Chapter 3.49: And So it Begins

I looked up at the time and sighed. I clicked out of the tab I was on, but not before bookmarking it, as I walked outside, the cool breeze rushing past me. It wasn’t warm yet, not at all, but the snow had begun melting, and I could finally use this new swing that’s been trapped in snow for the majority of winter. There was still snow coating the ground, but it had melted enough to use the swing. I sat down, swinging, just thinking. I knew what today was, the first day of spring. It was also our first appointment with a fertility specialist. Last spring, one year ago, we’d chosen to have a year to just live our lives as a married couple before starting our journey to have kids. Over the past year, we had gone over all the decisions we would have to make. The easiest to decide was when to start, and that day was today. We had our first meeting with a fertility specialist today. There were other things we’d talked about, too, like which kind of fertility treatment we wanted to try first, and so on. But today, it was all really starting. And yeah, I’m ready. I’m ready to do whatever it takes to have this family.  I heard the swing next to me creak, and I opened my eyes, and my wife was sitting there.

“Hey,” she said.

“Hey,” I replied, and she reached over, taking hold of my hand.

And for a while we just swung slightly, laughing and talking with each other, as much as you could while the wind was rushing past your ears.


“So, today’s the day…” Dani finally whispered.

“Yeah,” I replied, “it is. Time to start our family.”

I laughed quietly, because I knew how much our life was about to change, at least I thought I did. But I was ready. I was ready to do whatever it took to have kids, to have the next heiress. To start a family with the love of my life.

Just a few weeks ago had been our first anniversary. I’m glad we didn’t start trying immediately after we got married, because we were able to have that year to just be a married couple, filled with romance, happiness, and freedom. Freedom to do whatever we wanted, because after we had kids, there were some thing we wouldn’t be able to do, like go out to nightclubs or whatnot. Either wouldn’t have be able to do it, or it’d be much harder and less enjoyable to do.

“We’re going to have a baby,” She whispered, kissing me on the cheek.

“Yes we are,” I replied, holding her hands, smiling.

“It’s really happening,” she said, softly smiling, “I hope they’ll have your eyes.”

“What?” I laughed, surprised, “I hope they get yours, big and green. Why would you want our child to have boring brown eyes?”

“They’re not boring, they’re yours. Why wouldn’t I want our kid to remind me of my lovely wife?”

“I guess that makes sense. So, how are we going to do it? Will some kids be biologically yours?” I asked.

“I’m not sure. I think that would be something to talk about there, you know, what makes sense and all.”

“I suppose,” I said, “but they’re still only the doctors, some choices will just be ours. I think we should decide some things before we go and make sure we’re making the right choice there, instead of deciding then.” I just wanted to make sure we were on the same page before we went later today.

“That makes sense. Should we go in and talk some, then?”


The breeze rushed past my face as we walked in. It’s really nice that it’s not as cold anymore. Winter’s beautiful and all, but it’s just so cold and hard to go outside and just relax. We put in a pool, but we can’t use it in the winter, that’s a summer thing.

“So you’ll be carrying our first child, the heiress, right?”

“Yeah, but you can carry the next one if you want.”

“I don’t know, I kind of want our kids to be related, cause if we use both of our eggs, then the kids might not be related, especially if we end up using different donors.”

“Yeah, I didn’t think about that. I wish we could have kids that were biologically both of ours.”

“If only,” Dani replied, “so, that’s one thing settled, at least for now – you’re going to be the one getting pregnant this time.”

I nodded, moving onto the next topic. Over this past year, we’d talked about all this from time to time, so we had a general idea of how things worked.

“Mrs. and Mrs. Clemonte?” I looked over to Dani, and I nodded, raising my hand so the woman would notice us.

“That’s us,” I said.

“Ok, hello. My name is Myra, and I’m the head assistant working here, so you’ll probably get to know me a little better over your time here.”


“I’m Adelaide, and this is my wife, Dani.”

“Nice to meet you two,” Myra said, and looked down at her paper, “you’re here for a consultation, right?”

“Yes,” Dani replied.

“Ok, you two can wait in there, the doctor will be there soon.”

“This is a cute room,” Dani said, looking around.

“Yeah, it is. This is really happening.”

She nodded, and I took her hand, and whispered, “We’re gonna have a family.”

The doctor walked into the room at that moment, smiling. “So, you’re here to have a baby?”

“Yeah, we are,” I replied. She sat down in her chair, and I looked at the posters on her wall, before looking back to her.

“I’m Dr. Gabriela Mireles,” she said, “I’m going to be your doctor, or reproductive endocrinologist (RE), if you want to get fancy. It’s nice to meet you two.”


“I’m Adelaide Clemonte,” I said, “and this is my lovely wife, Dani.”

“Have you given it any thought into who will be carrying the baby?”

“Yes, she will,” Dani replied, nodding to me, “and it’ll be her egg too.”

“Unless there’s a way to have a baby biologically related to both of us…” I added.


“Yeah, I’m pretty sure there isn’t a way to do that, but I can check. In the meantime, which way do you think you’d like to go about this? We either use IUI (intrauterine insemination) or IVF (in vitro fertilization) here at this clinic.”

“Well, what would you think? That’s something we weren’t sure about.”

“IVF has a greater success rate, but it is more expensive and invasive than IUI.”

“Would it be worth trying IUI first?”

“I think so, but we’re going to do some testing first, just to make sure there isn’t a bigger problem. Since you two aren’t here because of an infertility problem, you’re here because you’re a lesbian couple, so you might not need as highly invasive processes.”

“What are my chances of getting pregnant?” I asked, curious.

“Well, it’s too early to tell for sure, it’ll be easier to tell after testing.”

“Have you two ever tried to get pregnant before?”

“No, it’s our first time,” Dani replied.

We talked for around 45 minutes with her, just talking about our plan, our ages, all that stuff that would help her figure out the best way to help us.

“Ok, we’re going to get the ultrasound room ready for you, we’re just going to see if we can spot any irregularities that might make it harder for you to conceive.”

I nodded, and while they did the test, I could only think about how someday, they’d be looking at my little unborn child through there. A little boy or girl, our son or daughter. And this was just the beginning. I went back to the other room once they were done, and

“This is Kaya, she’s going to be your nurse. I’m handing you over to her for the time being, nice to meet you guys,” Dr. Mireles said.

“Well, welcome!” Kaya said, “I’m just going over everything you’ve talked about today with Dr. Mireles.”

She went over everything, just like she’d said, and gave us a packet to take home. ”

“Well, I think that’s it,” Kaya finished, “is there anything else you’d like to ask before the next visit?”


“No, I don’t think so,” I said, “Dani, what about you?”

“No, I can’t think of anything either, right now. Thank you.”

“No problem! We’ll see you back…” Kaya checked her notes, and looked back up, “next week.”

“Ok, great! Thank you so much,” I added.

This is it. This is the beginning of what I’ve been thinking about for years – a family. The beginning of what will be my new life as a mom, the start of my journey with my wife into motherhood. Sure, it’s going to be nothing like what I’ve ever done before, but I’ve got Dani. It’s going to be okay.

A/N: Well, there we go! They’re finally having kids 🙂 And I am trying to make this as realistic as possible, I had to look things up and such, so please tell me if you think it seems realistic! Thank you guys for reading, I know it’s been a long generation, and there’s plenty more chapters to come! 



9 thoughts on “Chapter 3.49: And So it Begins

  1. Yesss! So looking forward to seeing their adorable kids! 😀 I can’t speak from experience, but this did feel realistic. I liked this chapter!

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    1. Thank you, I’m excited to see their kids too! 😃


  2. BABIES! I can’t wait to see what they look like!!! I don’t know the first thing about this process, though, so good on you for doing your research! I’ve actually taken my lesbian Sims into CAS quiiite often to mix genes and see what their kids would look like 😂 I’ve given some of their kids away to friends for their games, too, lol. I’m sure in a world where they can create a machine to bring back the weather, they could figure out how to combine Dani and Addie’s genes!

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    1. Lol, yeah, they can probably make it happen 😉

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  3. She’s a super scientist! Just science up two eggs into a beautiful lesbian baby!

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  4. This is really exciting! I hope they get pregnant fast! 🙂

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  5. Well, they could mix their genes somehow… I mean, come on, isn’t that the 26th century?

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