Chapter 3.50: Spring

I was looking over the notes we’d taken at the fertility clinic a few days ago, again. It hadn’t fully registered to me then everything that was about to happen. This was quite possibly the biggest thing I’ve ever done in my life. I’m trying to get pregnant here, and it’s all just suddenly seeming really really overwhelming. I was just caught up in the joy and happiness that we were finally on our way to starting our family, that I wasn’t thinking much about all the steps we’d have to take to get there. The tests I’d taken – a blood test and a vaginal ultrasound – would tell us if it looked like I’d be able to conceive easily. There’s no reason I can’t, I suppose, I’m 28 years old and perfectly healthy, there shouldn’t be any problems… the door opened and I jumped a little, then exhaled as I saw it was just Dani.

“Hey, you okay? You’ve been a little on edge lately.”

“Yeah, I’m just…” I sighed, looking back over to her, “nervous about the treatments.”

“Oh Watcher, I understand. It’s all I’ve been thinking about since we left the clinic.”

“Same. It’s all really overwhelming and at the same time, I’m ready, you know? I’m ready to start this family with you,” I closed my eyes and laid my head on her shoulder, and she wrapped her arms around me.

“What if the tests show there’s something wrong?” I asked, looking up at her.

“They won’t. And if they do, we’ll work through it.”

“I know. I just really want this to work,” I said as I fiddled with our blanket, looking through the window to a cloudy skied day, “and I’m up for a more demanding position at work. I want to take it, but at the same time, doing all this stuff is going to be a lot already…”

“Adelaide, hey, it’ll be okay. I’m sure this is even more overwhelming for you then me, you’re the one that’s going through all these treatments, you’re the one who’s going to be pregnant… this is going to affect your life a lot more. But I’m going to do everything I can to be here for you.”


I nodded slightly, still laying on her shoulder. The phone started ringing and I bolted up, rushing over to it. “It might be the clinic, they’re supposed to call us about the results today,” I said excitedly. I picked up the phone, looking over to my wife.

“Hello, this is Dr. Mireles from Starlight Fertility.”

I nodded to Dani, so she knew it was them. “Yes, this is Adelaide Clemonte.”

“The tests came out great. Your egg follicles are in great condition, and your uterus is in perfect shape as well. There should be no reason why you can’t carry a pregnancy to term. Next time you come in, which is scheduled for March 14th, we can talk about the next steps. Everything looks great, Mrs. Clemonte. Have a nice day.”

“Yes, you too, Dr. Mireles.” I pressed end, and turned to Dani with a huge smile on my face.

“All the tests came back great!” I exclaimed, hugging Dani.

“That’s amazing!” Dani grinned.

“One step closer to having our little family,” I replied, filled with joy.

She exhaled softly in relief. We’d been waiting almost all day for this phone call, and the news was just as good as we’d hoped. Everything seemed to be functioning normally, and my body should respond to the treatments well. Watcher, it was such a relief.

“Maybe we’ll actually be able to plan for tomorrow now,” she said, somewhat-jokingly, but somewhat serious.

“Yeah, speaking of which, do we have enough fruit for the fruit-kabobs?” I asked.

“I just got some strawberries yesterday, but your sister might have used some.”

I laughed, because it was true. Some days I check and we have plenty of milk or whatever, and then Lexie uses it up for some of her recipes or whatnot. But on the good side, we always have new, delicious treats to try! “True, I’ll check. She’s making a cheesecake too.”

“Those are so good!” Lexie had made her cheesecake a few times before, the most recent was our New Years party.

“I know, and she’s ‘twisting some caramel’ into it,” I added, smiling at the idea of this cake, “her words, by the way.”

“I’m excited! Even more excited after our good news,” Dani whispered, smiling.

“Definitely.” Tomorrow we were hosting a ‘Welcome Spring’ party, after the insanely long winter. Kiara and her family were coming, along with my friends, and Dani’s and Lexie’s coworkers/friends. It was going to be a little crazy, I assume, but might as well get these moments in before we have little kids to raise, and we can’t just invite tons of random-ish people. I’m sure some of the people will be friends of friends, you know, stuff like that. I bet some people will even be jumping in the pool, even though it’s still not exactly warm. The snow’s melted off the ground, and the grass is greener than ever.

“Hey, Happy Spring!” I said, as another person I didn’t know walked in. The party was outside, so it’s not like people were just all around our house.

“Adelaide,” Dani called over to me, and I looked over to where she was grilling the fruit kabobs.


“Come over here, tell me if these look good!”

I checked to make sure no-one else was coming, and rushed over to my wife. “Those look great,” I said.



“Really, they look great,” I kissed her on the cheek, grinning at all the life buzzing around us. Lexie was geeking out over some culinary thing with her coworkers. We brought out drinks and set up the food we’d made for the party.

“How’s your son doing?” I asked Zoe. Her youngest child was about 3 months old now, and little Aurelia hadn’t been taking her brother’s arrival very well.

“He’s still waking up at night, but we’re trying to get him to sleep through the night. I think it would help a lot if he could. Aurelia connects waking up at night to her brother, and she doesn’t like that at all.”

“Oh yeah, guys, guess what?” Lyric snickered, hardly giving us a moment to answer before saying, “I have a boyfriend!”


“What?! Lyric, who is he?”

“I met him at San Myshuno’s romance festival a couple of months ago. Ironic, right? The romance festival?” She smiled, and continued, “His sister was getting married and since his parents were being annoying about how he was still single, he just started talking to me and before I knew it, he was asking me to be his pretend girlfriend for the night. Turns out, we’re actually couple material, and now I’m his real girlfriend!”

“Aww, that’s actually really cute! Just like in a movie, am I right?”

“Yeah, a nice story to tell the kids someday, huh, Lyric?” Zoe teased.

“Understandable,” Lyric said, dangling a bag in front of our faces, “now who brought their bathing suit?”

“You actually brought it?!” Raini laughed, “It’s still freaking cold!”

“I know, but you only live once!”

“Ugh, stop it with the YOLO, that’s so middle school!” Zoe laughed.

“I didn’t say it, you did! Anyway, I’m getting in!” Lyric walked off to change and Raini bent down near the pool, dipping her finger in, and jerking it out.

“Watcher, that’s cold!” Raini exclaimed, getting back up, “Lyric really doesn’t want to get in.”

“You think?” I laughed.

Yeah,” Raini replied, scooping up some water and tossing it into the air, “look, there she is now.”

“You sure you wanna get in?” Zoe asked her, giggling.

“Yes,” Lyric replied, and with that, she sat down, submerging her legs, “that’s COLD!”

“Told ya,” Raini replied, laughing.

I looked down at Lyric, and turned my attention to the music. I had just started dancing when I felt something cold hit my shoulder, and I looked up at the sky. “What the heck?” It had just started to snow, and this was supposed to be a ‘welcome spring’ party… Gosh, that’s actually pretty funny.


“It’s snowing,” Lyric called out, getting up from the pool.

“Well, it’s March,” Zoe replied, holding her hands out the catch the little snowflakes, “it is just barely spring.”

We all kept dancing after dark, too, as our light shone down on our patio stones, lighting it up. If we hadn’t had such a big lot, far away from the neighbors, I’m sure there would be complaints. Lit-up icicles still hung from the eves, we hadn’t taken them down since we put them up on New Years, but that’s fine.

“May I have this dance?” Dani reached out her hand and I giggled, taking it. We hardly danced, more like rocked side to side, but this guy from Lexie’s work was really going at it. He was moving his arms and everything, but he was also dressed in some white party clothes with a hat on, something like you’d wear to a nightclub. Lexie said he’s a bartender at Brindleton’s nightclub. I’m pretty sure that’s where he learned all those moves.


Lexie even started serving drinks, and I could already see we’d have a lot of cleaning up to do. The trash can we’d left out here had already filled up, and cups were strewn everywhere.

“Hey, Adelaide,” I heard, and smiled when I saw who was talking.

“Kiara! Nice to see you here! I know you were invited, but I didn’t notice you made it!”

“Yeah, this party’s pretty crazy! My brother’s coming over next week, can you believe it?! I haven’t seen my twin in years!”


“That’s great! Any news about him recently?”

“Well, he’s married now, but I’ve known that for years.”

I nodded, sipping my drink. “Well, that’s great! Will it be his first time meeting your kids?”

“Yes, actually.”

“Well, that was something,” Dani said.

“It certainly was,” I replied, holding her hand, “but it was nice. Cleaning all this won’t be, though.”

Dani looked around and giggled. “Yeah.” There were still plates and cups everywhere, and the trash can was now overflowing. It looked disgusting, and there was sticky stuff spilled in various places across the patio that I could see shimmering from the moonlight.

“I think it was worth it,” she said, kissing me.

I nodded, smiling. “I think so too.” Getting to know other people was something I loved. Ever since I was a little girl, I’d enjoyed meeting people and making new friends. It just came easily to me. Snow was still fluttering down, even as she and I dipped our legs in the pool.

“I love you, Adelaide.”

I pulled her closer, smiling softly. “I love you too.”589-10-09-18

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5 thoughts on “Chapter 3.50: Spring

  1. Spring! I love spring, but gosh do I hate how it’s still cold and the plants still brown at the start of it! I guess that’s realistic (not that we’d know down here in Florida 😂) so they did a good job with it.

    Dani and Addie are so precious! They deserve happiness, and I’m so excited to see their kids!! Addie’s had a long generation so far, it’ll be a shock to eventually get a brand new point-of-view with her eventual heiress 😱
    I like how real you make them, with all of their friends and gatherings. I so rarely have my sims host parties or invite friends over, because I find it tedious, but it really brings story sims to life!

    Also – unrelated, but I hope you’re staying safe from this storm, wherever you are!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Lol, yeah! Oh, I know right, it’ll be really interesting to get a new heiress! I’ve really gotten into it this generation, 50 chapters and the gen four heiress hasn’t even been born yet! Thank you, I try really hard to make it realistic, it’s probably the thing I worry most about for the story, if it’s realistic or not, since I don’t have experience with most of the stuff that happens. 😄 I’m safe, don’t worry! I hope you’re safe too, and just wanted to thank you for commenting on this chapter, as of now you’re the only person who has, so thanks! 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I worry about those things, too, but I think you’re doing well! I mean, I’ve never experienced most of what goes down in Entangled, but I do my best 😂😂 You do your research, and that’s always important for writers when they’re writing on a topic they’re not so familiar with.
        I’m glad to hear you’re safe! I am as well (:
        And you’re very welcome! ❤ I know sometimes I'm a bit slow to read and comment; sometimes life just gets busy! ❤❤

        Liked by 1 person

  2. I get equally excited at them about the news. Squeal! And your Sims are so sociable, mine hardly ever get to meet anyone outside their household, lol.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Haha, I try to not make them hermits 😂

      Liked by 1 person

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