Chapter 3.56: Perfect Day

This Valentines Day has been amazing. And this sweet date at the new Villa Bovine in Newcrest is just the perfect ending.

Dani and I had planned a simple, calm day out together for Valentine’s Day. It ended up working out that the house renovators had picked today to come, since none of us were going to be home anyway. With our life centered around starting our family, it was natural to think about what it would be like after they were born – which led to this renovation. We’re keeping the outside structure intact, just fixing up the inside to make it homier. Isn’t it crazy how far technology has gotten to be able to finish a house renovation in a few hours?

We started out our day just laying at the beach talking about everything. It was so nice to have time to ourselves to just be us. It was the simple things, you know? Talking about how our baby might look and how close we wanted their ages to be. Even about the clouds, just searching for shapes together.


Eventually the sun got in a position that made it uncomfortable to stay laying there, so we walked to the Brindleton Library. I think I’d been with my school once, but besides that, I had kind of forgotten it even existed. The place was typical old Brindleton, looking like it had been there forever and honestly, it probably had. They’d even decorated for Valentine’s Day, which was so cute!


I was so glad we’d rebuilt the house in this style, back around when we got engaged, I thought it was beautiful. We first ended up reading through baby name books. I went through so many names until I found one that really stuck out to me, just because of its meaning… and connection to today.

“Hey, Dani, what do you think of this one?” I pointed to the book, and Dani smiled widely.


“I actually really like it.”


“Yeah. It makes me think of love, and this baby is being brought into the world through our love, and it means strength, which is just beautiful for a little girl. Plus, it sounds gorgeous.”

We stared at the name printed into the book for a few minutes, just going over it in our heads. Valentina. We found one we’d like for a little boy, too, Ethan.

At some point we decided each other was more interesting than the books, though.


We didn’t end up doing much reading until getting into the money tree idea. It started when Dani had brought up a story about how her coworkers had gotten into an argument about if a money tree could actually be created. I couldn’t get the idea out of my head, and that’s how we ended up spending the rest of our day until seven, making up a formula for a real money tree. I’m not sure if people have tried to make one before or not, but we’re going to try.

“Is this actually going to work?”

I flipped through pages of another scientific botany book, looking over to her. “Well, we’re going to see, aren’t we?”


“I suppose.”

“Come on, Dani. You’re an expert on all things nature, and I’m pretty good with science. I’m pretty sure we can come up with something.”

She smiled softly, kissing me. “You’re right.”

We looked through about ever plant-related book in the library, and I bet whoever is monitoring these library computers is wondering why someone is looking up so many plant formulas. You see, we weren’t going to make a tree that literally grew cash. That’s impossible. What I figured we could do was create a tree that grew leaves made of gold…which in turn would be worth a lot of money.

“Hey, this tree seems like one that might work. It apparently reacts really well to modifications.”

“Perfect. If we thread gold elements into its reproductive system…” I trailed off, putting it together in my head.


Dani showed me that tree’s molecular structure and I immediately thought up ways that we could get it to have gold leaves. It ended up working out that we completed the formula around seven, since that was when we’d scheduled dinner at Villa Bovine. Newcrest had really began getting its feet off the ground, first with the spa & yoga center, and now with this nice restaurant. I was sure there would be a neighborhood there soon, or possibly it would be all shops and places like that? The developers were keeping quiet about their plans for Newcrest, so everything they did build ended up being a surprise. And Villa Bovine was a hit. When we got there, the place was packed with people checking it out. It didn’t surprise me. A lot of stuff, especially in Brindleton, never changes, so when there’s something new, people like to see what it’s all about. And, here we are now, waiting for our orders to be taken.


“This place is really nice,” Dani commented, looking through the menu.

“Oh, I know. I’m sure it’ll quickly become a favorite,” I replied.

“Especially if the food is actual food, and not that experimental stuff we had at Salty the other time.”

That had been my first time eating at an experimental restaurant, and it was…interesting, to be nice. I’m pretty sure that place ended up getting a revamp or something, anyway. This place looks much more down to earth, while still being elegant. But the food makes the restaurant, not the style, so we’ll see. Just as the waitress was heading to our table, my phone rang. It was the fertility clinic, so I whispered to Dani for her to give the waitress my order and I stepped outside. “Hello, it’s Adelaide Clemonte.”

“Mrs. Clemonte, we have great news for you,” Dr. Brennan said excitedly, “your results look great, so you can stop birth control and just take Lupron for now.”

I grinned, eyes widening. Was this thing that had been the literal bane of my existence (combined with Lupron, but still…) finally out of my life? “Seriously?”


“Yep! Just come in tomorrow so we see how you’re doing and if we need to adjust anything.”

“Okay. I’ll see you then.”

I walked back into the restaurant with the biggest smile on my face. Just when I thought today couldn’t get any better, something else amazing happens. Dani noticed my elation the moment I sat down, wasting no time in asking what just happened.

“I don’t have to be on birth control anymore,” I whispered excitedly.


She grinned, whispering back, “One step closer to our little boy or girl.”

I nodded, kissing her softly until our food got there.

And the food ended up being delicious, and not nauseating like the other restaurant’s had been. We were in great spirits the whole walk home, from they great day we’d just had, and of course, thrilled to see how the house turned out.

“It’s just like I imagined,” I exclaimed, beaming. I walked quickly from room to room, astonished at how great it looked. It turned out even better than I imagined it to be.

“It’s amazing. I can’t wait to raise our kids here with you.”


I could see it. I could see our kids running around here as toddlers, playing around as kids, and finding themselves as teens. I could see the future playing out right here – and it will. “I love you, Danica.”

She looked slightly surprised before pulling me into a heartfelt kiss.


“I got you something for Valentine’s Day,” she whispered lovingly.

I blushed, holding her hands. “What is it?”

“Well…” she started, walking out of the room, “close your eyes.”

I did, smiling. It seemed like she’d been gone for a while before she finally walked back in.

It is actually a he. And he is very excited to meet you.” I opened my eyes rapidly, not sure what to expect, but I think I fell in love with him the moment my eyes registered what Dani had gotten me.


“Oh my god, he’s so cute!”

“I know! His name is Nieva. It means snow in Spanish,” Dani explained, setting him down. I knelt down to pet him, amazed at how soft and fluffy his fur was. I’d never had a pet before.


“I got you something too, but it’s not nearly as sweet as a cat!”

“I’m sure I’ll love it. Plus, you’re going to have our baby! That’s the biggest gift anyone could give.”


I pulled out a vase filled with flowers, blushing. “I know, it’s cliché, but – ”

” – It’s beautiful. And they’re all from our own garden, too!”

“Yeah, they are.”


“I couldn’t not give you a flower as well,” Dani murmured, pulling out a single rose.

“I love you so much.”


We ended the day with showing our love to each other through other ways… something it felt the whole day had been leading up to, in a way. It was the perfect end to a perfect day. Maybe by this time next year, we’ll have a baby girl or boy to celebrate with, too.



A/N: I meant to post this earlier today, but I forgot 😂 Anyway, I hope you enjoyed it!

And Happy Halloween!

15 thoughts on “Chapter 3.56: Perfect Day

  1. Oh I love the new little fluff omg so cute!!

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    1. Lol, thank you! And you’re finally caught up, congratulations! 😃

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      1. Yeah took me a bit but here I am!! All caught up!!

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      2. What did you think? Do you enjoy it? 😄

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      3. I love how much you have grown in your story telling and your writing you have found your voice! You have brought up some very harsh realities and sensitive topics and done a respectable job of it. Some of the issues you have brought up are triggers and often hushed about as if it’s taboo to speak of. I feel it’s brave of you to bring them up with an open mind and caring heart, there’s no reason to hush these issues. People like having something to relate to so they don’t feel alone even if it is a sim story. Whether you experienced first hand, know someone who has, or had to research you’ve done a good job of telling the stories. Absolutely kept my interest or I simply would not have caught up.

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  2. All of the screenshots were so pretty and well taken! Valentina and Ethan are both wonderful names! Also love the new theme~ ❤❤❤❤

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  3. The cat! It’s so cute! And your pics are looking really good these days. This chapter was so cute I loved it!

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  4. Gosh they’re so sweet together , and the screenshots seem especially beautiful !

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  5. I agree, these photos look great! Adelaide looks different, especially her eyes. Very pretty, and very cute chapter!

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    1. Thank you! I love these pictures, the lighting in them was really good! 🙂

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  6. I wish them luck on getting that money tree! Also, it was a perfect Valentine’s Day for them, just as the title suggest. Nieva is cute!

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    1. Yeah, I needed that money tree, because after seasons, normal plants weren’t growing as quickly as they used to.

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