Generation Three Feedback

Hello everyone! I can’t believe Adelaide’s story is finally over after 85 chapters and seven months! A lot happened during this generation and I would love to know what you all thought! As always, thanks for reading, it means a lot! – blossom

Also, the last chapter of generation three came out earlier today (2/1/19) , so if you missed it, read that here!

Question 1: What was the most memorable thing in her story to you/ something you think I wrote about really well?

Question 2: What did you like about this generation overall? (Big picture)

Question 3: Anything you think I could improve on?

Question 4: Anything you want to see happen in future generations?

Question 5: Did you get connected to the characters & feel like you know them?

Question 6: What are you most excited for in generation four?

Question 7: Was it enjoyable to read? Were you excited to see a new chapter out?

Question 8: Do you have anything else you want to say/ask about this generation? It could be anything!


11 thoughts on “Generation Three Feedback

  1. 1. I think my favorite thing was Addie going to the doctors for fertility treatments and dealing with the repercussions. It felt very realistic and it was obvious you did your job with the research.
    2. I really liked that this generation contained so many chapters, which really let us get to know the characters well without feeling like things are rushed to the legacy and such (which is probably a thing in my story, tbh). Also, I loved the sisters’ relationship. I don’t think there are many legacies, in which the ‘spare’ plays such a big role as Lexie.
    3. I think it’d be good for realism to have the couple argue more, because sometimes Addie and Dani’s relationship felt simply too perfect.
    4. Oh, I would love for Vali to have a couple boyfriends (I think she’s straight?) so that we do not know right away who she ends up with! (though methinks Jaden)
    5. Yes, I did! You did well on the character development.
    6. Just the fact that Vali’s the heir is enough. I feel like it’s gonna be pretty wild!
    7. I was very excited to see new chapters. This story has quickly become one of my favorites.
    8. Hm, no, I don’t think so!

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    1. 1. Thank you! I always try to make things realistic, so that means a lot, especially because it is a very emotional thing.
      2. Haha, yeah. I love writing things with a lot of detail. I’m glad you like the amount and don’t think it was too long! Siblings really do play big roles in a person’s life – good or bad – and Addie & Lexie were very close, it only made sense!
      3. Yeah, this is true. I’m definitely going to work on that in the next generation, haha.
      4. Yes, Vali’s straight – and she’s going to have a ~very~ different type of romantic life…
      5. Thank you! 🙂
      6. Vali is going to be very interesting to follow, she’s just so different!
      7. This means so much to me! Thank you! 💗

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  2. 1) The time when they were trying to get pregnant definitely stood out the most. I’ve been reading simlit for years and I’ve actually found it hard to come across that level of detail in a legacy. Usually, even with gay couples, it’s kind of like, “Let me go woohoo with this person who may or may not be my spouse and whoops – I’m pregnant!” So it was nice to see something else.
    2) The realism, the emotions, and how everything took time. Conflicts didn’t seem to begin and finish within one chapter.
    3) Nothing really comes to mind. There’s always going to be a couple things that aren’t entirely perfect, about literally anything; I think you do a really good job of balancing it out.
    4) Honestly, I’ll be happy whatever happens!
    5) Yes, definitely.
    6) Getting to know Vali, and having an entirely different heiress. Her weaknesses and strengths are already very apparent, and I’m excited to see how she learns and grows.
    7) Yep! Your blog is one of my favorites that I’m following, and the story was consistently interesting and drew me in.
    8) Nope. Just that I’m very excited for gen 4!

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    1. 1) Thank you! I can’t believe people use the woohoo thing even with gay couples! Cause… they’re gay…
      2) I always try to be realistic in the chapters and try to bring out the characters’ emotions 🙂 I’m glad you think I did a good job!
      3) Thank you 🙂 It’s true that nothing is ever going to be completely perfect.
      6) Yes! Vali’s story is going to be so different! I’m excited to write her!
      7) I’m glad you think the story was consistently interesting! Thank you!
      8) So am I! 😄


  3. Well, I’m doing this on my phone so I’m just going to copy and paste and answer lol

    Question 1: What was the most memorable thing in her story to you/ something you think I wrote about really well?
    Definitely the fertility bit. And I really liked how you used actual science. I didn’t realize there were other science geeks like me who know they managed to create a fertilized egg with cells from only female donors. The future applications are HUGE!

    Question 2: What did you like about this generation overall? (Big picture)
    The science! I loved how you used scientific reasons and results to explain all the new content we got like seasons and the terrain tools! I did mention I’m a science geek, right?!? Even when some of it was purely “only in the Sims”, the theory was sound.

    Question 3: Anything you think I could improve on?
    I would have liked to see more mother-daughter chats. Not necessarily between Addie and Valli, but just more to flesh out the characters a bit.

    Question 4: Anything you want to see happen in future generations?
    Maybe a story arc that spans 4 or 5 Gens? Hopefully we get a Witch/Magick pack in the future that could make it’s way into the story. Do you have Vampires yet?

    Question 5: Did you get connected to the characters & feel like you know them?
    Short answer: yes. Medium answer: Lexie and Sera. Long answer: I’ve always had weight issues like Lexie, so I truly felt like I could relate to her on the self-esteem front (as in total lack of!). I’ve also always been the nerd of the group, like Sera, more focused on the factual and intellectual than the social (did I mention I’m a science geek? Lol)

    Question 6: What are you most excited for in generation four?
    I can’t wait to see how the sibling dynamics grow within this new Gen. Especially between Valli and Sera, and J and Grayson… Sorry, Ethan, I didn’t forget you, I just haven’t really got a feel for you yet.

    Question 7: Was it enjoyable to read? Were you excited to see a new chapter out?
    Yes, yes and yes! Wait… There weren’t 3 questions? Really? I could have sworn I saw “Do you think you would ever re-read it just for fun?” hmmm… Maybe my eyes are tired lol

    Question 8: Do you have anything else you want to say/ask about this generation? It could be anything!
    We didn’t really get much info on their brother. There were times I forgot they even had one. It might have been interesting for him to materialize as a “big bad” at some point in the Generation… Extra kudos if you recognized the pop-culture reference I threw down there 😉😊

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    1. First off, I’m sorry it took so long for me to reply! I like to get on my computer to reply to these feedback comments. 🙂 I was happily surprised to see you commented since you don’t typically do, so thank you for the feedback!

      1. Haha, yes! I love science and making the things in my story actually ‘make sense’ you know?

      2. I’m glad you’ve been enjoying my logic in the story! It’s great to know there’s someone else who likes science as much as I do! 🙂

      3. Well…I can’t promise Vali will be the kind of mom to want to do mother-daughter talks, but I’ll definitely do that in a generation where it makes sense for the character!

      4. To be honest, I’m not sure if I want to bring supernatural/magic stuff into the story because of how much I try to make it realistic, but if it fits into the story at some point, I’ll try!

      5. I’m glad I was able to make some characters you related to! Different people will relate to different characters and it’s great to know I made them realistic and relatable.

      6. Oh, Vali and Sera are definitely going to have an interesting relationship! And it makes sense you haven’t gotten a feel for Ethan, he is the youngest.

      7. Aww, thank you! This made my day 🙂

      8. Assuming you’re talking about Adelaide’s brother – he did leave, so it kind of makes sense he faded away in their lives. But who knows if he might pop up again?


  4. 1. Definitely her pregnancies. It’s crazy to think that the kids are all grown after seeing so much of their “lives” before they were born, haha!

    2. How detailed her family life was, for sure. And how all of the kids have their own “thing” and personalities!

    3. Not necessarily something to improve on, but we really haven’t heard anything about Mason since a few chapters in, haha! I forget he exists a lot. But that’s because he left them and nobody likes him, so it’s not like it’s an issue.

    4. Just a lot of drama, hehe! I think Valentina will be able to deliver! 😉

    5. Yes, I feel like I know Adelaide in real life, haha! And I really connected to Valentina, but I’m not sure why. Can’t wait to cheer her on! 😛

    6. Traditional “high-school-drama”, even if it doesn’t all happen during high school. Methinks she’ll find a way to carry the excitement into adulthood!

    7. For sure! Every day a post was scheduled to come out, I’d be sure to check for the notification every few hours, haha!

    8. None coming to mind. Can’t wait for more of the story! 😀

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    1. Almost forgot, I absolutely love the house! It looks great.

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    2. Sorry it took me so long to reply! I get on my computer to reply to feedback posts and I’ve been busy! 🙂

      1. Yeah, I loved doing that! I think it adds a bit of realism to the story 🙂

      2. Oh yes – that was very fun to do and it was when I started to really focus on personalities!

      3. Well, I actually think it’s good you typically forget about him, since Adelaide and Lexie don’t really think about him anymore either, haha.

      4. Oh boy… Vali is definitely going to deliver on this one!

      5. Yay, I’m glad to hear that! And I bet you’ve already connected to Vali because I’ve already done a lot with her personality, haha.

      6. I don’t think you’ll be disappointed, lol. 🙂

      7. Thank you, I’m so glad to hear that!

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