Generation 4 – Valentina’s Story

Valentina, gen 4

Traits: Self-Assured – Romantic

Acquired Traits: Happy Toddler – Creatively Gifted – Socially Gifted

Childhood Aspiration(s): Artistic Prodigy (complete) – Social Butterfly (complete)

Adult Aspiration(s): Master Actress

Part One

Chapter 4.01: To Care or Not To Care

Chapter 4.02: Fun?

Chapter 4.03: Thinking

Chapter 4.04: What Matters

Chapter 4.05: Words Hurt

Chapter 4.06: Friendships

Chapter 4.07: Standing Up

Chapter 4.08: Answers

Chapter 4.09: What is Love?

Chapter 4.10: Celebration

Chapter 4.11: Lockdown

Chapters are currently on hold while I work on defining what happened between our present day in the 21st century to theirs in the 26th century. If you’re interested in checking out the world timeline I’m currently working on, click here. The story is not on hold indefinitely – I will be back.



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