Chapter 3.39: The RGWI, Part III

It had taken a few days, but we got the atom analyzer back to a working mode. It still doesn’t fully work, and it never had, actually. We’ve tested it multiple times, and while it doesn’t blow anything up anymore, the numbers are always slightly off. Same for the calculation board, where the other team was calculating the amounts of heat-trapping gases in the atmosphere. They said the numbers were almost complete…but we also needed to figure out how to get those out of the atmosphere… There was still so much work to be done, and nobody knew why we were working so hard.

Macy Arden walked in, and we all side-eyed each other. Because if she’s coming in, she’s bringing news from the boss…which is usually never good.

“So,” she started, probably wishing she was anywhere but here, “you’ll be working until 11 today. Eleven pm. Thanks.”

And now she must definitely be wishing she wasn’t here. Nobody was going to be happy about this. We’d just worked all day yesterday, until 10. It was becoming a bit ‘extra’ now. Ebony Thaana, who had joined only a few weeks before I did, was known throughout the group for speaking her mind. Obviously, that continued to the boss’s assistant. We all looked at her as she started talking. “Excuse me? I’m sorry, but we’re still humans. Why are our hours getting longer and longer?”

The thing was, she was right. Like, yes, it’s important, but why can’t we live at home, have more days off? We haven’t been given a reason. And I guess they don’t need one, but they must have one, right? Macy just stared at her. I couldn’t let Ebony stand alone in this, I agreed with everything she was saying. “Yeah…” I said, hoping I was doing the right thing here, “it is important, but why can’t we take a little longer?”

I knew I made the right choice when Ebony smiled gratefully at me. It would have been way more awkward for her if nobody else spoke up.


Macy, of course, had no idea what to say. It was like she had all this stuff planned out, and if anything strayed off plan, she didn’t know what she was doing, or how to improvise. “I’ll ask the boss about that,” Macy stammered, trying to hide her unsteadiness. She quickly left after that, and we were left with simply the fact we were working until eleven.


The next day…

“Can you believe it? We’re going to some lecture-thing today,” Ebony said.

“What do you think it’s for?” I asked, wondering if anyone actually had an answer.

“Hopefully not to tell us we now have potions so we never have to sleep and can work all day.” Sylvia laughed slightly.

My eyes widened at that. Sleeping was practically the only time we had to rest, besides meal time. “That better not happen!”

“Agreed.” Beck nodded. “Well,” he continued, “I guess we’re about to find out.”

He was right about that. We were supposed to go to the meeting room in 5 minutes. We’d only been there once before, or at least I had. It wasn’t big… in fact, it was kind of small. I have no idea how they fit around 30 chairs in that room.

“I understand some of you have been asking about the long hours.” Mr. Hewlet stepped up to the podium, addressing us all. Ebony and I exchanged glances at that. I’d figured getting answers was way out there. That it would never happen. And so, sitting on this hard metal fold-out chair, were we actually going to be given real answers.

“As you all are essential to the project, it’s time you were told about the whole situation. You probably haven’t heard of when we passed the first point of no return, about three centuries ago. After that, the weather slowly disappeared, and not too long after that seasons were gone too. And now, we’re about to pass the second point of no return…which could destroy the world. The world was able to survive without seasons, for a while. But soon, it’ll be too much. We need to somehow reverse the effects of the first point of no return, and get seasons back, before we don’t have a world to save.”


“It’s the first point of no return. Doesn’t that imply we can’t fix it?” Sylvia asked.

“Yes, it does. But that was around three hundred years ago. Our only hope is to reverse everything that happened. Which there’s a chance we can do now. And it was called the point of ‘no return’ not just for its impact on the Earth, but also us. We were changed from it too. We have better technology than the 23rd century did. Hopefully that’s enough.” He looked back over everyone, and I felt his determination. “Do you understand why this is so important now?”

We all nodded. This wasn’t just for weather, it was for the world. Which scares me, honestly. How could our ancestors messed up so bad that they left us this world, one without seasons and one that’s apparently approaching destruction soon. It’s like something out of a sci-fi movie. I wish this could have stayed as a movie plot, instead of reality. The second point of no return. We shouldn’t have even passed the first one.

A/N: Sorry about no pictures yet…I’ve been working on getting the pictures, but it’s a decent amount of chapters to get pictures for. I’m working on the RGWI’s building right now, so hopefully I’ll be done with that soon, and able to get pictures there!

5 thoughts on “Chapter 3.39: The RGWI, Part III

  1. I’m definitely excited to see how this turns out.

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  2. There is some interesting world building happening here. I didn’t expect the stakes to be so high! The fate of the world!

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  3. That’s why you wrote about the 26th century several chapters back! It all makes sense. I wonder about the North Pole, probably it all melted…

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    1. Haha, yep! Hmm, I suppose the North Pole would’ve melted, lol. There’s so many chapters of gen 3, it’s crazy!

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