Generation 3

Getting to Know Adelaide – Character Tag

I was nominated for this fun tag by the awesome Jowita! Thank you again! If you haven't read her story, neverdoitagain, you should check it out! It's filled with a ton of drama and twists, and I've really enjoyed reading it! 😄 Getting to know: Adelaide What's your name? » Adelaide Lorena Clemonte. Are you… Continue reading Getting to Know Adelaide – Character Tag


It’s been 9 months!

We're closer than ever to Gen 4! 🙂 Just about 10 chapters away, isn't that crazy? It's going to be so fun - and weird - writing as Vali, I've been writing as Adelaide for so long! It's really exciting though, and Valentina is definitely going to a very fun heiress - at least I… Continue reading It’s been 9 months!