It’s been 6 months!

Whoa, it’s been half a year! That’s actually crazy! In the last month, I’ve starting posting again, so let’s go over what’s happened in the story this past month! I posted 8 chapters, following the new schedule of Wednesday and Saturday! It’s actually 6 and a half months, so let’s get to it!

It started with Adelaide’s time at the RGWI coming to an end, as she and the others finally figured out how to create the machine. So, yeah, let’s talk about the RGWI, which was the main focus for many chapters (not last month, but still). I couldn’t imagine just putting into something so story-changing without explaining it, and the idea that global warming had progressed so far we wouldn’t have seasons anymore just came naturally! With that was the addition of seasons, and I’ve really been enjoying having seasons and weather in the game! It just makes it more realistic, and I can’t wait to play through the next seasons (spring, summer, and most of fall, I picked to play in fall, but there wasn’t much left of it 🙂) but so far, winter has been wonderful, and beautifully detailed!

Then, of course, was Adelaide and Dani’s engagement! I was trying to have them wear their ‘everyday clothes’ and they got really uncomfortable cause it was cold. Dani actually turned her down twice in a row, and I was shocked, since they have full romance and friendship bar. It must have been because they were uncomfortable, so I went and fixed up their cold weather outfits and then she finally said yes! I put the fact she said no in the story when Adelaide mentioned she’d proposed twice before, I just made it not at that moment, since that’s just not realistic, you don’t keep asking after they say no (the same day, anyway).

Of course, there was the whole thing about that Dani’s killed someone. That was just me adding in her past life in the Lovelace Legacy, where all that really happened! Now, they’re married, and I loved watching them finally get married, after everything. This generation has been really different from the past ones in that I feel more connected to them, and I’ve really fleshed out Adelaide’s storyline! I decided Addie wouldn’t make a huge deal about it, just because of who she is. She knew that Dani was a good person and decided to trust her, which ended up working out…since they’re married now! It was a very different wedding than I’ve done, since this time, I was genuinely happy for them, knowing everything that’s happened and just really giving them a relationship before the engagement/wedding. I’m really excited for the next generation, and I know you guys are too! It’s been a really long generation, so speaking from a different point of view is going to be very interesting!

Which brings us to the latest story development… they’re trying to have kids. I’m all about having the story be realistic, so I’m writing out the whole story of them going through fertility treatments (as much as I can, I know it won’t be 100% realistic) so that’s where the story’s at right now! I’m excited to write their story as moms, too, there haven’t been kids in the story for a while! Plus, I have toddler stuff now 😂 Anyway, here are the stats!


44 followers! Thank you!

We’ve gotten to 1000+ likes, which is amazing!

137 total posts,

869 comments, and

89, 161 total words!

Thank you all for reading, it means a lot! I love knowing what you thought about the chapter and getting feedback, it means a lot! ❤️

Since this generation has been so long, I’m going to ask some questions now, before the ‘official’ feedback post at the end of the generation 😄

Question 1: How have I done with character development so far?

Question 2: How has the writing been, and do you think the story has been realistic?

Question 3: Is there something you’d like the generation four heiress’s personality to be? Since we’ve had Addie’s personality narrating for 50 chapters, I figured you might want something different 🙂

Question 4: Is there anything else you’d like to add?

A big thank you to all my readers! Here’s to 6 more months!


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13 thoughts on “It’s been 6 months!

  1. Congrats, the time has just flew by! To answer your questions:
    1. Pretty good! It really helps having more chapters, it gave Adelaide more time to grow.
    2. I think it’s been very realistic, and I love the writing. I can’t even think of one detail that’s been in generation three that couldn’t be a reality.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Well crap! Did not mean to hit post comment, haha!
      3. As I am looking forward to another perspective, I don’t really mind whose it is, and I’ll always enjoy listening to Adelaide, so take your time figuring it out!
      4. It’s been super nice doing a “crossover” of sorts with you, and I’m looking forward to potentially bringing more of it into the story! 😀
      Congrats again!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Thank you! I’ve enjoyed doing a crossover with you too, it’s been fun! 😄


      2. And thank you for being such a consistent commenter, I love reading what you have to say!


  2. Half a year! 😱 I’m pretty sure Rose Garden hits one full year by the end of this month – crazy!! And look at those stats! Congrats, darlin’! ❤❤❤

    1. You’ve done well! We’ve seen Addie mature from a young woman eager to focus on her career, to a woman ready to begin her family with the love of her life 😍 Like LoveLace said, so many chapters really helps with that! We’ve also seen some development in side characters, too, which I think is something people can easily overlook. Lexie, as an example – she’s definitely grown!

    2. The writing has been just fine and as perfectly realistic as can be possible with the Sims World! If you’re worried about either of these things, don’t be. Just keep doing what you’re doing and you’ll get better and better. Never stop writing!

    3. Addie has been a delight, it’s almost hard to imagine a new perspective and what it could be like! I have no preference, just play the Sim(s) and see what personality they end up with! Sometimes they surprise us 😂

    4. Like I said before, don’t stop writing! You’ve been so positive on this journey so far, and I think that’s important. So many times I’ve grown discouraged with my stories and writing and have nearly quit, but thanks to support from good friends and readers I’m still keepin’ on! Are you on the forums at all? I tried to search for Blossomsims and Clemonte, but didn’t see you! If you have a thread for your legacy I’d like to bump it!
    Also, if you ever need anything or have questions, please feel free to message me! I can be super chatty 😄

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    1. Yeah, I know, half a year is crazy! Thank you, and I love your comments, they’re long and thoughtful! Wow, I can’t believe you’ve searched for me 😃 I’m not on the forums right now, but I’ve thought about starting, and I’ll definitely tell you when I do!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I would encourage it! A lot of fun stuff happens there sometimes, and it’s a good place to get exposed to new stories and get more exposure for your own! I’m surprised you found my silly stories without being on the forums 😱

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Yeah, I’ve found all the stories I’m reading without being on the forums and have gotten all my followers without it too! I’ve just used WordPress to find other sims stories lol 😂 I might have to start being on them, though! 😄

        Liked by 1 person

      3. That’s so cool! I wouldn’t have found any sim stories without the forums!

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  3. Congratulations ! What fantastic stats! And the best accomplishment is having written so much , so consistently .

    I really enjoy this . Within its sort of sci-fi world (with the weather stuff), it holds together realistically . I buy it. I most enjoy the interpersonal dynamics and the insights into motivations and goals .

    Liked by 1 person

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