Chapter 3.63: First Trimester – Part III

10 weeks

My clothes have begun to feel more and more constricting and uncomfortable as the days went on. It doesn’t make much sense, I don’t even have a hint of a baby bump yet. But my stomach has started to feel a little more firm when I lay my hand against it. So here we were, trying to see what would fit from the maternity section or what was just very giving in the ‘normal’ section.

“Hey, this one is supposed to stretch and all to fit throughout the whole pregnancy,” I said, fingering the shirt and going through the rack.

“Yeah, try it. And these pants look so comfy and have one of those expanding waistbands for pregnancy,” she added.

“Oh my gosh, the fabric is so comfortable!”

“I know! They really want to make sure pregnant women are comfortable, huh?”

I smiled. “Hey, us pregnant women are growing a baby, we should be as comfortable as possible.”

“You definitely should,” she replied, kissing me on the cheek.

We looked through the whole maternity section, and I picked out a few tops, pants, and a few dresses as well. They really do think of everything. I can’t believe I’m going to get so big. I’m not even showing, it’s crazy to think what it’ll be like when I’m heavily pregnant. All the clothes ended up being loose fitting except for a few that’ll really show off my baby bump in the coming months.

“Ok, what do you think of this one?” I turned to my wife after putting on the second new shirt.

“It looks great, what do you think?”

“The fabric is heavenly,” I gushed, running my hands down the shirt. “They need to use this to make other clothes!”

The next few were dresses that were very nice even though I wasn’t sure if they’d fit throughout the whole pregnancy.

The aforementioned comfy pants were as comfortable as they looked.

There were also a couple pairs of maternity jeans that really surprised me with how well they fit. Jeans aren’t the first thing people think of when you think of ‘comfortable’ but these fit really nicely, and they had an expanding waistband.

There weren’t as many things that would be great to wear to work, but I found a one nice skirt and top set, and some of the simpler pants would probably work. We went back out to try a few more things as a quite flustered sales assistant came over to us. It looked like she’d been running all over the store.

“How – ” she stopped to catch her breath, then stared up again. “How are you two? Shopping for yourself, a friend, family member?”

“For me. I’m 10 weeks pregnant.”

“Congratulations. Need anything?”

“Does this store have a baby section?”

“Baby clothes or things? We have clothes, but not strollers and all. Sorry nobody was around earlier, so many people are out right now. I asked someone to come over here but he wouldn’t do it, he didn’t want to go to the maternity section. Fuck him. Sorry.”

“Um, it’s fine. Thanks.”

They really were understaffed today, there were practically fifteen people at every cash register, and there were only three registers open. We ended up getting out in time for the movie I’d booked for us. It was a surprise for Dani. Today was going to be a nice, romantic day out together. We haven’t had a lot of time to just be us with everything going on. After the movie I got us dinner at the Brindleton Bay restaurant. It’s going to be nice.

“Ok, so we’re going home now?”

“Actually,” I started, taking hold of her hands, “I thought we could go out to a movie and maybe dinner…”

She grinned widely, kissing my hands. “I’d love that.”

We make it at the perfect time – right after the commercials and right before the movie actually starts with enough time to get popcorn. The smell of the movie theater started to make my stomach churn, and I rubbed my hand against it.

“Hey, you ok?”

“Yeah. The butter smell is just a little much, but I’m sure I’ll feel better once we sit down.”

“Ok. The movie is in room 17.

I put a lemon candy in my mouth as we sat down and the movie started to begin.

“You sure you’re ok?”

I nodded, putting a piece of popcorn in my mouth to prove my point. I’ve felt way worse, my stomach feeling off isn’t something new. Sure, this movie wasn’t anything special, just a typical romance movie – that kind where you know they’re going to end up together – but it doesn’t get old. At least right now. They spam them on almost every channel around Winterfest.

“I swear this couple is so cute,” Dani whispered.

I nodded, threading my fingers around hers. I was getting lost in her beautiful eyes when someone brought a new bucket of popcorn – that they definitely put too much butter in – into the area. How do I know that? Because my morning sickness was suddenly kicked into full swing and I was attempting to do everything I could not to throw up in the movie theater.

“Oh my gosh, what happened?” Dani whispered worriedly. I couldn’t answer her as my hands were pressed tightly against my mouth as I doubled over and I started vomiting. She pushed our popcorn bucket under me and started rubbing my back. Oh my gosh. This is probably the most embarrassing thing that’s ever happened to me. I tried to be as quiet as possible, but that’s pretty hard and after 3 straight minutes I didn’t even care anymore. I felt like actual shit as I continued heaving as Dani collected our stuff and helped me up. Thank goodness this movie was in a pretty loud scene as we started leaving because it was not pretty. I was leaning heavily against her, still holding the popcorn bucket like my life depended on it. The worst of it was over, but I still felt like I could start vomiting at any second.

I heard a bunch of girls giggling as they walked past. “Oh my god, is she drunk?”

“Hey, mind your own business! She’s pregnant, by the way!” Dani snapped, tightening her grip on me as I heard the girls mumble something I couldn’t make out. It sounded something like ‘she doesn’t look it’ but who knows. It turns out Dani heard them since she started talking again.

“She’s ten weeks, of course she doesn’t look pregnant yet!”

“Yeah, whatever. What’s your deal, anyway? Why do you care so much? Omg, are you like, lesbians, or something? Haha, that’s gold.”

“Why’s that funny? Do you think love is a joke? That pregnancy is a joke? Because it’s not. Things aren’t easy in the real world, and I’m sure you’ll figure that out once you’re out of high school.”

“Whatever, we have a movie to go to,” the girl said as she and her posse stalked off.

I wanted to thank her for putting them in their place but I didn’t honestly feel like I could do anything right now. Dani scoffed at them and continued helping me over to the car.

“I’ll get another bucket and a water. I’ll be right back,” she murmured softly.

“Ok,” I whispered, laying across the whole back seat, still holding the bucket which smelled like popcorn and throw-up mixed together which just made me more nauseous. At least I’ll be getting out of the first trimester soon, and they said the nausea should ease up then.

Over the next few weeks, my stomach, which had not really looked different yet – but had felt tighter – started to stick out. By late September, I had a pretty noticeable baby bump. I told everyone at work about the pregnancy at 11 weeks, before I really started showing. They were all really supportive – and not really surprised, with how often I’ve been sick – which was great. It really took a whole bunch of stress of me that I didn’t have to hide my pregnancy at work anymore.

At 13 weeks, we went for the nuchal translucency scan. This one was to evaluate the chances of having a baby with birth defects and to look for any obvious facial abnormalities and things like that. It all came back normal, so that was a huge relief. They did tell us when we went through with the experimental IVF that they didn’t know if the baby had a higher chance for abnormalities or not.

Starting to show was the most exciting thing since finding out I was pregnant in the first place. It just seemed all that more real. I got bigger than I expected, faster than I expected. I was in the ‘is she or isn’t she pregnant’ stage for what felt like a while before my baby bump started to look like a baby bump. In some positions, you couldn’t tell very much, but I’m sure it’ll be really obvious before long. I’m already so ready to meet this little girl.

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6 thoughts on “Chapter 3.63: First Trimester – Part III

  1. So my best friend had a very similar experience. She is also pregnant and her and her husband went to a movie and the buttery popcorn made her sick too!

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    1. Omg, really? That’s super interesting! 😃

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  2. Poor girl, pregnancy really isn’t fun. But it’ll be worth it! 😀


  3. These girls, though! So rude. I’m glad that Dani talked some sense into them. They were so insensitive.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yeah, they’re young and have no idea, lol.

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