Generation 4

Chapter 4.05: Words Hurt

"Vali, we need to talk to you." I hadn't even gotten one foot in the door before my moms were practically surrounding me. I blinked and pulled my backpack off of my shoulder, letting it fall to the ground before looking up at the two of them. "Why?" I asked. I thought about moving past… Continue reading Chapter 4.05: Words Hurt

Generation 4

Chapter 4.04: What Matters

January 29th. A day everyone in Coastal High dreads. Everyone except my sister and other smart people like her. The day grades come out. These past couple weeks have been horrible. I've been totally avoiding both Kyle and Jaden. It's just been so awkward. Jaden and I have been close since we were kids so… Continue reading Chapter 4.04: What Matters

Generation 4

Chapter 4.03: Thinking

I never really want to go to school - but I especially didn't want to go today. I just didn't want to deal with all the shit. But I have to. I've skipped as many times as I can this quarter without them calling my parents which I really don't need right now. I scrolled… Continue reading Chapter 4.03: Thinking

Generation 4

Chapter 4.02: Fun?

I rushed up to my room to get dressed for the party, shutting the door behind me with a click. I looked through my dresser quickly, looking for the right thing. This was the first big bash since coming back from break, and it had to be memorable - and I wanted to be memorable.… Continue reading Chapter 4.02: Fun?

Generation 4

Chapter 4.01: To Care or Not To Care

"Yeah, I'm Valentina Clemonte," I answered, raising my hand for our old teacher, Mr. Eason to see. What's even the point of calling role every single day, anyway? He has to recognize some of us by now, it's January. At least it takes up around seven minutes of class since there's always at least a… Continue reading Chapter 4.01: To Care or Not To Care

Monthy Anniversaries

It’s been 10 months!

Three other posts were put up today, February 1st, ahead of this one: Adelaide's last chapter, the generation three 'recap' of sorts, and the generation three feedback, so if you haven't checked those out, please do! Did you know that 10 is my favorite number? I've been writing this story for ten months - which… Continue reading It’s been 10 months!