Chapter 3.62: First Trimester – Part II

8 weeks

I learned to deal with the nausea that ended up hitting me at all times. It really enjoyed playing with my life, making me end up having to miss some meetings and run out of others. I’m pretty sure everyone at work thinks I’m either dying or pregnant. It turns out Dani didn’t buy too many sour things. Within a week, I’d used them all just to get through the day. My body really does not like increased hormones. The hormone injections messed me up, and now pregnancy – which definitely changes your hormones – really doesn’t agree with me. I can only hope it doesn’t last the whole pregnancy. That would be torture. The good news is that those low hormones levels at the beginning of the pregnancy have gotten to where they need to be. Our daughter is doing fine, much to our relief.

It’s crazy that I’m two months pregnant. We’re having our ‘seasonal’ party today so we can catch up with everyone…and announce my pregnancy. Yeah, I’m still in the first trimester and all, but with my practically-daily nausea and vomiting, it’s pretty hard to hide it without people figuring it out themselves or thinking something worse. And I just want to tell people already. It’s so hard to pretend I’m not pregnant when I just want to talk about our little girl. Luckily, I’ve been feeling good today and we’re stocked up on a ton of citrus things (including tea, which I’ve only now started enjoying) along with hard candies and ginger ale. So hopefully, I’ll be able to enjoy our party. It’s been planned since June, so everyone’s pretty excited. I haven’t seen all my friends since our spring party in March, and now it’s the second week of August. We’ve got the autumn get together all set up for October, in only two months, so that’ll be great, too. I’ll be around 16 weeks pregnant then, and I’ll probably be showing. Wow. That’s crazy to even think about.

Anyway, Dani’s already cleaned up the pool, since it’s not a summer party without someone getting in the pool. I offered to help her, but she didn’t let me. I ended up going to pick out some decorations instead. I feel so bad that she’s doting on me all the time and I feel like I haven’t been doing enough for her. I’m so grateful for everything she’s doing and yet most days I don’t feel good enough to do anything to show her how much it means. Even just a simple day at the park would be nice.

“When are they coming?” Dani asked.



“Ok, there’s plenty of time to get the decorations up and finish the pasta. Lexie’s working on the cake right now.”

“You got the fold-out bar?”

“Lexie did,” I answered, pulling the decorations out. I giggled and winked at my wife. “Even though I won’t be having anything from it.”

She grinned, laying her hands on my stomach. “I bet Lexie can make anything taste exquisite.”

“The lemon tea I’ve been having is pretty exquisite itself,” I laughed.

“Oh yeah, speaking of that, how have you been feeling?”

“Today’s been good. My stomach feels a little off but I’m definitely not nauseous which is better than usual.” Of course, at that moment, morning sickness had to prove me wrong, and I brought my hand up to my mouth, hoping the feeling would subside.


“Hey, you okay?” Dani asked, sliding into the chair next to me.

“Yeah. Just suddenly got a little nauseous. I’m fine, and I’m already feeling better.”


“That’s good,” she smiled, pulling me into a hug.


My friends should be arriving any second now, and I’m so excited to see them. I wonder if Zoe has any tips about going through pregnancy, she’s done it twice. I’m almost at the point I need a new bra, which is crazy. Lexie’s out on a date with Luca. They’re so sweet together and I feel like this could be the guy for her. It’s really exciting.


“I got it,” I said, getting up to go over to the door. In a split second I was suddenly struck with nausea and I doubled over, staring at the ground.

“Oh my god, Adelaide! What happened?”

“I’m gonna be sick,” I groaned, clutching my stomach. She quickly brought me a bowl and I held onto it as she helped me to the sofa. I curled up, squeezing my eyes shut and trying to not smell the food that was sitting in the kitchen right now. It had smelled delicious a few minutes ago but now it was absolutely nauseating. This is such bad timing.

“Here,” Dani said, holding a hard lemon candy out to me. I opened my mouth and she placed it in softly. I heard the doorbell ring again and Dani looked at me.

“Should I?”

“Not yet,” I whispered, still wrapping my hand around my stomach. A few minutes later she helped me up to go over to the door when I suddenly lost it. I turned back to grab the bowl and I started vomiting in it as Dani put her hands around my waist to keep me from falling.

“Ugh,” I muttered, sitting back down. I put another candy in my mouth and closed my eyes for a second before getting back up. “Ok. I can do it.”

“You sure?”

“Yeah. I just might have to announce it sooner than planned.”

We made it over to the door with me leaning against her the whole way.

“Hey, sorry,” I said to Lyric.

“It’s fine,” she replied, but it was obvious she really wanted to know something else. “So, are you…”


I smiled softly, motioning for her to come closer. “Yeah, I’m 8 weeks pregnant, and battling some pretty bad morning sickness at that.”


“That probably sucks, but it’s great you’re pregnant,” she replied, smiling.

“I’m really happy,” I replied as I saw Zoe’s car pull up. “Lyric, we’re announcing it today, so don’t say anything yet.”

“Got it.” Lyric giggled, winking at me as she walked to the patio.

“Hey Zoe,” I smiled, waving.


“Hey! Raini’s coming too.”

“I know, she said she’d come.”

“No, I mean I brought her,” Zoe elaborated as I saw Raini climb out of her car.

“Oh,” I cringed, “I totally misunderstood that.”

“Haha, yeah. It’s fine. Where are we going?”

“The party is in the back. You brought your swimsuit?”

Zoe laughed, holding out her bag. “You know it.”

My nausea didn’t end up easing enough for me to be as animated and into it as I’d normally be. I tried to get into the conversation, but I wasn’t fully into it with how crappy I was feeling and I knew it was showing.


When they all decided to get in the pool – I didn’t feel like being sloshed around by the water, I’d probably end up throwing up – so I said I wasn’t going to get in. I watched my friends and my wife having a great time playing around in the pool. I didn’t really mind not getting in, watching them having fun was just as nice.


Eventually, they finally couldn’t take it anymore and asked what was up. By then, they’d gotten out of the pool and had started dancing to the music playing on the stereo.

“Seriously, Adelaide?” Raini raised her eyebrows in a look that meant ‘you’re hiding something‘ and the others looked like they agreed with her. Well, Lyric didn’t, since she already knew. Instead, her expression said ‘tell them already‘.

I sighed, clasping my hands together. “Ok, ok. Dani, come over here.” Dani looked up from where she was and smiled once she realized we were about to spill the beans.

“Yes,” Dani replied, taking my hand.

I smiled, just thinking about the meaning of what I was about to say. It meant we’d be holding a baby girl in 7 months. That we were becoming parents – and that Zoe wouldn’t be the only one in the group to be a mom.

“Go on,” Zoe prodded, leaning forward.

“Don’t lean too far,” I giggled.

“Girl, you’re going to kill me with anticipation!”

“Okay! Well, I’m expecting – Dani and I are becoming moms!”


“OH MY GOSH!” Zoe screamed, jumping back into the water.

“Zoe!” Raini gasped, going over to Zoe, then looking back to me, smiling widely. “Congratulations, guys! That’s amazing.”

I grinned widely, resting my hand on my stomach. “We’re really excited.”

“That’s great…but… how did you do it?” Zoe asked.

“We’ve been doing IVF for the past few months. Fertility treatments.”

“It’s amazing they can do that,” Raini said.

I nodded. “It really is.”

They didn’t stay too much longer after that, and we ended up talking about the October get together for the rest of the time. Everything seems so nice right now. Being with my friends is as fun as ever, and Zoe’s pretty excited for our kids to meet sometime in the future. I’ve got to admit, I’m excited for that too. For all the milestones Dani and I will experience with our little girl.

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  1. Yay, she finally got to tell everyone! She couldn’t be hiding it for long anyway!

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