Generation 4 – Valentina’s Story

Valentina, gen 4

Traits: Self-Assured – Romantic

Acquired Traits: Happy Toddler – Creatively Gifted – Socially Gifted

Childhood Aspiration(s): Artistic Prodigy (complete) – Social Butterfly (complete)

Adult Aspiration(s): Master Actress

Part One

Chapter 4.01: To Care or Not To Care

Chapter 4.02: Fun?

Chapter 4.03: Thinking

Chapter 4.04: What Matters

Chapter 4.05: Words Hurt

Chapter 4.06: Friendships

Chapter 4.07: Standing Up

Chapter 4.08: Answers

Chapter 4.09: What is Love?

Chapter 4.10: Celebration

Chapter 4.11: Lockdown

Chapter 4.12: After

Chapter 4.13: Performance

Chapter 4.14: Crystalline

Chapter 4.15: New Reality

Chapter 4.16: Studying

Chapter 4.17: Wondering

I don’t have a schedule yet, but I hope to soon!


1 thought on “Generation 4 – Valentina’s Story

  1. Wondering if this story will be coming back?


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