House Tour!

I worked really hard on this video and I hope you enjoy getting this sneak peek tour of their new house! 🙂 It might look better if you watch it on a phone, since it was made with a phone app… but I’m not sure. Sorry if the pictures aren’t the best quality, they were taken of my computer screen from my phone 🙂 Anyway, enjoy!

Edit 1/12/19 – Hey, I’m really sorry about this, but this video was taking up too much space so I had to delete it. You’ll be able to see the house through the next chapters, though.


8 thoughts on “House Tour!

  1. Great job! Are you going to put a glass roof on the greenhouse?


  2. What a fun video! That was such a clever way to show off the house! And the house, omggggg 😍😍😍😍 I’m so in love with all of it, especially the little aunt/uncles house to go alongside! The house I grew up in had a little house next to it they called the mother-in-law’s house, and that’s kind of what it reminds me of ! 😂

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  3. Hi there! I loved the house tour. Beautiful design and details.

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  4. House looks amazing!! I love all the bright accents! Good job!


  5. That house is amazing! ❤

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  6. OMG, wow. It’s absolutely amazing; it puts Buckingham Palace to shame! However long it took you to build this, it was worth it cause this build is great! It’s outstanding, you should give yourself a pat on the back ❤️👏

    Is this house on the gallery ? If it is, I’d love to download it, what’s your name on Origin?

    Also, I have a new blog post out, if you want to check it out!


  7. So big and tastefully decorated!

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