Just an Update!

Hey, the next chapter will be going up later today around 5-ish since I was playing around with the new terrain tools yesterday instead of taking screenshots 😱

Do you guys use the move objects cheat? I’m thinking of starting to use it because the houses I’ve watched people build use it and they can do so much more with the house because of it 🙂 I might have to do another house revamp because of these tools 😂 Also, some parts of the chapters won’t have screenshots just because it isn’t possible to get that picture in the game, but the parts where I can get screenshots will have plenty, it’s just since this is all plot based/pre written, some things don’t end up correlating to the game. I hope you enjoy the chapter later today!


6 thoughts on “Just an Update!

  1. It sounds like you were having fun with the terrain tools. I haven’t tried them out yet myself. 😀

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  2. Yes to the MOO cheat! It’s a building/decorating lifesaver! Also the showhiddenobjects cheat that brings up the different items you can’t buy normally (but that are already in the game, like the mixing bowls/spoons Sims use when they cook, or the controllers to video game consoles they use when they play).
    Haven’t tried out the new terrain tools yet, I’m still hoping my favorite mods will get updated soon before I do 😂

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    1. Does using moveobjects mess up the game though? I don’t think it does, but just making sure. I am really considering building them a new house since the one they have right now doesn’t really ‘fit’ with the terrain tools even though I do really like the house lol. But that just doesn’t make sense, nobody changes their house that often 😂
      And yikes about your mods, both your stories need them so that must be hard!

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      1. Nope, it doesn’t mess up the game! It’s not a Mod or any form of CC, so it shouldn’t mess anything up! You can ask Haids and I about it more on Discord if you want, Haids builds all the time and uses both of those cheats!


  3. I’ve used it some, but I’ve also run into issues with some builds I’ve downloaded that use it extensively. Like, stairs no longer become usable, Sims stand up in bed, all sorts of weird things. So I say, yes. It does mess up the game–or it can. It depends on how you play, I guess. I play with a lot of autonomy, so I run into mess-ups with MOO.


  4. I’ve never even considered *not* using move objects, it’s always been the first thing I enabled opening up my game. I can’t imagine furnishing without it! Props to you! 😀


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