Chapter 3.55: My Sister’s Boyfriend

I couldn’t believe I was this close to puking in the Goths’ bathroom. I didn’t want to mess up anything in this house! I definitely understood why Lexie was so nervous now. It looked like it hadn’t been updated since the Victorian era, and everything was practically an antique. I never imagined I’d ever step foot in the Goths’ famous mansion, never mind almost throwing up in their house. It was the most embarrassing situation I could have imagined ending up in. Great timing for the damn Lupron to decide for me to get insanely nauseous. It never made me sick before, but now it has to, in a place I can’t lay down or anything.

48 hours before…

Irena has fit into our group quite nicely. Her ideas work really well and almost always end up being incorporated in some way. After Mayor Norley saw how much of a hard worker she was and what she had to contribute, she had no choice but to hire her. Everyone in our department really enjoys having her here. She livens things up a bit. And with her joining, Noemi and I now have another woman in our close-knit work group.

What I expected to get when I went into Lexie’s place was some advice, not….this.


I had no idea what I’d just walked into. Or what the heck was going on… Lexie looked like she was in the middle of a breakdown, with her clothes strewn in piles, and herself only in her night clothes. She’s been pretty happy lately so I have no idea what could’ve led to this.

“Oh god, Adelaide…” Lexie got out, finally noticing me as her cheeks flushed in embarrassment.

“What happened?”

She looked away, quickly laying on the bed. “Can you just leave?”

A part of me wanted to stay, but I knew how much more awkward this must be for her, but after I closed the door behind me, I knew that wasn’t the right choice. Lexie’s a pretty open person, so whatever just happened must be something big to her if she didn’t say anything.


Maybe I should have just walked back to the rest of the house and left it alone. Maybe. But there’s no way I wasn’t going to be there for my sister right now, even if she insisted she didn’t want me there.

“I said go,” Lexie immediately mumbled, turning on the tv and focusing all her attention to it. I didn’t want to hurt my sister, but seeing how much of a point she was making it to ignore me just made me think something was more and more wrong.

So instead of leaving, I pushed the chair out and replied pointedly, “No.”


“Come on, just leave. I’m not some kid anymore, I can deal with my own problems.”

I turned to look at her, just enough to make eye contact before she turned her gaze back to the tv. “I’m your sister, Lexie. I’m here for you, remember?”

“What if don’t want you here?!” Lexie groaned.


I don’t know. Was I invading her privacy and stuff? I’m trying to be there for her, but what if she really didn’t want me here? I could definitely understand why she might not want anyone around right now and all, but I feel like she should talk to someone about what the heck just happened.

“Do you really? Say it, and I’ll leave,” I conceded, waiting for her answer.


She and I started at each other for a solid two minutes before Lexie glanced away, wiping a tear off her face.

“….no.” I could barely hear her, but I could hear it well enough to make out that one word.

“What?” I asked, and she met my gaze, eyes watering.

“I said no… I don’t want you to leave.”


“You don’t?”

She looked over to her window, out to the sun shining down on our healthy and very green grass. “I don’t,” Lexie sighed, picking up the piles of clothes and stuffing them back into her drawer. Thank Watcher. I would’ve felt so bad if she’d really wanted me to leave the whole time and I’d been that person who was just getting in her business.

“It’s just – my boyfriend -” Lexie stopped, looking like she was trying to think of her next words.


I’d known she’d had a boyfriend for a while. She never talked about him much, but I knew he was a nice man from what she’d said. I’d figured it out before Lexie had even ‘officially’ told me about him. She’d stopped making comments about how she ‘wasn’t interested in something long term’ or stuff like that. She started going out to places after work, when she’d always wanted to stay home and work on some recipes instead. It was obvious there was a man in her life. He’s now, apparently, her boyfriend.

“Did you guys have a fight?”

Lexie glanced over in surprise. “No, nothing like that! It’s just me, being stupid. He – well – he wanted me to meet his parents.”


Oh. Meeting the parents is a big deal. But that was a good thing, it meant your significant other thought you should meet their parents. That you should meet their family. “But isn’t that a good thing?”

“Well, yeah, but what if his parents don’t like me? I mean, come on, I’m not like the other girls that usually marry the guys in his position,” Lexie went on, like that made any sense to me. Guys in his position? What the heck was that supposed to mean?

“Lexie, you’re talking about him like he’s some big important guy. He’s your boyfriend, and he likes you!”

“He is some big important guy. His parents are Parker and Kaci Goth.”


“What?! Your boyfriend is Luca Goth?”

She nodded, and suddenly a ton of things fell into place. Sure, meeting your partner’s parents is a big deal, but is is different when those people come from an influential family. Luca Goth. I remember my friends drooling over him in high school. Realizing I didn’t find any of these ‘hot dudes’ attractive was when I started to realized I was a lesbian. Just because I was gay, though, didn’t mean I could see when a guy was good-looking, I just didn’t find him attractive. And Luca Goth was the kind of guy all the (straight) girls wrote down as their celebrity crush. And he was dating my sister!

“Lexie, he’s a catch!” I exclaimed, still wrapping my head around the thought my sister was dating a Goth.


“I know, which is why I have no idea why he’s going out with me…I mean look at him, and then look at me! He could have any woman he wanted, why me? He’s toned and has really nice fucking abs, while there’s me, a noticeably overweight average looking woman.”

I hated when Lexie our herself down like that. She was always pretty insecure about her body and weight and her body-consciousness always seemed to increase when there was a man in her life.

“You know what, Lexie, you’re right. Luca Goth could have any woman he wanted. I know he had more that half of the girls in my grade into him. But guess what? He’s into you! He wants you to meet his parents! Lexie, come on! There’s more to people than looks! He could enjoy your personality or a million other things. It’s not all about your body.”

“I know. I’m just really nervous, that’s all. And I just keep putting on weight… I went to try and find a nice old dress I remembered I had, and it didn’t fit! So many things of mine don’t fit anymore. I just kind of lost it. Why’d he want to have some fat girl as his girlfriend anyway?”


“Lexie, you’re great, okay? Obviously he sees that. You can go buy another dress, but a nice man like Luca apparently is, is a much rarer thing. If things work out, who knows, you could become the next Goth spouse.” I always told her she deserves to be treated like a queen. A man like Luca Goth is practically a king, and there’s no reason why she shouldn’t be his queen. If they’re in love, they’re in love. I highly doubt he would let his parents’ opinions stop him from going after a woman he loved, and that’s if they somehow don’t like Lexie.

“That’s going a little overboard, but I get what you’re saying and all. I guess…we’re going to dinner with the Goths, then. He said his parents are eager to meet his girlfriend and whoever else is in her family, so we can all go.”


She still seemed unsure about the decision, but I was glad she was going to go. And I couldn’t wait to meet her boyfriend. I’d never met him before, heck, I didn’t even know who he was until today! And that’s how, two days later, I ended up walking into the Goth estate, with my sister and wife, to be met by my sister’s boyfriend. My friends are going to freak out that I met Luca.

“Lexie, hey! It’s great to see you, gorgeous, I know my parents are excited.”

“It’s great to see you too,” I heard Lexie whisper to him as they shared a hug. I swear I started to cry a little watching Lexie and him.


She deserves a man like this who loves her so much. I can tell from the way he looks at her that she means a lot to him. It meant a lot to me, too, after having to help her through a lot of failed relationships.

“This is my sister, Adelaide, and her wife, Dani,” Lexie added, motioning to us.


“It’s great to meet you,” he said, “Lexie talks a lot about you.”

I smiled, looking over to my sister. “She does?”

“Oh yeah. Anyway, I know the house is pretty dreary and all but it’s Goth tradition, which my parents weren’t interested in changing. But trust me, I can’t live in a place like this forever, so things are gonna change. What do you think about teal, Lex?”

Lexie grinned, taking his hand. “I think it would liven up the place.”

For such a prominent family living in such a bleak place, they were all pretty normal. I don’t actually know what I expected, though. Luca was a total gentleman throughout the dinner, and I could tell through their fleeting glances at each other he adored her.


I couldn’t stop smiling. This is everything I could have wanted for Lexie. A nice guy who respects and loves her. She got along great with his parents, too. They were excited to meet her and were all easily chatting in no time.


Around the middle of dinner, I started feeling sick, and by the time they brought out dessert, my stomach was flipping out. Even though Luca gave me directions to the bathroom, I had a hard time finding it. I opened doors to bedrooms and closets before finally finding it, locking the door, and dropped on the ground, on of my hands gripping the edge of the toilet.


I lay in front of the toilet, waiting to see if the nausea would subside – it didn’t, and I found myself heaving for a good three minutes. I am not looking forward to morning sickness if it’s like this every day.


After about 5 minutes, I felt good enough to get off the floor and go back to dinner, though I was definitely not having anything for dessert.

Everyone was in a airy conversation, laughing about whatever had been said last. I was glad nobody had noticed how long I’d been gone, and I slid back into my space next to Dani.


She looked over at me and whispered, “Hey, what happened?”

I grimaced slightly. In that moment, I could have said I’d gotten lost, and there would be no questions asked. But…we told each other everything now, right?

“I – I got nauseous,” I whispered truthfully.

“Are you okay now?”

“Mostly. I still feel sick, but we’re not leaving, this is important to Lexie…”

“If you’re sure.”

“I am.”

Dinner didn’t last much longer, and Lexie left in a great mood, definitely happier than when she’d come in the first place. I knew why, too. I’d always gotten so happy when I was around Dani before we lived together. Heck, we’re married now, and I’m still happier around her. Plus, Luca’s parents definitely enjoyed Lexie, and she had been worried about that. I was happy for her, I’d always said she deserved to be loved like this.


A/N: 20 pictures! I’m pretty sure that’s a record 🙂 How are you liking it with so many pictures? 🙂

16 thoughts on “Chapter 3.55: My Sister’s Boyfriend

  1. I totally get how Lexie feels! It’s tough being in a relationship when you have issues with your body, I’m right there with her 😦
    Loved seeing new generations of the Goth family, though! It’s always so cool to me to see premade families continue on! I’m glad Lexie has someone in her life, too, she deserves it (:

    I love the pictures! I think this was a great amount of images to really visually portray the scenes and chapter!

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    1. Thank you! I’m glad I wrote her feelings well 🙂 And Lexie definitely deserves someone! I did continue the Goth family, just for fun, and now I’m glad I did! And I’m very happy you liked the pictures! 😄

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I wish sims 4 had more story progression without forcing you to play every family! MCCC helps with it, but it IS fun to go in and play the other households sometimes, especially when you get bored of your legacy Sims 😂

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      2. I KNOW RIGHT?! I wish there was an option for the other unplayed sims’ lives to continue, I’ll have to go through cas to get the other people in the family married and pregnant, ect. 🙂

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      3. They still age and die, so that’s something. I’ve used MCCC for so long now that I can’t even remember what happens to households you don’t play lol

        Liked by 1 person

      4. Well, nothing happens to them, they just age and die, like you said. I wish there was an MCCC like thing in the game 😃

        Liked by 1 person

      5. I do, too. I think the old games had that story progression!

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  2. Yay, I’m so happy for Lexie! She always did seem a little lonely. I agree, it’s nice to see how the Goth family plays out in other saves, and how different they look from mine!

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  3. I love everything about this chapter! Great pics great writing , and the Goths!

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  4. Lexie and Luca make such a sweet couple! She deserves someone who makes her this happy!

    (and that is one of the best opening lines I’ve read 🤣)

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  5. I love that goth mansion seriously!! I am really enjoying the photos!! As you may have realized from following me I take tons of photos of gameplay and it just adds another layer to storytelling!!

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    1. Yes! I’m loving it with more pictures! 😃

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  6. Aw, I’m happy for Lexie! Hopefully, she found her match in Luca!

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    1. Yeah, we’ll find out eventually…even if you were fully caught up, you wouldn’t know lol.

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