Chapter 3.40: The Next Step

Lexie had just called me, and I was happily surprised. I’d told her when I first came here when she could call me, during our break.

“What’s your favorite cake flavor?” I heard Lexie ask.

“What? Why?” Why the heck was she asking me about cake? It’s not like I was going to be around to eat some cake she got.

I heard her laugh on the other end. “Uhm, for your birthday? Your party?”

My what now? My party? Watcher, I thought she’d cancelled that. “Wait, what? You’ve still been planning my party?”

“Heck, yes. You deserve this party, Addie! There’s no reason why you can’t come and have a good time! Your girlfriend’s gonna come!”

Oh, there was most definitely a reason. The end of the world, perhaps… But I haven’t seen them in a week now, and it would be nice. “Ok…when is it?”

“Your birthday.”

“As in tomorrow?”

“Yep. So, what cake, so I can get it baked.”

I don’t know how I’m supposed to get time off for tomorrow! I’ll think of something, I guess… “Buttermilk, I guess. How many people are coming?”

“Not that many people… And when you come, it’ll be at the Calico Club.”

What? How big did she go? “Lexie, you rented out the Calico Club?”

“Ok, yeah, I kinda, sorta, maybe went all out. But you’re my big sister, and you’ve always been there for me. I wanted to do something for you.”

“You know, you’re right. I do need to have a little fun. I’ll be there.”

After giving up two of my weekends away, I was finally able to get permission to get away for my birthday. A few months ago, Lexie asked me if she could plan my birthday party. I hadn’t really been planning to do anything big, maybe just something with my close friends, Dani, and her. I told her she didn’t have to do anything big, but that she could plan it. Then suddenly, I’m at the RGWI, and the party just fell by the wayside. I had more important things to do than celebrate my 21st birthday! It’s been weird living here, almost like you’re watching life go by…without being in it. I hear about what’s happening back at home, you know, but it isn’t the same as being there. I understand the importance of what we’re doing here though, it’s hard not to. Saving the world should, and is top priority. But gosh, what’s the point of saving the world if you aren’t gonna live your life to the fullest point? Isn’t that why we’re saving the world, so we can live? I took one of the small boats to get back to Brindleton. Lexie said she was already at the Calico Club, setting up a few things. I hadn’t seen my friends in a few months!

It was as if almost no time had gone by as I talked to my friends, even as we talked about things we never would have dreamed of in high school. Things like marriages and pregnancies. Because life goes on, it goes until it’s your kids living out their lives, their kids living out their lives.

“Stephan and I are really excited,” Zoe said. “scared, honestly…but excited. It’s crazy to think I’m creating new life, you know?”

“Oh, gosh, that is crazy! I can’t imagine. My boyfriend and I aren’t there yet…but we’re moving in together!” Lyric exclaimed.

“What? That’s great!” I smiled. Everyone’s lives were moving steadily forward, including mine. I can feel myself moving closer to the point of being ready to get married, ready to spend my life with Dani.

“Yeah, I actually think it’s near your older cousin. She has two kids, right?”

“Kiara? Yeah, she does.”

“So,” Zoe started, “what about you two, Adelaide? Thinking about kids yet?” I looked over to Dani. We had talked a few times about our future, and kids were in it, besides the fact I need to have at least one daughter.

“Um, well, not yet. But I think that it’ll happen.”

“Definitely someday,” Dani added. “I love the idea of a mini-Adelaide running around.” I smiled, and wrapped my arm around her.

“I’d love a little kid with your amazing green eyes.”


“Enough mushy-gushy, guys! Do it in your own time!” Raini said, smirking. “So you’re Dani, Adelaide’s girlfriend..”

I could only hope that Dani and my friends would become friends too. Both of them are so important to my life. As we kept on talking, Dani blended right into the group…it was their first time meeting her. Thank Watcher. And yet, I couldn’t get everything I know about the state of the world out of my mind. It was just sitting there, and I couldn’t forget about it. My subconscious or whatnot wouldn’t let me. I just hope all that will be over soon so I don’t have to worry about it anymore. It’s hard to think about all our lives getting to the next stage when I keep thinking my child may not have a chance to grow up. I might not have time to have a child…and I want all that. To think it might not happen, and not that it’ll just be hard to get pregnant, that I might not have that chance just scares me. How am I supposed to live in the moment if I keep thinking it could be my last one? Zoe stood up to get a drink, and I gasped, surprised at her little baby bump.

“You’re showing!” I exclaimed.

“Oh, yeah,” Zoe looked down, placing her hands on her bump. “Not a lot, but yeah.”


“So are you ready?” Lyric asked her.

“Watcher, no! But when could you be ready to be a little girl or boy’s everything? I am ready to be done with pregnancy, though. I was so nauseous throughout my first trimester, and I still am sometimes. Our little girl is going to be worth it, no question.”

“Little girl?” I asked, smiling in surprise.

“Yeah! I must have forgotten to tell you guys, but we’re having a girl!”

And moments like these make me remember what I’m fighting for, back in the RGWI. For generations to come to have these moments. For Zoe’s unborn daughter to have these moments. For my future kids to have these moments. For Lexie’s, if she wants kids.  For all of them to have a chance for moments like these. Ones filled of happiness, surprise, joy. Why should it be taken away from them before they even exist?

A few hours later, I finally ventured outside to get a drink, and saw Lexie sitting there, talking to the mixologist, seemingly about something more than a drink. She was really into the conversation, and I just went the other way. I didn’t want to interrupt whatever was going on. She needs a few more friends in her life. Maybe someone more than a friend? I don’t know, she hasn’t really ever talked about having that kind of someone in her life for a while. And you know, that’s fine. She doesn’t have to date anyone, or be in a long-term relationship. But I want that kind of love for her anyway, even if all she’s talked about is having a fling or whatnot. She’s 19, though, without the knowledge she must have a daughter in her mind all the time. Why shouldn’t she have a little fun?


I found myself standing in front of a flowery wedding arch, overlooking the ocean. I didn’t know it was even here, but there it was. And my mind wandered to Dani and I standing under this arch, giving our lives and hearts to each other. Playing with little kids that were our own, raising a little girl and her siblings. Watching them grow up, becoming their own people. Growing old together, watching the seasons come and go… And then I knew that I was ready now. I was ready to take the next step, to live out my life with her, to call her my wife. I wouldn’t want anyone else by my side.


A/N: I finally transferred everything over onto my new computer! Yay! Seasons, here we come! And, Adelaide completed her aspiration…so what do you guys think her new one should be? 

It’s been 5 months! »

Chapter 3.41: Five Years »





14 thoughts on “Chapter 3.40: The Next Step

  1. Give her one of the Salvadorado aspirations. Give her a chance to travel!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. That’s a cool idea, but I actually don’t have that pack yet! Any other ideas? 😉

      Liked by 1 person

      1. How about vampires? 🧛🧛🧛

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Nope, I don’t have that one either LOL! I have all the expansion packs besides get to work… For game packs outdoor retreat, spa day, and parenthood. I don’t think you can get new aspirations from stuff packs though. 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

      3. Lol all I care about is aliens and vampires I don’t know if I can help you then.

        Liked by 1 person

      4. Well there’s all the base game ones too 😂

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  2. Hmmmmm, since they’re both already thinking about marriage and kids, maybe one of the family aspirations? 😉

    I just realized that wow, we’re still at gen 3 but Adelaide’s accomplished so much? How can anyone top being a great politician AND fixing the planet’s climate??

    Liked by 1 person

    1. That would definitely work! 😄 LOL, yeah, Adelaide’s done a lot! She’s a lot different from our previous heiresses, who mainly stayed at home! I wanted her to have more of a life outside the legacy, and everything just worked out. From her traits outgoing and good, I figured the political career would be a good fit, and wanting seasons plus her having the genius trait gave me the idea for her to fix the seasons 😄 I also turned off aging ~when~ I’m taking pictures because sometimes it take multiple sim-days for one picture (say, it’s needs to be at night so if you don’t get it that night, you’ve got to wait a whole day again) that makes sense, right? 😉

      Liked by 1 person

  3. I really like the super parent aspiration! It sort of fits Adelaide!

    Congrats on having her complete her aspiration so early! That’s amazing!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hmm, yeah, it does! Thanks for the idea! Heheh, yeah, having her sell all the plants helped! I thought it would take longer 😄

      Liked by 1 person

  4. Ooh, marriage!! How exciting! 😉 I think either big happy family or super parent would suit her, and neither of those can be completed until at least one of her kids becomes at least a young adult, so you’ll be good for a while 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  5. First save the world, then have a family! Go, Addie! Also, I think the fact that lesbians can have kids fits well with the whole it being the 26th century. I do believe scientists will eventually work out the secret to gay couples having kids.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yeah! 😄 Lesbians can technically have kids now, they just can’t mix both their genes. I too believe scientists will eventually figure out how to mix same-sex couples’ genes! 😛

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