Getting to Know Adelaide – Character Tag

I was nominated for this fun tag by the awesome Jowita! Thank you again! If you haven’t read her story, neverdoitagain, you should check it out! It’s filled with a ton of drama and twists, and I’ve really enjoyed reading it! 😄

Getting to know: Adelaide

  • What’s your name? » Adelaide Lorena Clemonte.
  • Are you single? » Nope! I’ve been married to my lovely wife for 8 years!
  • Are you happy? » Very! I have an amazing wife with two little girls…and another baby on the way! I think I have everything I could ever want.
  • Are you angry? » Um, no. Why would I be?
  • Are your parents still married? » Well…they’re both dead…so I guess it matters whether you believe marriage lasts through death. I do, so I’d say yes!

~nine facts~

  • Birth Place? » Windenburg, but I don’t live there anymore!
  • Hair color? » Blonde. My mom told me it’s the same as my grandmother’s!
  • Eye color? » Brown.
  • Birthday? » September 2nd, 2508. (I actually did the math for the year)
  • Mood? » I’m happy, probably the happiest I’ve ever been!
  • Gender? » I’m a woman – who also happens to like women! 😛
  • Summer or winter? » Hmm, well, all seasons are miracles to me, so both!
  • Morning or afternoon? » Afternoon. That’s when the kids are playing with each other and my wife and I can get some time alone!

~eight things about your love life~

  • Are you in love? » Yes, I’ve been in love with Dani since we met!
  • Do you believe in love at first sight? » Well, it kind of happened for me, so yeah.
  • Who ended your last relationship? » My current relationship hasn’t ended, and I hope it never does. But my last relationship that ended was with Lucinda Sorensen, and it was a mutual agreement.
  • Have you ever broken someone’s heart? » My wife’s, years ago, when I was working at the RGWI and couldn’t balance work and love yet.
  • Are you afraid of commitment? » No.
  • Have you hugged someone within the last week? » Of course! My sister, wife, and daughters hug me all the time!
  • Have you ever had a secret admirer? » Not that I’m aware of….
  • Have you ever broken your own heart? » When I hurt my wife, it was like hurting myself, does that count?

~six choices~

  • Love or Lust? » Love, 100%. Love lasts a lifetime, and lust lasts a night. Why try getting into a relationship that won’t last?
  • Lemonade or iced tea? » I’ve really started to like tea after having it so much during my pregnancy with Valentina.
  • Cats or Dogs? » We currently have a cat, but I’ve never had a dog, so I wouldn’t know!
  • A few best friends or many regular friends? » A few best friends, of course! Lyric, Zoe, Raini, and I have all been close since high school, and I can’t imagine life without them!
  • Wild night out or romantic night in? » Romantic night in. I’ve never been one for big parties, and I always love having special moments with my wife.
  • Day or night? » Day… it’s when everything really happens.

~five have you evers~

  • Ever snuck out? » No, I’ve never snuck out. If you can’t do it, there’s a good reason!
  • Fallen down/up the stairs? » No….what kind of question is this?
  • Wanted someone/something so badly it hurt? » Yes…when Dani and I were just friends, I wanted something more so much.
  • Wanted to disappear? » When my brother and sister were fighting, all those years ago.
  • Regretted something? » Hasn’t everyone?

~four preferences~

  • Smile or eyes? » Smile. It’s hard to be sad when someone’s smiling.
  • Shorter or taller? » For some reason, everyone’s the same height.
  • Intelligence or attraction? » Attraction. You don’t need to be smart to be happy. I’d still be happy if I was the dumbest person in the world, as long as I have my wife.
  • Hook-up or relationship? » Relationship.


  • Do you and your family get along? » Yes! Well, my sister and I do, anyway. I haven’t seen my brother in years.
  • Would you say you have a messed up life? » Anything but! My life’s had its ups and downs, but so does everyone’s.
  • Have you ever ran away from home? » No. Lexie left home when she turned 18 to get away from our brother, though.
  • Have you ever gotten kicked out? » No.


  • Have you ever secretly hated one of your friends? » Well, they wouldn’t be a friend, now, would they? But no.
  • Do you consider all of your friends good friends? » Yes, I’d like to say that!
  • Who is your best friend? » Lyric Henley, we’ve been best friends since third grade! But my sister and I are really close, too.
  • Who knows everything about you? » My wife, and isn’t that the way it should be?

I hope you all enjoyed reading this! I had a lot of fun doing it! 😛

My nominees are:

10 thoughts on “Getting to Know Adelaide – Character Tag

  1. omg how fun!! I love learning more about Addie like this!

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  2. It was as fun to read as it probably was to make. And thank you for saying such nice things about my story! “For some reason, everyone’s the same height” – that’s Sims for you, Addis!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Hahaha, this was really fun to read! I always love learning more about characters, especially things that I wouldn’t know otherwise. Thank you for the nomination! I’ll get onto writing it now 😀

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes, it was really fun! I can’t wait to see what you write for it 😛

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  4. It’s fun to learn more about Addie! Also, thanks for the nomination!

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  5. Katie Backhouse January 3, 2019 — 2:58 pm

    Finally caught up so sad I won’t be able to read 10 or 15 chapters in a row!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi! I noticed this is your first comment, so I just wanted to say I hope you’ve been enjoying the story! 😃


  6. Haha I liked this what a great way to learn more about Adelaide!

    Liked by 1 person

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