So… don’t worry, this isn’t to say I’m taking another break, haha. Well, me and my family are going to the mountains for about 5 days so I won’t be able to post any chapters – with pictures, at least. The connection up there isn’t really great either so I may not be able to post, but we’ll see. The main thing I wanted to tell you was that I started making mapping videos and I don’t think most of you know what they are so I’d just like you to check it out 🙂 I also totally understand if this type of video is not your thing and you end up not being interested after watching, I’m sure they aren’t for everyone. It does technically pertain to the story, though, as it’ll go through this story’s world’s alternate timeline. Some things might be a bit different in the video from the timeline I’ve written here right now, but I will work on making the timeline match the videos. I spent a lot of time (hours) these past few days working on the video which is also why I haven’t finished the next chapter for here yet. I don’t know how my schedule will turn out now that I’m making this mapping series and also writing chapters for Vali but I’m definitely not going to stop writing, I promise. Chapters may just come out a bit slower now that I have something else to work on, I hope you guys understand.


It took 207 slides to make it… and since I forgot to make a disclaimer in the video – it is just for fun, nothing in here is meant to offend anyone.

5 thoughts on “Hey

  1. Your video is hugely entertaining! I loved it all.

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  2. Wow, the work you put into this! Love it.

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  3. Haha, that’s such a fun idea! It looks great! Hope you have fun on your trip 😀

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