back! 😀

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    1. Yep! Heheh, they are thinking more about their future together! 🙂 I will have to get up pictures of Kiara’s kids, I tried to describe them, but it isn’t the same! Do you think I should take pictures for these chapters, or not? Would you re-read it to see the pictures if I put some in?

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      1. That’s a fun idea! If it wasn’t too out of your way, I’d love to see photos added! But if not, that’s totally cool too! 😀

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      2. Well, I was thinking about adding just one/two picture(s) per chapter instead of the three I normally do, it would still add visuals which would be nice especially for things we haven’t seen (like Kiara’s kids) to see what it looks like. What do you think? 🙂

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      3. That sounds good! Yeah, we don’t *need* pictures for things we can easily imagine, but it would be nice for new characters and places and all that! Less pictures would make ssnse if you did it! 🙂

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  2. Kiara!!! I was wondering how she was, it’s nice to see she’s doing well with her own family now 🙂

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    1. Yeah, I figured it was time to see Kiara again! 😄

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  3. I love her and Dani’s relationship. Also, I think you wrote 26th century?

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    1. I did 😉 They are living in the 26th century.

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