Generation 1 – Nadia’s Story

Nadia (1)

Traits: Active – Ambitious – Family-Oriented

Aspiration(s): Successful Lineage

Chapter 1.01: ‘Real’ Life

Chapter 1.02: New Beginnings

Chapter 1.03: So This is Life

Chapter 1.04: Trying New Things

Chapter 1.05: ‘The One’

Chapter 1.06: It’s Official

Chapter 1.07: Our Time

Chapter 1.08: Why Now?

Chapter 1.09: Getting Used To This

Chapter 1.10: Forever in Love

Chapter 1.11: Any Day Now

Chapter 1.12: Hello, Baby

Chapter 1.13: Time For a Change

Chapter 1.14: Our Little Boy

Chapter 1.15: Surprise!

Chapter 1.16: Legacies

Chapter 1.17: Baby #2

Chapter 1.18: And the Baby is a…

Chapter 1.19: Growing Up

Chapter 1.20: More Growing Up

Chapter 1.21: Where Did the Time Go?

Chapter 1.22: Learning the Legacy

Chapter 1.23: Last Birthday

Chapter 1.24: New Love, Old Love: Part 1 and Part 2 here 

Chapter 1.25: This is the Time


Generation One through Pictures

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