Chapter 3.36: Wow

When I woke up the next day, Lexie was still asleep. By noon, when Dani called me, she was still sleeping. I was just sitting in my room, drawing some blueprints for ideas of what the house could look like. I was trying to stay upstairs so I could be there when Lexie woke up. Which…hadn’t happened yet. So when my phone rang, I gladly answered it, and I was even happier it was Dani.

“So, everything going okay?”

“If you’re asking about my sister, she’s still sleeping.”

“I’m not surprised.” Why would she be? After she helped me pull Lexie’s unconscious body up the stairs, which was not easy…how could she be surprised about anything Lexie was doing right now? “But,” she kept going, “I wasn’t asking about her, I was asking about you.”

“Me?” I asked, confused. “I’m not the one who passed out drunk!”

“Yeah, but I know you. You’re still worried about your sister! You’re that kind of person, Adelaide. Which is great and all, but I wanted to make sure you were ok, and not totally freaking out.”

She was right. I was that person who wanted to make sure everyone was okay. In fact, I sat in Lexie’s room for three hours after Dani left, just to see if she’d wake up. And, I just kept wondering why she got drunk. Did she not know how much was too much, like it was her first time? “I’m okay. I already passed the freak-out stage.”

“You’re sure?”


“Well, there was something else I wanted to ask…”

I smiled, even though Dani couldn’t see me do so through the phone. “Really? What is it?”


“Do you want to go to the flea market with me in a few weeks? I’ve heard it’s fun, and your sister could come too.”

“Yeah, I’d really like that.” I suddenly heard a small sound and I moved the phone slightly away from my ear, and listened, just to make sure Lexie wasn’t up yet. I was about to start talking again, when I heard Lexie start vomiting. “Uh, Dani…my sister’s awake. I’ll talk to you later.”

I heard her gasp slightly, and then say, in a somewhat ‘yikes‘ voice, Oh. I wish I could be there to help you.”

I laughed quietly, surprised. I got up to go to Lexie’s room, and I cringed as I heard the splattering sound as she threw up again. “I don’t think you do. Honestly.”

“Well, I want to be anywhere you are. We will have plenty of moments like that, if we raise kids together, you know?”

Kids? Together? Yeah, that was true, there would be moments like this, where something great isn’t happening. But she’s right. We would be together, and that’s all that matters. And yet, it seemed so real now. It was really right there. Dani and I could get married and have kids. I could see myself spending the rest of my life with her. “Yeah. But it’s ok… for today.” For today, because I knew there would be a day I wanted her to be there, but on that day…it would be for our child, not my sister.

“Okay. See you soon.”

“Bye.” I almost said ‘love you’, but I didn’t. We hadn’t said I love you yet. And, I didn’t want the first time to be on the phone…but I almost did. I almost did. Because…I love her.

3 weeks later…

I’d been waiting for this for a while, going to the flea market. No, it wasn’t exactly my thing, but it wasn’t about the stuff. It was about Dani. I was surprised Lexie and I had got there before she had. I’m pretty sure that I’ve never gotten somewhere before Dani, ever. Until today, apparently. It was really nice out, like always. I know something happened like two centuries ago, that made every day clear skied, no weather. Every day about 70 degrees. When we watched movies with actual weather, it was kind of weird. When I was little, I thought weather was only something that happened in movies. But I’ve learned since, that it was real. They taught us in school about global warming. It warmed up so much, it doesn’t rain anymore. We make water now. It’s weird when you think about it, but it hasn’t fully affected our world yet, it hasn’t been long enough.

“Adelaide!” I looked up to see Dani.

“Hey!” I hugged her in a warm embrace, seeing the food stalls behind her. Lexie had ran off somewhere earlier.

“So…want to check out the market?” She waved her hand in the direction of all these things.

“Yeah.” As we walked past all the stands, and even the thing that wouldn’t fit on a stand, like a sofa, I wonder how people have like four extra sofas to sell. Seriously, who does?

“I’ll go get us some food, and you can check out the lamps.”

“Ok.” I said, walking over to the lamp stand. There were a few antique looking lamps.

“Hello, looking to buy?”

I looked up, and saw the vendor. “Oh. If I see something I’d like.”

“Ok, great. Are you here with anyone?”

“Yeah, my-” I stopped for a second. What should I call Dani? We weren’t officially ‘girlfriend/girlfriend’ yet. “-sweetheart.” The word just came out, and it fit.

The vendor smiled. “That’s great. Which hot guy is he?”

“Actually, they’re a she.”

“Ok, then which hot girl?”

I smiled at how easily he switched from me dating a guy, to dating a girl. “The one walking towards me.” I took Dani’s hand as we kept walking over to the tables.

The food was good, much better than I even expected it to be, considering it came from a food stall. “So,” I started, “we’ve been dating for about three months now, they’ve been the best three months of my life. And I love calling you babe, or sweetheart, but I was thinking, you know…if I can call you my girlfriend.”

She smiled, and yet also seemed relieved about something. “Oh Watcher, yes! I was thinking you were about to either propose, or break up with me.”


Propose? I laughed softly. “I would never break up with you, Dani. And, I don’t think we’re ready to be engaged just yet.”

“I don’t either…” She took my hands, and whispered, “but we’re getting there.” I nodded, smiling. “And sweetheart?” She asked, quietly laughing a little.

“It’s a short story.”

She raised her eyebrows. “A short story? Not a long one?”

“Yep. That vendor over there-” I motioned over to him, “-asked me if I was here with someone, and I said I was here with my sweetheart…”

She squeezed my hand. “Well…now you can say girlfriend.”

I can’t wait to say that. Girlfriend. Dani’s my girlfriend. Wow. I replied to her with a soft, simple kiss.

As our lips parted, Dani looked around. “So, where’s your sister?”

I had totally forgotten about Lexie! “Umm…” I looked around, and caught a glimpse of her braided hair going into the bathroom. “She’s just in the bathroom.”

“Ok. I kind of wanted to get to know her more today…”

Oh. Oh. That’s why she invited Lexie. “I’ll go get her. Uh, wait for her, so you guys can officially meet.” I went over to the public restroom area, waiting for Lexie to come out. One minute. Five minutes… I decided to go in and make sure she wasn’t dying or anything. I found her in the first stall, of two stalls, throwing up. She turned over to face me as she heard me come in. It’s not like she was hungover anymore… it was probably just some crappy food stall food. “Hey, uh, Lexie…”

She looked at me again, with tears in her eyes. “I think I’m pregnant…”

“What? How-” I sighed and took a breath. “Are you sure?”

“Not yet, I haven’t taken a test…”

“Ok. We’ll get one from the local Simgreens when we leave.”

“Yeah, yeah. Ok.”

Even as I left the bathroom and was taking to Dani, I couldn’t get the fact my sister could be pregnant out of my head. Watcher. “Hey, Adelaide…did something happen? You’re not really here.”

“Oh Watcher, Dani. I’m sorry, it’s just my sister told me this thing-and I don’t know if she’d want you to know, and…”

“Hey.” She put her hands on my shoulders. “It’s going to be ok. You need to be with your sister right now, I know. I’ll see you soon, babe.”

I nodded slowly. “Thank you.” The words barely came out of my mouth, and once they did, they were barely loud enough to be heard.

1 hour and 30 minutes later…

It took us fifteen minutes after we left the market that we found a Simgreens…which I went in, because Lexie didn’t want to. Then, of course…it took plenty of time after that to get home. And we were now in Lexie’s room. More specifically, I was sitting on the floor right next to the bed, and she was laying on the bed, holding the pregnancy test box up, staring at it. “I’m scared to know.”

I looked up, and honestly, I was scared too. For her. “Yeah. But you’ve gotta do it.”

“I know.” She went in, and came out what seemed like a lifetime later. “Wait five minutes is what it said.”

“Ok.” I said, and we sat there in silence, until she said, “I’m sorry.”


“I’m sorry,” She repeated. “It was just hard, seeing everyone doing so good, and then there’s me. I don’t know how to do this growing up thing. And I just broke for one night and I wanted to forget, but what if I’m really pregnant? I’m not ready for that! I can’t even take care of myself!” I knew what night she was talking about, the one where she got so freaking drunk.

“It’s ok.”

She laughed slightly. “No it’s not. Tell me the truth.”

“Fine…it would be hard. You could consider adoption. Giving the baby up…if you’re sure that you aren’t ready.”

“I’m not. You’re right, I don’t have to raise the baby…but Watcher, how could I let this happen?!”


The five minute timer went off at that moment, and we both looked at each other until she went in the bathroom to look at what it said. She’d left the test in there, instead of seeing it sitting here. Oh, what if she’s actually pregnant? She ran in the room, pushing back the door which had started to close. She hugged me, crying. I didn’t know if this was a ‘I’m having a baby‘ crying or a ‘thank Watcher I’m not‘ crying. Lexie moved off of me slowly, and looked at the stick and back, as she whispered, cautiously as if it would change as she said anything, “I’m not pregnant.”

A/N: Hello everyone! Today is my birthday! Yay! Also…I’m almost home! So there will be some pictures in a few days. Would you guys go back and re read the chapters with pictures? 😄

15 thoughts on “Chapter 3.36: Wow

  1. Clever explanation of the endless summer 😉 Yay, they’re finally official! And happy birthday, I hope you had a lovely vacation! 🙂

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    1. Oh yes…I’m setting up for ~seasons~ 😉 I’m trying to make their relationship progress somewhat slowly. Thank you, I had a great vacation! 🙂

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      1. Hooray, an end to the global warming that has banished weather from the land for centuries! 😉 That’s nice, it gives you more special moments with the couple instead of just “meet, one date (?), it’s official, proposal, wedding” 😀

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  2. Happy birthday! Yes! I’m a July birthday , too !

    I would definitely reread the chapters with pictures !

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  3. I’d love to see the pictures. Happy birthday!

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    1. Thank you! Yeah, I’ll get up some pictures when I get home! 🙂

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  4. Poor Lexie – always stuck on an emotional roller coaster! At least this time it’s somewhat more related to life events than to her erratic nature.

    Dani is such a sweetheart! It’s nice that she’s so understanding of Addie’s protectiveness of Lexie. Hopefully she doesn’t get tired of having to play second fiddle to her girlfriend’s sister. And hopefully her past doesn’t catch up to her anytime soon – it’s nice to see Addie happy in her own personal life, and I imagine Dani’s past will cause some conflict in that!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Oh, hello! You’re here 😄 Yes, Dani is amazing! Eventually Addie ~will~ have to learn to lean more on Dani than Lexie. 🙂


      1. Yep! Your posts are engaging and short (read: easily bingeable), so I caught up quickly!
        Looking forward to reading more!

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  5. Happy belated birthday (I’m 24 hours late, but who’s counting right?) 😉

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  6. Omg, what a wild ride! Happy belated birthday!! Mine was the 15th, so I had to scroll up to see the date you posted this thinking it was the same day xD Almost!

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  7. I’m relieved that Lexie isn’t pregnant. It would be quite difficult to deal with if she was.

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    1. Oh, yes, It would be hard, especially for Lexie. She’s always struggled with big, unexpected things.

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