Picture Update!

So, it’s finally happened! There are now pictures in chapters 3.33 to 3.39! When I put pictures in, it sort of feels like breathing life in, to see visuals!

So, how were the chapters without pictures! I’d love to hear feedback about how they were, and any improvements I could make! Do you think the story is going too slow?Because ~40 chapters in and Adelaide still hasn’t had any kids (though it’s coming soon-ish) Generation 3 is going to be a long one 🙂 Thank you guys for staying with me and reading my story! I couldn’t do it without you all!

This update will be ‘stickied’ for a week, just to make sure nobody misses it!

Edit – 3/22/19 – Obviously this isn’t relevant anymore, lol.

8 thoughts on “Picture Update!

  1. The pictures add so much! Definitely worth doing. Your Sims are really expressive, so even though I was able to visualize your story really well, getting to see the Sims’ own expressions and responses really helps me enjoy and understand the chapter in a new way!

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    1. Oh, yes, I know! I love the moment when I put in pictures, there’s just something about it! I love how expressive they are. For me, I can also think about the moment and what’s happening more, if I don’t have to think about what it looks like!


  2. I love the photos! Now that we’ve seen Kiara’s kids, we just need to check up on Emmett, Scott, and Savannah! 😉 I don’t think it’s moving *too* slow, just slowly, which is enjoyable! Like I said in an earlier comment, it’s nice to be able to see the little things in a story rather than it all flying by. It’s different! 🙂

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    1. Oh yes, their other cousins back in Windenburg! I should do a little something with them 😉 I have noticed most legacy stories go ‘faster’ than mine, but going slower just comes naturally to me 😄

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    1. Lol, that was meant for a while ago, when I originally wrote them without pictures 😂 Anyway, how have you been liking this generation? 🙂 You’re almost caught up!

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      1. I love how you brought in seasons I didn’t really start playing until seasons came out so there was no need for that in my story but that was really thoughtful! Addie is so accomplished and ambitious. I love her story. I enjoy reading your legacy like this all to often in legacies life is too “easy” marry the first sim you meet private wedding on the first date and boom pregnant! It’s been really fun to read and rereading some of these chapters I previously liked gives a deeper meaning to me know that I have the whole back story.

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      2. Eee, thank you! I do try to make it realistic now, I don’t know how far you’ve gotten, but it’s also not easy for her to have a biological child, so there’s a storyline around that too 🙂 And she is definitely different from the previous heiresses, I’m glad you’re enjoying it! 😃

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