Chapter 3.37: The RGWI, Part I

Adelaide Clemonte had no idea how her life was about to change…for the next few months, anyway. Oh, hi there! I’m the narrator, even though you don’t see a lot of me! Anyway…back to my narrator voice.

35 miles away, in Oasis Springs…

“How does every smart kid have something better to do, like a job for a Fortune 500 company?!” Mr. Hewlet’s voice raised considerably higher at the news that they’d run out of smart people from Oleander High to recruit.

“Because they’re the best, Mr. Hewlet.” His assistant, Macy Arden, said. She was not looking forward to the next batch of schools they were going through.


“Right. Right. Of course. Bring me the list of kids from Coastal High, about three years ago.”

“Sure.” Macy picked up the next clipboard she’d laid out the day before. Everything had to go smoothly. As he went down the list, she got out her laptop, ready to google the names.

“Ethan Hirsch.” Macy quickly typed in the name, hoping she’d spelled it correctly.

“Currently in space, on the Ilex 1.

“Lynn Tinselly.”

Macy sighed. “She’s on the Ilex with Ethan.”

“Adelaide Clemonte.”

Macy typed in the name, not expecting anything. Well, she was expecting that Ms. Clemonte was in space, or something big enough to keep her from coming to the RGWI. She scrolled down the web results, confused.

“Well,” Mr. Hewlet asked, “what?”

“Ms. Clemonte seems to be available. She’s a small-time politician, created some protests and such, but overall, available.”

“Great. Get a call out. Next…”

Adelaide was just sitting next to her sister, Lexie, when the phone rang. Oh…right. Back to Adelaide! 

I watched Lexie bring her latest dish over. That was way too much food for only two of us, but it definitely looked good! “Is the phone ringing?”

I looked over to the house phone…which nobody ever called. “Hello?” I asked.

“Is this Adelaide Clemonte?”

“Yeah. That’s me…”
What was this, some prank call? Most likely, someone trying to sell me something.

“This is Macy Arden of the RGWI, and we would like your services here.”

What the heck? “The what?”

“The RGWI. Reverse Global Warming Initiative. You were third in your whole class at Coastal. Great scores in math and science. We’d like you to help us. And if money’s your thing, you’ll be getting 10,000 for trying, and double if it works.”

“How can I be sure this isn’t a scam? And are you actually trying to reverse global warming?”

“It’s not a scam. Here, one second.”
I heard a few papers crinkling, and then what was her name…Macy? She started talking again. “Your birthdate is October 23. Your sister Lexie’s is January 17th. And you’re almost 21, she’s 19. Your brother is-“

I cut her off. “Ok, I got it. So are you part of the government or something?”

“Sort of. Let’s just say they support our cause, they give us simoleons every year.”

“And what if I want to help you…reverse global warming?”

“There will be a boat waiting for you at the docks tomorrow, 10:30 am. Don’t worry, you’ll go back home soon.”
I heard the click of the other line hanging up.

“So?” Lexie asked.

“I guess I’m going to help reverse global warming…”

What?! Like we’ll have weather?”

“Possibly! I don’t know the details yet, let’s just hope it’s legit.” I smiled. “And, the 10,000 simoleons will definitely help.”

“10,000? That’s amazing! It will definitely help with the renovation.”

“Yeah!” Wow. I might actually get to help fix our weather. Get seasons back! That’s probably pushing it, but still. The idea of rain seems amazing. Yes, most people don’t know just how great I was at school. The other kids made fun of the geeks, and I was smart enough not to show off my smartness, unlike some other kids. I didn’t plan to do something like be a math professor anyway. It’s still crazy to think of not having the same kind of day all the time. You never have to plan around rain or anything, because it doesn’t exist anymore. If you want to go out to the park…you’ll go, no problem. It’s weird to think of having rain, and yet it also seems amazing. Rain and snow. Not only that…but possibly having the seasons change? Having December be colder than July? That just seems crazy. But maybe it is time. Time for thing to go back to the way they were, seasons and all. And I’m going to be a part of it.

The next day…

I went to the docks just like they’d said. 30 minutes early. I didn’t want to miss it.


Every time a new boat pulled in, I walked over to make sure it wasn’t someone from the RGWI. Finally, at 10:26 I walked over to the latest boat. It seemed like a typical sailboat. “Adelaide Clemonte?”

“Yeah, that’s me.”

“Get in. I’m from the RGWI.”

The man who picked me up didn’t say much else throughout the whole ride. The ocean was peaceful, but we weren’t going though the ocean. Soon enough we were going down a small river. I didn’t even know Oasis Springs had any waterways. We got in a somewhat suspicious looking car after getting docked, which brought us to a very Oasis Springs looking building. It almost looked like it used to be a house. But inside…it was totally modern. Just like they’d kept the shell of the place, and changed the inside.

“Is this her?” An older man with grey hair walked over to us.

“Yes.” The man who’d brought me over answered, and then walked away.

“Hello. Pleased to meet you. I’m Mr. Hewlet.” He held out his hand and I shook it, still amazed at the building’s interior.


“Hi. So…what will I be doing here?”

“I have a meeting in five minutes, but my assistant, Macy will gladly show you around.” A young woman with dark brown hair that had been pulled up seemed to appear out of nowhere.

“Hello, I’m Macy Arden. We spoke on the phone.”

Oh, it was that Macy. “Yes. So, what am I doing here?”

“You’ll be helping our team of elite scientists to find a way to reverse global warming. We’ve been working on it for years.”

Elite scientists? Why was I here? Yes, I was good, really good at school, but I wasn’t an elite scientist! I wasn’t even a not-elite scientist! “Well, Ms. Arden, I’m not a scientist.”

“No, you’re not. Which might be a good thing, to be honest. We may just need a different viewpoint around here.”


I guess she may be right. Sometimes you get too busy to see the big picture. Or get too wrapped up in the complex, complicated stuff. I haven’t even used that much math or science in a few years. “So, can I let my family and my girlfriend know I’m here?”

Macy laughed. “Of course! This isn’t that top secret!”

I smiled and got out my phone to text Dani and Lexie. It was still a little unbelievable. These people had been working on trying to get weather back for years. My kids could grow up with rain and snow and seasons. The trees could actually change color. You know, if it actually worked.


A/N: Thanks to the Lovelace Legacy for telling me how to get the ‘Roman numerals’ 🙂 So, yep, this is me setting up for seasons! Yay! Seasons will be coming soon, I just had to have it make sense that they just suddenly appeared after all that time! 😉

12 thoughts on “Chapter 3.37: The RGWI, Part I

  1. Haha, no problem! 😉 This is a fun storyline, and it really does make sense! 😀

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I like your plotline for getting Seasons back!

    You’ll adore Seasons (except of course the blizzards which the game insists on trying to send my kids to school even when they can’t even be outside because of it. I was all LOL .. nope, Dion gets a snow day. 😂)

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes, thank you! I had to think of something to explain why seasons now exist out of nowhere 😉


  3. Ha! She’s gonna fix the weather!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yeah, I feel like I don’t show off her genius trait enough 🙂

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  4. This is such a great way to introduce seasons! I can’t wait to see how the weather will come into play in your story 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you! I couldn’t just have there be seasons out of nowhere 😄 Also, oh gosh I ~can’t~ wait to implement seasons! *excited squeal* 😉

      Liked by 1 person

  5. Gotta agree with others, what a clever way to bring in Seasons! Go, fight, win Addie!! Give us some raaain!

    Liked by 1 person

  6. What a creative way of introducing Seasons!

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